September 05, 2004



Date: Saturday, 6:45 p.m. Right before store closing time.


Duration of shopping time, including chatting with ladies at shop: 15 minutes.

Booty obtained: Big ole mountain of Pegase yarn, so I can make jackets for two of my favorite guys.

Conclusion: I like me a good yarn expedition.

And I've also received some goodies from my knitting buds overseas that are too fabulous to not share with everyone:

september_05_2004_kathi_thumb.jpg september_05_2004_donna_thumb.jpg september_05_2004_books_thumb.jpg

1) Kathi sent over a surprise box filled with all kinds of wonderful things: An origami kit, biscuits, cookies, toys for the Captain, a tote, Sanrio goodies [!], candy, stitch markers, a sample of the beaded ring for the bucket hat knitalong prize, and a crochet magazine with a huge-eyed doll on the cover that I expressed a yearning for. My son and I were gobsmacked as we pulled everything out of the box! The Captain kept saying, "For me??? For me???" as I showed him what he got. Such a thoughtful gesture. Thank you, Kathi!

2) Donna sent over Australia's Knitting Magazine (I love seeing what knitters overseas are knitting!), and some Yowie's (chocolates with toys inside, like Kinder eggs) for the Captain! (There were three Yowie's, but the photo only shows two because the Captain attacked it before I could take a picture.) The next day he insisted on taking the toys - which turned out to be three Australian animals - to school to show off to his friends. And a few weeks ago, I received the sweetest postcard from her daughter Em, as a thank you for the prize yarn I sent her as a reward for her adorable dancing tutu shots. This surprise made our day. Thank you, Donna and Em!

3) I received some knitting treats in trade from Wendy and Ei: Wendy sent over the Debbie Bliss Alpaca book [wow, wow, wow at the designs; I've got two on my wishlist] with some post it notes that read "It's hard being a Goddess". [Hehe.] And Eilene sent over the Rowan Ribbon Twist Collection [wow, wow, wow at these designs, too...I've already picked a project to knit from here] and some Addi needles. Thanks, Wendy and Ei!

What an goodie-filled entry, eh? I think I should just title this entry "WOW!". So I did :-)

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