October 31, 2005

This is, like, a very blabby post.

(Psst...click the links and thumbnails or you'll miss the visuals.)

So! This is how my Wrappy Jacket looked for the past two weeks:

Photo entitled: "This is what happens when Rabbit decides to go back to school."
(To be viewed while listening to lyrics of song "I'm so lonely" sung in a funny helium voice.)

All blocked and nowhere to go but in a waiting pile of lonely non-seamed knitted pieces. For two long weeks Wrappy Jacket remained untouched! However, I'm happy to announce that this past weekend was spent finishing Wrappy Jacket, and she's ready for a debut this week (hopefully tomorrow, which is a holiday) so photos will be forthcoming. But before I can even think about showing you a finished knitted object, I must bring you up to date on activities the past two weeks:

School. I had three school assignments due over the past two weeks, which is why Wrappy Jacket remained so neglected. One of those assignments was in pattern drafting (construction of skirt from start to finish, with accompanying visuals and documentation), and this is how my apartment looked for a good part of that time. I felt like a one woman sewing sweatshop! Thankfully, the project has been turned in and Skinny Rabbit Sewing Sweatshop is hoping for a satisfactory grade.

[Footnote: The observant may notice an addition to the Skinny Rabbit Sewing Sweatshop. That's right; it's my new SERGER. I call him "Boxy", and oh how I love him.]

Captain Destructo. To add to the busy-ness of the past two weeks, my boy decided that it was high time he got the chicken pox. Boy stays home all last week and binges on A Bug's Life on DVD and games of "Go Fish" while my husband and I manage to perform juggling of schedules and "I'll take the morning off while you take the afternoon off" negotiations. Boy gets to wear staining red medication that he happily says makes him "look like a clown". Today, after almost 10 days of recovery, he's more than well enough to go trick-or-treating and I don't think he'll need a costume thanks to red medication.

Knitting. Shockingly, I managed to get knitting done even though seaming on the Wrappy Jacket took a back seat. I nabbed some rows here and there on a few projects currently in the making so it's basically, like, total multi-project mania, dude. Really, it is.

Go on, click a thumbnail:

fall2005_butterfly_back_finished_thumb.jpg fall2005_letterman_back_thumb.jpg summer2005_papavest_front_thumb.jpg

1) Butterfly camisole. Oh la laaaa...the Kid Silk Haze, she's like an early morning drug. I still get up 20 minutes earlier so I can knit a few rows on Butterfly while drinking my morning coffee and trying to clear my bedhead. Early morning knitting on Butterfly works, as I've completed the back piece and have started the front piece. The end of November will not come without my wearing a finished Butterfly, let me tell you.

2) Captain Destructo's "Letterman Jacket" from Pitchoun Hiver '05. How could I let fall go by without knitting this cute jacket for my boy? I have a free hour every Monday at school and this is the project I'll work on during that time. The hem and sleeve cuffs have striped ribbing that is worked on size 3.5mm needles, and the rest is worked in another yarn using size 6mm needles. It's a pretty fast knit thanks to those size 6 needles. Last Monday I started the back piece and finished the ribbing at the hem. The project remained untouched for the rest of the week, and last night I knit through most of the back piece while watching Star Wars (the very first one, with Carrie Fisher and her side buns hairdo) on DVD. (P.S. The first time I watched it: When it came out in theaters way back when. Hello! My age is showing again.)

3) The Gigantic Knit Otherwise Known as Papa Vest. Bet you thought I had given up on those seemingly miles of ribbing on my dad's vest, didn't you? Haha! I didn't. I started the front piece (back piece is completed, remember?) and in this very photo I'm just 30 rows shy of the armhole shaping. Looks like my dad is going to be wearing a handknit ribbed vest this winter. Who loves ya, dad?

But wait, there's even more: A big thank you to my friends Nancy and Mrs. Pilkington for keeping me in happy snail mail. On Saturday I received packages from both of them, and that made my weekend! Nancy thoughtfully sent some Noro goodies, a vintage "how to knit" book (I *love* that kind of stuff) and some Halloween treats for the Captain. [See it all here.] Mrs. Pilkington, who always knows just what I need, sent me some gorgeous fabric, some hard-to-get-here candies, a 70s sewing pattern for a sewn telephone and trucks, and a 70s book entitled Creating Body Coverings that is literally FULL of wacky ideas I can use in my projects at school. [See it all here.] Wow! I'm very touched and want to give a big public "thank you" for their thoughtfulness and generosity!

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41 comments to this entry:

Well, hey! It's good to see Ms. Rabbit back in the land of blog! Your project recital is inspiring. Even at your much slower pace, you still out knit me. And your goodies? I'm so envious!
Nice to see you again Becky! Thanks for the peeks at your fabulous current knitting. I hope the Captain is all better soon!
Thanks for the update...all projects look great! Butterfly is soooo pretty, and I think I want to learn French as Phildar has great kid (and adult) patterns!
welcome back my darling of the knit-universe. Love everything you are working on! :) With School, everything takes to the backburner!
School! How marvellous. I managed to miss that announcement completely - are you in couture school or something? And that Pitchoun jacket is great - I have about ten unfinished projects and NO TIME TO KNIT, but that pattern looks perfect for my small assistant. I guess I'll just follow your progress and admire how lovely the captain will surely look in the jacket. And school! Yay for you!
I love the sweaters you make your son every year. Speaking of which, I'm finally about to start the one I bought from your stash sale over a year ago! I'll let you know when it's complete.
You've been very busy! Glad to see you're still sneaking in the knitting. Also glad to hear the Captain is feeling better. It's good to get the whole chicken pox thing out of the way, you know? Here in the States, the kids get inoculated for it. It's weird to think my kids won't get the chicken pox. P.S. Aren't sergers the coolest!!!
Aw...poor Captain! I hope he's himself again for the trick-or-treating. What's his costume going to be? Did Mommy sew him something fabulous?
Hey Student Skinny Rabbit! Sorry to hear about the Captain having chicken pox. Thank goodness he's doing better.
Congratulations on your new serger! I've had mine for ages, but when I first got it I wondered how I'd lived without it all my life. I hope Cpt Destructo has a great time trick or treating as Polka Dotted Boy!
Yay! You're still alive and blogging! I can't imagine how you are doing it all since you are back in school. Your Butterfly is divine!
You have been a very busy bunny! Butterfly looks beautiful! Can't wait to see wrappy jacket!
Yikes. Sounds like school is keeping you super busy (and combined with your Mom job it's a wonder you have time to knit)! Your projects are looking fabulous and I can't wait to see more of them.
So much goodness in this post - except for the chicken pox - definitely not so good there. Hope the Captain is feeling better and has fun on Halloween - what is he wearing (aside from the redness?) I did notice the new serger - very cool! And congrats on completing your skirt project. Pictures?? Butterfly looks amazing!! Yay Becky!! This is going to look so great on you - you are going to love it!! I just can't believe how much knitting you are getting done in the midst of everything else you're doing! The letterman jacket is adorable - and your dad will love that vest. And finally - can't wait to see the finished Wrappy Blanket (hee) - post pictures soon!!
man, i hope you guys have a very healthy week! and hoping for lots of rest for you and the hubby. serger -- woo hoo! everything looks lovely. you have got to write a book, becky. i don't know how you manage to get all of this done!
Oh my! Pox and a serger! Poor kiddo and Momma and Poppa. Love the serger, you'll wonder what you were thinking trying to sew without one.
Wow you have been busy. Glad that all is well and that the Captain is on the mend. School sounds very exciting! You'll have to share pictures of your skirt project. Tanya
Happy Halloween and Tous Saints! Isn't school a lot more time consuming that you thought it would be?!
I love that you have figured out specific knitting projects for your pockets of available knitting time. I do the same thing! (We'll ignore that it is also a handy justifications for more WIPs...and more knitting baskets/bags...) Having decided that I absolutely do need to knit a cute bolero to wear at Christmas Eve dinner, but not at the expense of five or six knitted gifts (what AM I thinking?) I'll be joining you on the "Morning 20" program, too!
Cannot wait to see the Butterfly completed. But in November, how will you wear it? Under a jacket? Let us know what your grades are (I have a feeling they will be A+).
So sorry Capt. Destructo was sick, and with chicken pox, that's definitely no fun. Glad he's feeling better and things are a little more sane at Chez Fluffa! You're making great progress on your knits. Yay for Dad! He'll soon have that ribbed vest. I'm sure he'll be happy. Oh and if you want to see my fos, come and take a look. I posted earlier today.
Love the Letterman jacket!!
Blimey ! You've been busy. Some fab looking knitting. Don't forget to breathe. :0)
The Rabbit is back! I was getting worried you never made it out of the cinema after seeing the Wallace and Grommit movie. Can we see a pic of that skirt when you get it back? Fabby knitting, by the way.
nice to have you back Becky! i guess if i had more of a life my posts would be this interesting too... can't wait to see wrappy jacket, you made me laugh with your 'i'm so lonely' song. so true.. i have a mini-sweater without a fastener and it looks at me very reproachfully. all your WIPs look great, Cpt Destructo is going to look like adoreableness on a stick in that jacket. (even with a clown face) Good luck with all your assignments, i'm sure you'll top the class with your skirt project. So jealous! can i borrow boxy?? happy days :)
Glad to know Captain has recovered. My kids and I got chicken pox in the last few weeks too, but no fun red medication here :) You have lovely projects going on, so knit happy!
Whoa Speedy Rabbit!!! I think you must secretly get up in the night and knit. Maybe you don't even wake up; maybe it's like sleep-walking, only it's sleep-knitting! How else in the world would you ever complete all that you do??? You've made remarkable progress on everything! Poor Captain! Chicken pox is no fun, especially for mom and dad. My kids were immunized for it, so I haven't dealt with the full-on spots myself. At least not as a parent, ha ha! I still have scars from my own CP experience. That serger! I don't know what else to say! Wow! Once again, I'm flabbergasted at what you can do. Good on ya! You're such an inspiration! Oh, and I'm dyyyyiiiiinnnnggg to see Wrappy!!!! Have a happy Halloween!!!!
School sounds like fun! It does kind of take away from knitting time, though. Well, seaming-of-sweaters time, I should say :). Butterfly is simply scrumptious!
I am *dying* to see wrappy jacket. This sweater really caught my eye when browsing through Silvia's Phildar mags last week.
Wow you have been busy!!! That vintage knitting book is the VERY ONE I learned to knit from, and I still have it. It's a bit ragged. I always wanted to make that pompom poncho when I was a kid...
Glad Captain in on the mend! Did he have fun Trick or Treating? I can't wait to see your Butterfly. She is looking sexy already! I want to start sewing a little more. Pj pants, purses & embroidery!
I have that exact same Learn to Knit booklet! I got it a library book sale. I keep meaning to make that red funnel-neck type textured sweater. I am green with envy at your serger! I can't wait to see your finished butterfly. I love that pattern, but don't know what I'd knit it in, since I am woefully allergic to mohair. (Is that not a tragedy???)
Wow! You've been busy!! Glad to hear that the captain was feeling ship-shape in time for Halloween...and that your classes are going well. I'm very jealous of your serger!
Love the serger. It's a very useful little thing. Happy all saints' day and good luck with the course assignments. The camisole looks great.
S'okay if you're blabby (you're not!) because you've been busy and want to talk with friends. Love the new projects, by the way. Stop to breathe once in a while, Becky!
Love your serger...it's so cute and compact! Do you like it?
That Letterman Jacket is just adorable! Can't wait to see Butterfly completed. KSH is sooo addictive, isn't it?!
such fantatic project progress. everything looks great! boy you can do it all. i better get back to posting though i've been in that maybe tomorrow mode. i thought I had a lot going on. thanks for the inspiring post. glad that captain is better. look forward to seeing more of those knits AND the school updates. What FUN!
I knit my KSH early in the morning, too - hot cocoa, no dsitractions. You can get a lot done between 5 and 7! And by the way, I saw Star Wars in the theater, too, so you're not old, because I refuse to be old!
What an awesome multi-knit-sew- mummy tasker you are. Chicken pox: We gave ds the vaccine when he was 18mos old just before it broke out in his day care. we had a lucky break. Both of us work...it would have been a problem to take off 10 days. Butterfly: so gorgeous. I wish I could knit like that. and I have to say I HEART you'r ribbing it's lovely.
I love this "letter jacket"! Could you please post the name of the book that it is from? I must make one of these for my nephew. . .

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