September 08, 2004

Who has the best knitting buds???

Two packages in one day. Oh, my. I ran around the room in circles when I got them!


From Ann, a batch of Kid Classic in Glacier and a hank of Orchid Line Soft Spun. I've had them displayed on the coffee table since I pulled them out of the box this morning, and keep gazing at them lovingly like a love-struck fool. Me like Rowan yarns. Thank you, Ann!

I also received this package. Non stash-related, but oh-so-yummy:


A whopping box of treats from Jessi! She sent the Hot Tamales because she likes them with her popcorn. I tried some Hot Tamales popcorn as a late afternoon snack and swooned. Where has this snack been all my life? Never again will I eat a bowl of popcorn unless it has Hot Tamale candy in it. Thank you, Jessi! P.S. My little captain LOVES popcorn. I had a hard time getting a photo of the above, because he kept pawing the box of popcorn and repeating, "Mine? Mine? Mine?" like the pigeons in Finding Nemo. What a funny kid!

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