September 01, 2006

Why, it's a seaming party! (Finally. Sheesh.)

It may seem like I'm being slowpokey with finishing Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket, but seaming has not been without incident. After I seamed one sleeve to an armhole, I decided that the sleeves needed a longer sleeve cap. So I ripped out the seam, ripped out a few rows on the sleeve caps, recalculated the the last shapings on the sleeve caps, and redid the shapings so that the sleeve cap would be 1.5 cm longer. Much better. The sleeve cap is a perfect fit in the armhole now:

It's about time, missy.

I should have taken a "before" photo but my ripping out and redoing part of the sleeve cap was done spontaneously. Carpe diem, and all that.

I'm aiming to have this jacket ready by Monday so that the Captain can wear it to school. I still have much to do in the way of finishing, though. Side seams, sewing on zipper, zipper bands, knitting on collar and some duplicate stitch on the front pieces. Sigh. I think can do it, though. As long as I don't go messing around with my other knitting projects this weekend, like this one and this one.

I also have to control myself to stay away from the drafting board. I'm in the mood for some fall sewing projects and I want to make a short jacket (still have the bug after seeing the coats that Nicolas Ghesquière designed for Balenciaga) along these lines:

From French Vogue. (Oh la laaaaa!)

thumb.jpgI'll be drafting the pattern myself for this one. I threw out a rough sketch of how I'd like the front to look (shown to the left of the magazine photo), and I'd like to use this chevron wool that I have in my fabric stash. It's heavy enough for a jacket but light enough to drape nicely. I'll be lining the jacket, too. Oh, how fancy!

I may also make another short jacket using this Simplicity Built by You pattern in a denim fabric left over from a design project I made last spring. This short jacket is very different in shape and fit from the above jacket as it's got a straight body, flared sleeves and pointed shirt collar, whereas the design above has a flared body, straight sleeves and a rounded collar. Plus, the Simplicity jacket is not lined. As I'm on a short jacket kick right now, I think it would be fun to have two short jackets with different cuts and in different fabrics. Carpe diem, and all that.

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Yay I am the first commenter!! I really really like that second jacket for Balenciaga. You are so amazing, all this knitting and sewing and designing! I have decided that I need to stick to patterns. And I have the plaid blouse from Simplicity to make- I just need to find the right fabric!!
Oh my. I am in awe of your pattern-drafting skills. I wish I could do this - I've been sewing for a long time, but I don't know how to draft or drape. Maybe I'll take a class sometime... Love that jacket - I know you will make it up beautifully.
I'm enamored with the way the plaid in the Balenciaga coat is matched up on the front of the jacket. (I'm sure the back is the same.) It is brilliantly cut.
When I grow up in my knitting, I want to be just like you... knowing how to fix a problem AND being willing to do it to get it just right. I was amazed when Claudia knew how to drop down and put in a missed eyelet in her Crinkle. I didn't know that could be done. The jackets look really cute. I need to contemplate my fall and winter wardrobes as I have just moved from Florida to the Carolinas (sigh). What's the gist of the "Built by You" patterns? I notice you've mentioned them before.
I love the fabric for the jacket - will you be lining it?
Love the Balenciaga jacket... it's very similar to the Burberry A-line jacket that I plan on making for Fall. Can't wait to see yours!
yay! yay! yay! i can't wait to see the linen jacket, i'm really excited about it! and it simply amazes me that anyone anywhere can just pull clothing patterns out thier own head. those jackets are going to be cool!
Good luck on the finishing! It's quite a bit of work to be done. But at least you'll have the weekend. Pour yourself a lovely drink, turn on the music and seam away! I love the fabric - I was going to say it looks like herringbone (are they just smaller than chevrons?). It's very autumnal! I love the model's short and sassy jacket - I wish it would get nippy here in northern California!
Fun, fun, fun! I've been meaning to ask you if always having a triad of knitting projects (maybe less but no more) is purposeful for you, or just happens naturally. For years I did one thing at a time, then when I started blogging I could have over ten projects going, and now in the past year I've kept it under 5 projects, and often 3 or less, which I'm coming to believe works best for me. Just something that interests me about other knitters... ============================== Note by Becky: I think it's really interesting that you noticed that. I don't think I do it intentionally, but I realize now that I do it naturally for organizational purposes. I subconsciously plan my projects in a way where I try to knit the most I can without getting overwhelmed or bored. When I'm not progressing on a project because I've gotten bored with it, I think having a few others on the needles keeps me productive. But you're right: I tend to go no higher than three. It's the ideal number for me to progress on all of my projects equally; any higher than that and I tend to neglect one or the other.
I love the little color flecks in that fabric for the jacket!
the Capt. should look handsome in his sweater to start school.And I love the short coats. Perfect. Quick question: Have you seen the new phildar books or yarns? I was looking at patterns using 'wilky' or 'partner' and needed a second opinion. Awaiting a lesser hurricane here in New Jersey. Nancy
i love the jacket! it think it's perfect for you. can't wait to see what you do!
Ugh, I hate finishing. If anyone can get through all the finishing that needs to be done on Captain D's jacket by Monday, though (or even by Sunday!), it's you!
I like the second Ghesquière-designed jacket. Just as long as you stay away from the jockey helmets. (It looks like they're wearing two stacked on top of each other. Weird.) I'll keep the margaritas coming for the rest of your seaming party.
Fab jacket! Line it with something odd...colors or stripes. Very Anna Sui underneath :). You've got me itching to sew right now (except I'm at work) - coats are my weakness. Love them.
I can't wait to see that cute, little (insert "grown-up young man's" here if you read this to him) Capt. in the jacket. Plus, I love the jacket patterns. That fabric looks perfect for a jacket.
Fall is in the air....loooove fall fashion. Like everyone else, I think the jackets for Balenciaga are amazing...I am liking the look of the black one, it is like a modern modified pea coat. What fun for you, desiging your own fancy jacket!!! The Captain's sweater is equally amazing.
I love the Captain's jacket. Hey, if it's not done for Monday, you can always have it done so he can wear it one day in the first week.
Captain Destructo's Linen Jacket is looking very fine indeed Becky. Sounds like you've really put a lot of extra work into it to make it exactly the way you want. I love the jacket you are planning on making. Can't wait to see it coming along.
The linen jacket looks like it will be fabulous. Lucky boy to have something so special for the first day of school. My baby starts kindergarten on Tuesday (Yay - I mean boo-hoo!) and so far he still needs a haircut and no shopping has occurred - - - good thing its a long weekend! I think the short cloth jacket will be great - - makes me want to sew something for me! The last time was 12 years ago when I made maternity clothes when I was expecting number 1 son. Good luck with the finishing!
Boy was I behind. Stupid work. You are the master once again. Way to show that sleeve seem who's boss. The jacket you want to sew looks so stylish! Fun!
Sewing together knitted pieces is what I am absolutely BAD at and so of course loathe. I would rather knit in the round, but I have a sweater awaiting this to be completed. Would you show a few photographic techniques? I'm not sure where exactly to place the needle, and consequently some parts of seams look fine, and others are wobbly. =============================== Note by Becky: If you search through my archives you will find many photos I've shown that feature seaming. I don't like to repeat photos of the same thing too often because it gets redundant. If you go here: (This is linked at the bottom of all my pages under "archives") And do a search for "seaming" and "slideshow". Browse around until you find seaming photos. They're just need to look :-)
I love looking at all the resources you show off that I don't find over makes me miss my year in Austria that much more. *sigh* Also, ditto on the please explain more about the simplicity made by you patterns.
Love the Balenciaga coats. I am trying to make one for spring down here out of a lightweight material. Is it just me or has fashion just taken a real turn for the amazing this season? I am loving a lot of what I see! Mia
yay for seaming partays! Hope you get it done in time :). Looks like it's going to be adorable! Speaking of adorable, that jacket! loving it!
can't wait to see your coat... the balenciaga ones are amazing. i wanted to ask you what you think of the built by you patterns-- i'm really new to sewing (just got a sewing machine! yahoo! but i'm very nervous about the bobbin running out and reloading it :) ) and wondered if they would be a good place to start. p.s. thank you so much for your nice comments on my new blog. it's so nice to get feedback when you are new to blogland!
I'm kicking myself for not hanging onto a jacket like that from my husband's grandmother's closet. I loved the idea of it, but the style just looked wrong on me. Now I think I should have left the buttons open, grabbed me a slingy handbag, and marched through some Parisian public areas in spiky heels. :D Can't wait for the Captain's next photoshoot! That boy can work it.

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