September 01, 2004

Oh la penultimate summer project.

Why, it's a finished tank!

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot*.
[Click me for other views!]
[And here's the REALLY BIG sweater picture.]

This summer I was into knitting cardis because, to be honest, I never wear any of the tanks I have knit for myself. Unfortunately, it's the shameful truth. But tanks are always fun to knit, so at the beginning of spring I promised myself that I could knit one tank this season on the condition that i) I will wear it, oh yes I will, and ii) it be in a neutral [read: boring] color in order to ensure compliance of condition (i). And you know what? I really like this tank so it's easy to comply with these conditions. The "halter" feel of it makes it very comfy. I've worn it twice already!

[BONUS: The tank made its debut for running errands on Saturday, and I have action shots for you: The tank peering longingly into the closed Plassard shop and the tank going grocery shopping (oh, how exciting!) at Auchan.]

As I've been somewhat slothful in getting finished tank pictures up, there are LOTS of silly whack dancing shots for you. [Note: There really was music playing in the background...the dance shots should give you an idea as to what we listened to that morning!] Clear your cache, friends:

Project details: Debardeur 4b from Phildar Famille Printemps 2004, knit in the smallest size using size 4mm needles and Plassard Grand Large Batik yarn in a subtly variegated cream color. In order to keep the free edges at the armholes neat, I used a chain selvedge (slipping all sts purlwise on the WS rows and knitting them on the RS rows). Pattern was altered in that I did not knit the ribbing using smaller needles and the neckband was knitted-on instead of sewn-on. I worked the ribbing loosely in order to give the tank some ease, because the last form-fitting tank I knit in worsted weight yarn made me sweat like Rocky during his cliche training scenes when I wore it.

*We always have fun during picture-taking time, and when my husband was taking pictures of me wearing this tank my son said he wanted to take "a picture of Mommy, too". We gave him the camera and let him take one, and SURPRISE: It came out! So we stood him on a chair and let him take another one, and - surprise again - that one came out, too. I couldn't resist including it with the rest, so I did. And you know which one it is? The "stand-still-like-a-mannequin" shot at the top of this entry. Not bad, eh? :-)

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A very beautiful work, Becky! I have had my eyes on this tank for a while, now I'll definetly knit it up. How does the plassard yarn you used differ from the suggested Phildar Aviso?
C’est magnifique!
Beautiful! I have the same issue with my handknit tanks - just not wearing them as much as I thought I would. Only the tiny tanks and my white smooch tank regularly make their way out of the closet! So excellent idea to make a neutral white tank. I bet you will get a lot of wear out of it.
I love how you make knitwear just come to life! The tank is very flattering and the little tweaks you did made it perfect, IMHO. (The final photo of all of you dancing is priceless!)
Looks perfect! I love the cream color, neutrals are my favorite. Your photos make me want one too.... *sigh* - so much to knit, so little time....
What a talent that little guy has for picture-taking! Of course, talentwise he takes after his mother. That tank is beautiful. *Love* the neckband! (also love the plassard shop pic.)
You are a knitting machine! Kudos on another fantastique job!
fantastic photos, especially the ones taken by captain. he did a great job! i can't believe you have me wanting to knit that tank now. love your alterations to the pattern. now the tank is even more fab. i plan on applying those techniques to some of my current knits. WELL DONE! It looks great on you.
Gorgeous!! And I think you have a budding photographer on your hands -- the little man did a great job with his photos!
what an awesome little photographer! love the tank and i don't usually love knitted tanks so you made a big impression on me. so so cute. :)
You look mah-velous, M'Dear! Oh, you never disappoint, Becky! Your tank is wonderful and the pictures are a delight! yah! o pearl o
A tank that does the grocery shopping? Very handy! (It's official. You are the very cutest in all the land.)
Gorgeous as ever Becky - I really love that shape on you. Very tempted to try it myself but as I'm still puzzling over trying to translate the Phildar patterns I bought last year, perhaps not !
Once again, a fabulous Fluffa photo shoot! Way fun.
oh - to have a figure like yours so that a tank would look like that on me!!! Beautiful job!
I went to knitting class last night, my knitting is ALL wacked out! I am really glad I selected a different teacher this time around.. I suppose that's what I get for never having picked up a book or looked at an illustration. I learned in that first class and the teacher showed everyone at once (I am only good at learning things one on one). Very depressing.. but I'm going to finish the toddler sweater in my twisted stiches.. the question is, should I frog moonbeam? Soooooo depressing.. I had gone so far on it :( I still am not sure how to knit right, class flew by and I was busy picking out a hat pattern, yarn and learning how to increase properly in my twisted stiches. Bah!
Looks great! And I know what you mean about the unworn tanks. I have one from last summer that either needs surgery or a trip to Goodwill (because I don't think I am magically going to grow a longer waist). Love the side ribbing -- avoids the boxy sweater problem without making it skin tight!
Very nice ! The Captain takes a nice photo.My chick likes to take self portraits ! What did the sexy tank find in the Plassard shop ? ;-]
As the French say, "ooh la la"! Beautiful work and I was just about to email you asking when we can get pics of you wearing the tank :o) You have me convinced that I should order this kit soon! Everything about this entry makes me wanna be a Becky-wannabe. The knits, the poses, the dancing and the whacky dog!
The penultimate? What's the last? Oh, the suspense! Great photos - as always. I love going grocery shopping, don't sell it short ;-)
Totally looks great! I like neutral colors... You know I can never resist the whack dancing...I am just waiting for you to break out the Saturday Night Fever Moves! :) Imagine Captain doing the hussle! :) My Pixie still loves to be in the basket in with all the groceries...I love shopping with her...glad to see you do too! Dance Rabbit!
Beauteous top! I love the neckline!
Yay, I love the dancing photos! It's great when the whole family whack dances:) I do bellydance and my favorite thing is when my boyfriend joins in....or attempts to:)
Ah, ha! Little guy is talented as well as handsome! :) The tank looks great on you, too.
Gorgeous, Becky! I love the way the nexk is on that tank, and it looks so nice on you!
Great tank, girlie! I finally finished one that I will *really* wear, too. Before blogging, I always made things that I would wear. I've gotten a little crazy the past six months, but I am returning to things that are beautiful and practical. Oh, yeah, the kid is a budding photographer - wonder where he gets that?
Look at the hot mamma in her halter tank!
becky, great looks wonderful on you. i love going to the market. what is in that cart?!!
Hi! I have been reading your blog for about a month now and I just wanted to introduce myself to you, I'm Brit. I am very impressed with all of your knitting. That tank is very cute and I can't wait to see the finished version of the cabled kimono style sweater you are making. Also, thanks are due to you and Jackie (from Jackie Blue) for inspiring me to pick up Phildar magazines! THANKS!
It's a gorgeous tank! And it shows off your shoulders so well! I really love the ribbing on this tank, that's why I want to make one too. I just finished a tank in ASC but it's way too warm to wear. I need to find yarn that's cooler! What wonderful pictures you all the dancing shots, especially the one with you, your son & the dog!!! It's a tank party!
Please, please tell me how you knit the neckband on. I followed the pattern instructions, much to my chagrin, and hate the way it looks. I'll be reknitting the front anyway, as I made it too big. Your tank looks fab, darling!
Well, such a talented mom cn just have a talented kid! A beautiful tank and wonderful shots, Becky!
Hi Becky, As always, just FABULOUS! I am almost finished my very first K2/P2 tank top and after blocking it, I am pleased with it...I just have to have a seaming party when I return from a small trip. It should be an "into the night" party as this will be my first time seaming too...LOL Thank you for your project photos and sharing your family with us too!
Oh, fer Pete's sake! Will you just stop it? You're giving me a complex! ;)
Becky, Fabu tank and posting as always! I love, love, LOVE the shot of Lucy dancing as well. The perfect snap shot of a Bichon in action. And Elvis has definitely been reincarnated in Captain Destructo!
beautiful! i've loved that tank for a while. i agree with you about knitted tanks though, but a classic white one should take you far. enjoy!
grocery shopping in france sounds like a dream come true.
Becky, that tank is DEEEE-VINE. The Captain is not only cute, but oh-so-talented, what a proud mama you must be. You have great shoulders by the way. I am making myself a tank, nice a slow, so that *hopefully* by the time I finish I will have good shoulders and toned arms as well. And, wow... you knit so fast. Sure you didn't cast a spell on some magical needles to make them knit for you, a la Mrs. Weasley?
S'Wonderful, S'Marvelous! Great color on you. I'll bet you're pleased with that rockin' neckband, you MYKU you.
i don't mean to flatter you (:P) but it looks GOH-JUSS!! where do you get your patterns from? rebecca and stuff? it always seems like you're way ahead of the game, you go!
Becky, you look like a model in the tank, in fact you look better than the pattern photo. Now I want to make a similar tank! How much yardage did you use? Thanks for the great photos and descriptions.
Gorgeous! Love it! Nice shoulders, by the way.
I knew I'd see a finished tank up here soon. Just fabulous. You look great in it! I think you are going to have a photographer of a son! Jordan used to take pretty good pics also when he was little. I guess some of them have a good eye for it. Nice job, Capt'n and Capt'n's mom!!!
Hi Becky, The new tank looks great and perfect fit on you. The colour is good too ! Happy knitting ! Eva
Very nice Becky! Flattering, pretty...perfect for you.
Hooray for the dancing shots, they are just super! I used a chain selvedge too when I knitted mine.
Becky and Captain, you both did a great job! Very, very nice tank, Becky.
I think this is the best tank pattern I've seen! Ever! It really looks good on you. And thanks for the link to my blog and little Miss Muffin, she really likes the attention :)
Oh! Joli! Idéal pour cette fin d'été qui s'annonce chaud. 31 degrés samedi? Wow! Il faut croire que ton fils est un photographe né. :)
What a sad picture that was....whack rabbit locked out of the crack, yarn shop. That tank seems a successful project because it is wearable AND an unusual shape/construction. I'm finding increasingly difficult to find wearable projects that are interesting to make.
Becky! I am so glad that you made that knitted tank confession. I, too, never wear any of the tanks I knit up. In fact, I swore off knitting them. Yours is wonderful and, as always, is beautifully done and looks fantasitc on you.
Wowsa!!! That tank is so awesome, I'm swatching for it TONIGHT. Well, soon anyways. You look absolutely adorable and so does the Captain. What a talented lad he is..when is he starting his blog?? :)
My 10 year old cousin is a GREAT photographer! I think we often underestimate the potential of children. Excellent work there, li'l buddy! The tank is goh-geous! Where oh where do you get such shoulder blades?
Hi there! That white tank is just gorgeous. Thanks for the comments in my page. I would have loved to leave you a comment in french , mais je ne le parle pas. So, I guess you are the on ly European blog I love to read, and I´m the only Latinamerican blog you know, so... We´ll be reading much from each other! You are really an inspiration...
I'm always coming to the party a little late these days, but it looks lovely! Should be very nice for fall. It would look lovely under a black jacket or a tailored denim jacket.
Becky, it's hard to believe you don't wear the tanks you make because the others (like your tube top) I've seen look good on you! This one takes the cake! It's cute and sexy at the same time, and very wearable into fall. Captain Destructo certainly has potential. I like his angles. Does he have an interest in art also?
Thank you for such encouraging words! I always have fun reading them. Who's got the best readers??? :-) I'm glad you enjoy the shots my little Captain took. It gave him a kick to see the pictures on the site. (He also loves to look at the dancing pictures again and again. What a funny kid!) Whoever likes to knit tanks but rarely wears them: Consider giving this one a try. Knitting this one is fun, and it's true that it is wearable. Perfect for mid-season weather, and Theresa's right: It's great to wear under a denim jacket. P.S. to Nicole: I don't think I was ahead of the game in knitting this one (Laëtitia's [] was the first I saw knitted up, and my neighbor friend knit the sweater version back in February), but I'll admit that I, along with my fellow French knitters, was probably among the first to see the design in the pattern book. I love having a well-stocked Phildar boutique nearby :-)
It's gorgeous. Looks a thousand times better than in the knitting mag
I'd like to go along with Paula: C’est magnifique! and to say that is is Gorgeous with a capital ...well Duh, "G" I would love one of those for my self. Also, it looks really HOT on you.
I have been quietly reading your blog for almost a year and I thought I should finally let you know that I think all of your knitting is beautiful. Love the tank.
Hi Becky...the tank looks fabulous. I'm always so impressed with your finished garments. Most of the time I think they look better than the pictures in the pattern books! Really, I think you should be knitting for Phildar!
Ooooooh, Aaaaaaaah! It's a lovely tank top. You must be so excited to wear it! ^_^ It's so gorgeously white too... so summery! Great job.

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