September 05, 2002

Grease is NOT the word when it comes to knitting.

Last night I finished enough of the sleeves to start shaping the sleeve caps and started to sing happily because we know that from there, it's all quick but fun knitting (I love shaping!). But suddenly, while knitting mid-row, I starting thinking about how I had done the increases in the lower half of the sleeves and realized that I might have possibly distributed the last increases incorrectly. So I feverishly finished the row I was knitting, set the sleeves down, and peered at the increases. Ack! Sure enough, the last two increases had been done every twenty rows instead of every twenty-two. I could have left it as it was, but we know that I didn't. I frogged the forty rows and am re-doing it.

And that, my friends, is what I get for making increases in sweater sleeves while watching the terribly cheesy and woefully B-ish Grease II, starring Adrian Zmed (whose hair looked as stiff and plasticized as Big Boy's throughout the entire film) and Michelle Pfeiffer (who I'm sure feels this film is a real credit to her filmography). Dubbed in French. Which obviously makes for erroneous knitting.

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haha, I managed to pull myself away from the tv before grease 2, although I did watch (and sing along) with the the original the other night. I found the subtitles of the songs to be really lame though; if they're not going to sing it, is it really necessary to change the translation so that the lines rhyme (and therefore, sort of change the meaning of the song?). hmmph.
Unfortunately, I got home too late to watch Grease I. Shame, because I love it. It's just as cheesy as the second, but definitely much more fun. And I still wonder...why did they pick actors who are obviously in their late twenties to play highschool kids? Well, except for Sonny. Sonny is nearly Grandpa-old, for crying out loud.
Hey Neighbor! I was going Left on the Knitting Blogger Highway and found out your's was the next pit stop! If I could, I'd bring you a PIE!
Heya neighbor! Yes, yes. Bring a pie. How about apple? (A la mode would be nice!) And I'll bring over some tuiles :-)

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