September 07, 2003

Random blab.

Random notes:

Non knitting: My son turned three years old today! Yesterday we took him to have some identification pictures taken for school and I almost wept like a sentimental sap when I saw how big he looked in the shots. Here is the first identification photo he ever took (for his passport) when he was about 8 months old, and here is the photo he just took for school. He's growing up so quickly...sniff. Happy Birthday to my little guy!

My husband's raglan sweater: A few people noticed that the sleeves are a different color than the body of the sweater. Er...I forgot to mention that little fact. Here's the design as featured in the book, and as one can clearly can see, that green on green is very leprechaun-y. While I have nothing against leprechauns, I don't think the vivid green on green wool sweater look is for the husband. I decided to use cotton instead of wool, and went with a dark beige for the body and a dark khaki for the sleeves.

The neckband that drove me to aspirin.

Speaking of the raglan sweater, yes! I finished it, but only after I suffered a small episode of teeth gnashing over the neckband, which is in 3/2 rib. A neckband in 3/2 rib means that a multiple of 5 sts must be picked up around the neckline. Distribute them evenly. Lose points for holes. Bonus points if my anal-retentive self can't tell where the extra stitch went in that chunky knitting. I didn't want to lose any points and decided to go for the bonus points, to boot. Had to rip out the neckband twice as a result. Once after I had picked up, knit 3 cm of 3/2 rib, and then BOUND OFF for the neckband. I still can't believe I did that.

But I did! And I'm now glad that I did. The sweater was finally given an acceptable neckband, and my husband likes the sweater and will wear it today when we got to the movies. (There will be pictures, but right now I have to make a batch of little birthday cakes for the kid to take to school tomorrow. I'll make up for the delay, though. As is the custom chez skinnyrabbit, there will be still shots of the knitting accompanied by obligatory dancing fool shots. Yes, I will ensure that the husband dances while wearing his knits. It's like a rule. No phony staged theatrics here, folks. Just in your face spontaneous dancing shots. Send tap shoes.)

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Your husband is one lucky, lucky man. Do you know if there are any patterns similar to that but for women instead? I've been trying to find a good raglan pullover pattern for myself, but it seems that most are written to be knit in the round, which means you can't have the baseball-sleeve 2 color kind.
My monitor manages to make this look pink and green; I'm glad to hear its not quite so much so. :-) Lovely - I love raglan shaping!
*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* to your handsome big boy. It's scary how the time flies by. Your raglan is far superior,and more wearable.It is a nice pattern.I expect nothing less than perfection in your finishing :0].Looking forward to the dancing shots.
The jumper looks amazing! And BIG birthday wishes to Captain Destructo!
It looks pink and green on my monitor too...and I absolutely adore it! It looks awesome!
Omigod, my boys have one of those cute pics in their passports too. With my hands holding them up and their little mouths open. How adorable your little guy looks! And my has he grown up. A big happy birthday hug to him. :) Did that sweater come out looking great, or what?! Love the raglan and the contrasting colors. Very hip. And I know how you feel about neckbands. They are my least favorite part, because I ALWAYS end up ripping them out to make them look better. You gotta go for the bonus points! ;)
Chanceux de mari va!! Il devrait avoir une étiquette sur son chandail avec la phrase suivante: ma femme m'aime moi! Beau travail Rebeca et bon choix de couleurs.
The sweater came out GORGEOUS! I love it, love the colors. Gorgeous kid, too.
I'm looking forward to those dancing shots! (and I noticed your kid is smiling... hooray for you! I am so anti this whole "in every official photo in france, you should not smile; rather you should do this weird grimace with lips firmly closed, yet with the corners just slightly pointing upwards" business. why is it such a faux pas to look happy, hmm?) :)
Leprechauns are right up my alley! I like the whole two-tone green thing - I like the beige-khaki thing too. I like it all!! Where can I find a copy of this pattern? :) and Happy Birthday wishes from Germany to the hippest, dancingest sweater model anywhere!
Green and white good on man's pullover. How about blue and white? Too predictable? Bravo on neckline ribbing!
Happy happy happy happy birthday to Captain Destructo!!!
Lovely it is, yes, yes. And darling he is, yes, yes. Can't wait to see the dancing fool shots, they are always so entertaining.
dancin'. Dancin'. DANCIN'. He's a dancin' machine......
I love the perpetually startled look that babies have. Everything is so new! Very handsome now. He's got it all figured out. The raglan looks great and I'm sure that your husband (dancing fool though he may be) will look nowhere near as dorky as the leprechaun in that picture.
Your version is nicer than the one on the model! Lovely work, as always. Leslie Nake-id Knits
bee-yu-tiful work as usual, miss becky! your hub is one lucky guy (and he gets bonus points cause his hair doesn't look like the model's - what IS that?!) :) congrats on yet another f.o...what's next? :)
You make me feel like dancing... Gonna dance the night away... Those Phildar models should be named after dancing songs. Great work! Can't wait to see the hubby. Three is a good age for a kid. Joyeux anniversaire, Captain Destructo !
belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Captain Destructo! Woot!
Did you know that such things as caramel apple candy corn exist!? Perhaps I am the last to know - but I recently discovered this delight and thought of you first. :o|
the sweater is OK but for my present i would prefer the model (the boy, not the sweater!!) in the photo - can you please send him over? poke some holes in the box so he can breathe. the little destructo is just growing up so fast. pretty soon he'll be borrowing the keys to the car and other things you don't want to think about yet!! :)
What an adorable little boy! I didn't know babies had passports (of course they do). I like your version of the raglan much better, too. :)
Captain Destructo says: Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes. Balloons for everyone! I appreciate the kind comments re the raglan, especially as the colors come off kinda wonky on some other browsers and platforms, which is to be expected. But pink and green! Sounds very eighties, very WHAM [wake me up, before you go go...]. Maybe I'll knit one for myself :-) More pictures of the raglan soon, promise! P.S. Katherine: There are LOTS of excellent raglan sweaters in the Rebecca mags - Rebecca 22 has a neat baseball jersey type raglan you might like.
where can I get this patten? I'like to make one!

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