September 01, 2005

Gee, I always wanted a ribbed mini dress!

I'll also be knitting myself some go-go boots and painting on my eyelashes, just like 60s model Penelope Tree.

Just kidding.

I finished the back piece of my dad's vest, and as I look at it now I give a hundred thanks for Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain on dvd (with a bonus dvd!) and Encore Provence by Peter Mayle. Without those two to keep me entertained while knitting this piece, all that ribbing probably would have made me want to throw my Addi Turbo circulars up on a telephone wire like a pair of forgotten sneakers. Yes, even if they are Addis.

On another note, I regularly receive e-mails from visitors that contain the same question:

Dear Skinny Rabbit,

Where in the world do you find the time to work on all those projects?

Curious Knitting Friend

Dear Curious Knitting Friend,

It's simple! I have two little Things named Knittie 1 and Knittie 2, and they knit for me during the day, 'cause I very rarely get a chance to even pick up a knitting needle during the day.

Kidding again.

Actually, it is true that I rarely pick up the needles during the day, unless it's vacation. Most of my knitting is done at night, usually between 9:30 p.m. and midnight. I also knit in the car on the weekends, if I'm going to be sitting in the passenger side for more than 20 min stretches. It's amazing how much I can get done in those pockets of time.

(But wouldn't it be neat if I did have two Things named Knittie 1 and Knittie 2? If I did, they'd do all my blocking and seaming for me. And I'd want them to walk the dog, too. Oh! And maybe do dinner when it's my turn to do dinner, because I don't like to do dinner.)

Night Knitter Rabbit

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Man, them's a lot of ribbies. Gee, and now you have the front to do, right? You're going to have to get yourself some of that nice white lipstick, too. And when you're done with Knittie 1 and Knittie 2, would you send them over here? I have two garter stitch scarves they could work on.
even so, knitties 1+2 would be oh-so-busy with all your blocking and seaming - your production turnover is quite impressive! and inspiring. i must to go knit NOW whilst the little ones have their (albeit brief) morning schläfchen! rock on, girlie.
You know, nighttime is when I usually get knitting done as well. The only problem with that is that as I get more tired the more mistakes I find the next day. :( I do get some knitting done during the day, but not much. Nice ribbing!
You might be on to something that Ribby dress! LOL! Knittie 1 and Knittie 2 remind me of Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seus Cat in the Hat, lol!
Also, you seem to be the fastest knitter in the world. I bet your fingers look like little hummingbirds flying away aroung yarn and needles.
That is a LOT of ribbing - yikes. Makes that stockinette stitch sweater I can't seem to make myself work on not such a bad thing. Night knitting - genius. You're one smart skinny rabbit!
Funny blog today! That would be a really warm mini dress for summer! :)
Geeze, I never get letters like that, people just write me to say "Hey Marnie, can you tell me where I can find a pattern for a *insert completely random and particular item or entirely vague and easy to find with google item here)? hehd The "dress" looks great. For an itty bitty person, it looks like your father is quite tall.
I knew it!! Knittie 1 and Knittie 2..HA. I don't know how you did all that ribbing. It would have driven me crazy. I love Amelie!! I've got to put the other movie on my must see list. The idea of throwing your needles on a wire remind me of the movie Big Fish. I'm a night knitter with not even a smidge of the volume you have. Bravo to Skinny Rabbit!
Okay, I knew you were a small person, but that's just funny. (meant as a jealous compliment of course.) Also, could you loan me Knittie 2? Just Knittie 2, I don't need them both. ;)
What would the title of that movie be, translated into English? How wonderful and comvientent it must be to speak another language.
Been reading your blog for about a year and love it. I was wondering the same thing about where you find the time to knit! I rode in the car for three hours last Saturday and knit the whole entire time and you're right - one can accomplish alot of knitting in the car! I'm curious about something else though, how did you end up in France and is your husband french?? Do you work outside the home during the day?? Curious as well, Donna
Ah so that's your secret! My curiousity is sated. After Sarah finish with knittie 1 and 2, I'd like to invite them little helpers to my end of the world too..:o) You knit so very fast I'm still envious. :p
Can I borrow Knittie 1 and Knittie 2? I have some summer things on the needles I need to clear off my plate so I can dig into Fall knits. But seriously, the vest looks very nice despite the mind-numbing ribbing.
Wow, that's one long piece of ribbing! If I had knitting elves, I'd want them to do ALL the finishing and fixing. I just can't seem to find the time to fix all my knitting boo-boos. Have you ever fallen asleep knitting? Once or twice when I was knitting St, my eyes started drooping and I almost lost my knitting!
If Knitter 1 and Knitter 2 make progeny, can I adopt Knitter 3? Actually, it doesn't even have to be real good at knitting...just blocking and seaming!
So that's it! You don't sleep! I've been reading for a while and always wondered how on earth you churned out all of those fabulous knits! I've got to stop my night knitting around 10pm or else I spend more time second guessing myself or ripping out mistakes than making progress. I can't wait to see how your current knits turn out!
I knit in the car too... my husband & I work close to each other - so he gets to drive while I knit and blissfully ignore the sports radio blasting all around me. Evening knitting proves to be a lot harder - mostly due to lack of time! For simple projects that don't need me to actually *see* what I'm doing - I haul my knitting into movie theatres too. Average of two hours of knitting per movie! Woooh!
Send Knitty 1 and Knitty 2 over to my place, I've got some Fall Plans to reach! You could totally rock a ribbed dress girl, don't front. HOLLAH!!!
If Julia is going to borrow Knittie 2, can I borrow Knittie 1? Just for awhile???
Whoa baby. Your dad may be a big guy, but at least there aren't any sleeves on that puppy.
I love to hear when knitters knit. I knit in the am, when lunches are already made, dishwasher empty, and coffee is hot! From 6:30 to 7:15am is prime kntting minutes! I also knit on trains, planes, and autombiles, and last week at a Yankee game.
Cool ribbed dress. What's wrong with gogo boots and huge eyelashes? I mean, that's my daily wear. (Kidding...) Thanks for the shout out! Still loving the lacey goodness.
this picture is a laugh riot!! thanks for sharing.
Ahhh, Night Knitting. A woman after my own heart. Night Knitting + Addis + Some Good Movies... wait, you still churn out a ton of fabulous knits! You need to add Faster Than Usual Speed to the mix, et voila! That's how it all get done... Your dad's vest is going to be great... I hope you have some good movies to get through the rest of the ribbing- for the safety of your Addi's if nothing else!
Wow, that knit dress is quite becoming :) Amelie makes everything better!
HAHAHAHAHHAA knittie 1 and knittie 2!!! You silly Rabbit!! hahahhahahaha!! snooooort...guffaw!!! Thank you for the laugh! How is the Captain?
OMG! That "dress" looks amazingly similar to the project I'm trying to finish up right now.. 4x3 rib for me. My knittie 1 and knittie 2 (left and right hands) are tired!
Heh. It's a comfort to know that there are others who can only knit between 9:30 and midnight. I also have a 4 y.o. child, soon to be 5, and her stamina is amazing. Up until 10pm (cuz it stays light out here in Summer...) AND I have an almost 2 y.o. boy. So, I plug away in the wee hours. I must say, your productivity is inspiring.
Look at you go! That is a huge amount of ribbing. You almost had me going with the Knitty1 and Knitty2 - wouldn't surprise me in the least. ;-)
Wow... all this time I've been laying out wine and chocolate on the shrine I made for the Finishing Fairy, hoping she'll stop by my house and finally seam up Audrey (which I even made because I saw yours BTW). I've been wondering why the heck she hasn't come yet (but have had fun finishing up her leftover wine and candy) and now I find out I should have been trying to recruit Knittie 1 and/or Knittie 2 all along! Sheesh!
Um, you could TOTALLY rock the ribbed dress if you wanted to. You are such a good daughter to brave all the ribbing. I love Amelie so much. That movie makes me so happy to watch.
I'm so glad you shared your knitting time secret. I don't feel so bad now about not being able to keep up with your amazing output, since my genes* have determined that I start yawning at 8:30 and can usually be found tucked in and dribbling before 10:30 at the very, very latest! * Daughter of a farmer gene.
That is some super-duper ribbing--you and Knittie 1 and Knittie 2 do some good work. Go team!
Oh god, ribbing. Fun to wear, headachey to knit... I can't drive and so i spend all my bus rides to Uni knitting away (people apparently consider this crazy behaviour here in Australia) and i also knit in every car trip we take... i never have to take the wheel! Everyone keeps telling me to get my licence - no chance! (Tv knitting is good too)
Love the mini! You know, when my girls were little I did all my sewing at night, and knit when they were in dance or gymnastics classes. I still don't know how you finish as much knitting as you do, some people just have more nimble fingers than others, I suppose!
Your dad must be huge compared to you! I love Amelie. Sigh.
Wow! That's a lot of ribbing. I noticed you did quite a lot ribbing on previous projects, too. What a persistent lady! :-) Can Knitty 1 & Knitty 2 come out to play? I have an aran blanket for two which I'm sure they'll love to mess around with.;-)
Wow, that poppa rabbit must be one tall drink of water.
See.. now I'm feeling tres, tres inadequate. I too knit in the evenings, and for about the same number of hours as you but manage to produce about a tenth as much.... Looks like I'm officially a slow knitter! Love the ribbed dress. I think you should keep it. A nice little KSH frill at the bottom for an eighties feel to it and you're all set. I'm sure your dad will understand!
Love the vest piece! Lol, love the Thing comment. I wish we could all have little Things knitting for us :) I do most of my knitting in the morning actually. I can't usually sleep past 5, so I knit from then until I have to quickly get ready for work :)
I agree that you must be a pretty fast knitter! I loved Peter Mayle's books. THey are a fun read. But they also make me hungry. I haven't seen Amelie yet, but I have it in Q on netflix. Glad to hear you loved it!
I need those thingys :).
holy cow, how tall is your dad??? good thing you got the Knitties to help you out! :)~
You all crack me up! Whoever comes into my site without looking at the comments definitely misses out :-) P.S. I was also thinking of getting two Things called Sewy 1 and Sewy 2. Sewy 1 would do all the pressing in my sewing and Sewy 2 would sew in the zippers and buttons.
Thing one and thing two could do the business books and the housework, and I'll do the knitting. I always think ribbing is like giving an anaesthetic. Its really boring, but it has to be perfect so you have to concentrate on it. I haven't tried car knitting, altho' I'm often thinking about knitting as I look out the window and shout at the children to stop fighting.
Hahaha! I think that vest should be re-configured as a go-go dress! How cool is that? Yeah - I got me some knitty buddies too. My knitting is done, sadly, between about 10pm and 2am - that's why I mess up so much, LOL!
Have you seen A Very Long Engagement? It's a like Amelie--except dark and it made me cry--and very lovely and charming and sad.
I'm also a late night knitter and I like it. It feels kind of dark and rebellious, don't you think? Like being the knitting Jack Kerouac. We laugh at the concept of sleep, there is imporant knitting to be done!
Nous nous sommes aperçues à une rencontre Paris-tricot fin mai. Je lis régulièrement ton blog mais je ne te laissais pas de commentaires car je parle mal anglais. En voyant tes messages sur le forum de Paris tricot j'ai réalisé que tu parlais parfaitement français !!!! Alors je te ferai un petit commentaire de temps à autre maintenant. A bientôt.
I seriously need to hire a Knittie 1 & knittie 2. I could use the help now that summers are so filled with fun & summery things! ;-)
(Gee, I understand all of Caro's comment except the very first sentence...something's happening at the end of May, huh? Guess my high school French is sticking with me a little better than I thought.)
LOL okay i took a break from blog reading this summer and am just getting back into it.. thus didn't know about your dad's vest.. thus thought for a few fleeting seconds that you were being serious. thanks for the shock and laugh! :-D
Wow, that's a long vest! Or maybe it's from the perspective. Your dad is gonna love his vest, such the thoughtful daughter!

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