September 05, 2006

Chocolate truffles, anyone?

Last time I was in here, I was whining about the too-short zipper of Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket. Solution: I ordered a 40 cm zipper from my local Phildar boutique (I love how I can just call the owner on the phone and let her know what I want), and when it comes in next week I'll be exchanging the 35 cm one for it. I'll have to reknit the buttonbands so they suit the new length, but hey! At least the Linen Jacket will have a fancy zipper that'll look good. [Does happy dance.]

So. That's taken care of. Now let me tell you about something else that happened, and it ain't pretty. Yesterday, during my evening knitting session, I was happily finishing up the front piece of my Mystery Project (back piece is already done), and when it came time to join a new skein of yarn I discovered that I had NO MORE CORK. No more in the basket. No more in the stash closet. No more in the stash hidden under the bed. Curses flew about like a party of sailors as I yanked all my ziplocs out of my stash, thinking that I had at least one more skein hidden in there, somewhere, ANYWHERE. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Only good thing about this is that I found four stitch holders I thought I had lost two years ago, a bag of Plassard Merinos I forgot that I had, and an extra pair of 10mm Addi circulars. But...No. Freaking. Cork. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [Pigeons in the nearby park fly away, frightened, as my frustrated scream echos off the Alps.]

So...anybody out there got a skein of Cork lying around in the colorway Mouse?

Didn't think so.

Chill. There is a solution. After careful analysis of the Mystery Project, I discovered that my row gauge is almost 3 rows smaller than that called for in the pattern, but I knit to the lengths required. Which means that I used a more yarn than I should have. I did swatch, but my tension must have changed (and boy, did it) while I knit the project. Still, I'm not going to hide this in a closet and hope that a ball of Cork falls miraculously out of the sky. I'm going to RIP THIS OUT - yes, the whole thing - and REKNIT using a larger needle so that my row gauge matches up to the pattern. Good thing these needles are big, eh?

In the meantime, I drown my sorrows in my Faithful Tension Doesn't Change CeCe Cardi knit in Calmer.

Oh, Calmer! How I love thy mah-velous luxuriousness!

I think that Rowan should rename this color of Calmer "chocolate truffle" instead of "coffee bean". I mean, I have nothing against a good cup of java, but if you placed a coffee bean and a chocolate truffle before me and told me to pick one, my hand would be snapping at that chocolate truffle faster than you can say, "sugar rush". I look at this cardi as I'm knitting it and I think CHOCOLATE. Really, that's how it flashes in my mind, like a neon sign and all in caps. And after my faulty zipper and yarn shortage woes, I think I deserve a chocolate truffle even if it's disguised in the form of Calmer and a cute little CeCe cardi.

And speaking of the CeCe cardi, I worked two more inches since the photo above, worked the buttonhole* and just started the neck shaping. [Runs around the room waving arms triumphantly, like Rocky.]

*This is the buttonhole I used, thanks to Miss B-M of ChicKnits for passing on that link to me.

That's all for today. Before I go, I leave you with the Fabulous Corset Image in Popup Window of the day. Just for the heck of it.

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I might actually have a skein of Mouse Cork yarn. So, if you want it, let me know before you rip. I'd have to check my stash at home though. Long time reader, first time commenter.
[Nearly faints from hope and excitement.] I'm sending you an e-mail. I hope you have the yarn, and thank you! ==================== UPDATE: The shade that Kelly has isn't the same one I'm using. But thanks anyway, Kelly!
So sorry to hear the Cork story. If I had a skein of Mouse Cork lying about, I'd send it off in a heartbeat-- :) Alas, there's no Cork around these parts.... Bon courage!
Oh no. No. Good you have the truffle cardi to work on. And there is the tiny tiny chance that a ball of Cork in Mouse will be found. But is the mystery project in other aspects too asking for being reknit on bigger needles? How is the stitch gauge? Any way, still feeling sorry for you, this is not the stage when you want to find out problems in row gauge. But a moment please, did you say that you have knitted the back piece, and found out this on the front piece? No sleeves? Is this like, like a clue?
U and ur corsets! It is a very cool design though. I'm so sorry to hear of the cork dilemma. Geez, you deserve some Calmer after dealing with the cork and the zipper. Happy knitting.
I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed on the Cork, but in the meantime I say have 2 truffles. You deserve it.
I wish I could help you out with the Cork situation. I have a bag of lavender, and a few skeins of a light blue, but no Mouse. Why did Rowan discontinue that yarn, anyway? I hope you had a good chocolate truffle to soothe the yarn shortage woes whilst knitting on CeCe :)
Let me know if Kelly doesn't work out. I can check my LYS to see if they have a skein or two. They're down to onesie-twosies, but miracles can happen. Let me know color and dye lot. Hope it all works out for you. Sorry about the zipper for the Capt, but that's good your LYS can order the proper size. I'm sure Cpt. Destructor will be happy with the rolled hem edge too.
Oh I hope she has that yarn for you!! So much nicer than ripping! The way you talk about calmer, I REALLY need to try it out. I am knitting with their yorkshire tweed 4 ply right now and really like it.
I would say: have a box of truffles! Hope all ends well with the Mystery project.
Oh dear lord in heaven, you've got the Sil yarn drought bug! Kudos to you for ripping that puppy out and starting over. A lesser woman couldn't do that--just leave it to molder.
Thanks for the tip on the buttonhole, Becky! I'm working on Cece right now, too, but I'm using Cascade Sierra.
Geez, talk about knitting gremlins! Good luck with the cork!
Oh, the stuff knitting nightmares are made of! Running out of a discontinued yarn. I hope you find some soon!
I'd go for the chocolate truffle too. Both in name and in reality! Lovely color!
ouch! i've got a couple of skeins in orange, but i think it wouldn't be such a good contrast color with the mouse :( good luck!
i'm sorry! cork was such a great yarn. :( i swatched for CeCe a couple of weeks ago, such a lovely pattern. oh, i could use a wonka factory full of chocolate right now.
I have a whole bag of Cork in Mouse that I got at the WEBS sale last year. Let me know if you are still in need.
Ay, Ay, Ay! When it rains it pours. I'm glad that you have some good solutions, and a little Cece to drown your sorrows in. I got my new issue of Anthropologie yesterday - amazing. Did you see that you can now view the catalogue on line? It's like they read my mind.
have two truffles. the knitting g-ds are hitting us all...have a truffle for me too. sigh. I adore that color. browns and greens... so fall.
WAIT! WAAAAIT! I think I might have that! Seriously! I'm not at home and so can't check the color number, but I'll do it when I get there. It's a light brown shade? Sort of fawnish?
i get such a kick out of all these faithful readers running to the skinny rabbit's rescue! if i had a stash, i'd be searching for what you need too!
I have some WONDERFUL readers, no doubt about it :-)
Mmm...chocolate truffles. You're making me hungry! :-) Gorgeous cardi - can't wait to see it all finished up!
Hi. I do have 4 balls of Rowan Cork in shade 42 Mouse - I have rummaged in a huge mountain of stash to find it. If you still it, please let me know. I hope you haven't ripped it yet. PS - I'm also a long time reader, but a first time commenter!
It seems like you have a few knitters getting your back, but if you find yourself still in need I have three skeins of the mouse colorway. I love that you didn't panic - at least not on the blog.
Thank you so much! Wow...I feel like it's Christmas in September. I'm so glad I didn't rip before writing this entry. The only reason I didn't (and haven't) is because I need to order the larger Addi Turbo from a supplier in England!
YAY! You ordered the zipper! Glad to hear that. You know, you always knit with the prettiest and the best yarns. That's it, one of these days after I am 3/4 through my stash I am trying that Calmer yarn. Cece looks so beautiful. If I had some Cork, I would have sent it to you in a heartbeat!
Is Cork obsolete or something? you might want to try ebay...thier is an English girl thier that gets the obsolete yarns. I should think you live in the right place for a nice chochalte truffle.

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