September 06, 2005

'Cause I eats me spinach...

My boy started school last week and the fun has begun! The other day when I picked him up from school we saw a kid who had squeezed his head between the bars of a gate and - you know where this is leading - couldn't get his head back out without risking his ears. From the look on his face I'm sure he was expecting the firemen to come racing over with sirens flashing to save his head, but that didn't happen. I placed one hand on each bar on either side of his head and, using my foot as leverage, pulled the bars apart just enough for him to squeeze his noggin back out. [Wonder Woman theme song plays in the background.] The mother of one of son's schoolmates, with whom I was walking when we stumbled upon the boy with the stuck head, said, "I can't believe you were able to pull those bars apart!" You bet your spinach I did. Knitting gives you muscles, little lady.

Speaking of which, I've got some knitting right here. Behold some progress on Whisper:

Believe it or not, the color is a very light khaki.

I'm about to hit the armhole shaping. Woo hoo! Looks like I'll have a completed back piece by the end of the week.

But that's not all! Remember that nice little batch of denim-colored All Season's Cotton I recently received in trade? Well, I went off and knit all of it up already. Behold the Mystery Pile of Knits:

Seam us! Seam us!

It's gonna be a cardigan for me. Which cardigan? Well, that's gonna be a surprise. And aren't I simply terrible with all this suspense?

P.S. I'm still reorganizing my monster stash and projects-in-waiting like mad. Up for grabs is a fancy sweater's worth that's been sitting in my stash for quite a while just waiting for me to knit it, but this year is gonna be too busy for me and I'm not going to be able to knit it any time soon. Anyone else want to do it justice? Take a look! The fancy designer yarn has been taken, but I've still got things up in my Major Housecleaning entry, and I'm still putting things up for auction on eBay. Check it out, share in the stash!

P.P.S. NEWSFLASH: I have an extra copy of Marie Claire Idées No. 58 September 2005. In exchange for it I'm asking that the cost of the mag plus shipping be covered, that's all. If you want it, let me know! - The mag has been taken!

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Wow, that looks really pretty! And I've heard that the Calmer is wonderful to knit with...
Looking forward to seeing what you make out of Whisper... I love the pattern but it scared me because it is aimed at the "Experienced" class of knitters (according to the book) Like you Calmer is one of my favourite yarns, it must feel good to go back to it...
I love the little ripples at the bottom of Whisper! Quite pretty.
Oh my, the Whisper is looking lovely... I was reading through the pattern the other day and had almost decided to give it a go - but I think I'm going to make the Air cardigan from the same collection instead. Although when I see your finished Whisper, I may change my mind, since I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!
You need to go out and buy some chunky gold bracelets and a tiara to wear, you studette, you!
I'm a medical student, and I just wrote an article for our school paper about the medical, personal, and social benefits of knitting. Apparently I should have added strength training and superhero-like acts of benevolence to the list! The tucks on Whisper look really luscious. I haven't seen that type of thing before. Can't wait to see it finished!
I love love Whisper! And you are terrible with the suspense! That pile o' knitting looks mighty fine... that is a GREAT story with the bars. Do you have a superhero alterego that we don't know about??
Those tucks are very cool, you super-rabbit you.
Whisper - yummy. But khaki? It look dark gray on my little monitor. The denim looks quite nice, but come on - tell us! Way to go on the super mom thing! You're my hero.
love the popeye reference. we are knee deep in popeye chez moi right now. the frog prince discovered popeye and life has changed---if someone asks him what his name is he does his arms like he is making a muscle and says, "me popeye". funny but embarassing. can't wait to see the mystery cardigan :O)
so haute! (heehee - bad pun) I love the tucks. and the blue? ooo I'm in suspense! I love that ASC someday I really must knit something with it. :)
I can't believe that color is a light khaki color. It looks like a smokey gray color. Can't wait to see it as a FO. And go 'head Super Knitter Mom! I can't believe kids still stick their heads in bars, lol!
You're a supermom! Though, I wonder, is it funny that sticking your head between bars is an international thing to do... Methinks the cardigan is going to be a shrug. Ah well, only time will tell. Very pretty mystery pile!
Hi super-rabbit - Excellent tale of rescue! I'm intrigued by the pile of denim ASC - can't wait to see the finished cardi! And it occurs to me... is that batch of calmer the one I swapped for your honey coloured calmer earlier this year? If so, I'm shockingly famous being the swap-ee for both of today's yarns!
Love the funky fun tucks of Whisper ... wish to see the FO modelled by you. BTW, how do you like your spinach cooked, Wonder Rabbit?
Whisper is looking quite lovely! Knitting and mommydom has sure given you superhuman strength! Woohoo!
Loving Whisper! In Calmer no less. Can't wait to see the mystery cardi! When a pattern says "Experienced" I think challenge - throw down the gauntlet! Seriously, I might have to give it a go, you've inspired me.
I wish someone would have taken a picture of your rescueing that boy! Poor kid... Can't wait to see what that pile of denim colored knits turns out to be!
You cracked me up about that little boy story. :) Whisper looks good but I'm near hopping curious about your denim pile right now. Quick quick tell tell!
Oh my gosh! spinach-eater, indeed! I'm impressed! Can't wait to see what your cardi is :)
whisper is going to be LOVELY!! and you are super fast on the little mystery cardi. wow!
Now I'll have the Wonder Woman theme in my head all day! I can see you rescuing that kid - why wait for the fire dept when there are MOMS in the neighbourhood! I like the look of the tucks on your Calmer sweater, but I would never do anything that might add more bulk to my hip area. You on the other hand have NO worries there!
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Wonder Rabbit! lol. I agree with Sandee - you need you some funky gold cuffs and a tiara. Whisper looks fabulous. I've got 2 bags of Calmer in my stash and now you've got me thinking... like I NEED another project!?! Yeesh!
whoah - go you! that happened to my poor dh when he was a little boy; if only we could get into a time machine and you could also save him as well! i *love* that denim and can't wait to see the cardi!
LOL - cute story - my little brother was forever getting his head stuck in things. Between the stairway banisters, between the lazy susan and the wall under the kitchen cupboard. He's also the one who froze his tongue to the mailbox. Somehow he survived childhood. Whipser is coming along really nicely - I've never seen "ripples" like that in knitting - very novel. Can't wait to see the modelled pics. I've been analyzing your mystery photos - the suspense is killing me quite frankly. Do I see a cross-over cardi in the works?? I can't quite tell... I loooovvve me a cross-over cardi. are skinny like Olive Oil and have muscles like Popeye! Way to go! Can't wait to see what the ASC is going to look like...
Impresionnante cette histoire de sauvetage ! Il me tarde de savoir comment sera le cardigan surprise.
eating spinach must also increase your knitting speed judging by your performance in that area! i'm guessing that pile of all seasons cotton is a shorty cropped boob coving stomach baring number of some sort.
hee hee hee....that head-in-the-bars story is hilarious. Only a true supermom could do that! I really laughed out loud when I read that story!!
I love ASC. Can't wait to see the mystery cardi. I'd already ordered Constance when I saw your Evergreen comment. Snuggly is the word. It will only get worn one day a year here in the tropics, but I fell in love, so there you go.
Whee! Show those non-knittin' ladies how you fight for your rights in your satin tights. (Sorry, it's just the one line from the WW theme that I latched onto as a kid and would shout triumphantly to myself while playing superhero dress-up. . . ) My guess for the denim mystery cardi? Something wrappy!
Becky, you're almost scaring me! Super-human knitting speed, lawyer, mom, and now SuperHero????? You amaze me!! Well, you inspire me too, but right now, I'm just amazed. You'll be my 5 year old's hero when I tell him what you did!
that is hilarious. i'm sure you're a schoolyard legend already! whisper and the mystery cardigan look so deliciously knittish...i need to pick up my needles.
I will join the throng to say I am loving the look of the Whispering sweater. (Sounding vaguely Nancy Drew-ish, doesn't it?) Sort of a permanent comfortably, casually rumpled look, eh? And I am betting that the denim is going to be some cute little bolero sort of thing that only tiny skinny people can wear. (But, no, I don't hate you.) Has the Captain chosen any sweaters for you to make him for the fall?
Seam them, seam them! i love suprises! great story pop-eye!
You sure know how to make us curious! Come on and show us your mystery...
Oh, it's short sleeves.... Way to go wonder woman! Hope you made sleeves big enough to fit over bulging biceps!
You all are a riot! I don't think I would have been able to budge those bars if I hadn't been pressing my foot against one of them, though. That allowed me to use a lot of my body weight. But it still gave me a chance to pretend to be Wonder Woman! And have you seen Lily Chin's knit Wonder Woman costume? A reader once sent me a link to it:,1789,HGTV_3263_1391892,00.html
Good for you to safe that boy's ears! :) And for all those kids out there who think spinach is just for cartoons.. humpf. Love how whisper is looking!
Your Whisper is so pretty, Becky ;)
I love that Whisper love love! Scared of those steel bending knitting muscles though.
I just love reading your blog, I love reading of your projects, and love your choices -- yeah, even the popcorn thing - what Fun! The Whisper is looking lovely.
Kudos for helping the boy out. I just added you as favourite sellers to my ebay =) you have some yum looking yarn there.
Oh i'm on pins and needles! What is it?!!! Whisper is pretty pretty! And wonder woman indeed, way to go!
Khaki? Really? [rubs tired worked-overnight eyes.] Hmmm. I'll come back to it. ;-) You are totally my superhero.

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