October 30, 2006

Finished CeCe!

*Alternatively titled: "Psst...I was too eager to show it so I haven't blocked it yet. Don't tell anyone."

This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Hey! Click here for the jazz hands pose and other show-off shots.]

P.S. I'm showing this cardi over a plain white tee so
that the cardi remains in the spotlight for this entry, but
I plan on wearing it over something more funky. I like the funky.

Project details: CeCe Cardi by ChicKnits, 3/4 sleeves version. I knit the smallest size and used about 6 and a half skeins of Calmer [Caaaalmer....drools like Homer Simpson] in a luverly chocolate truffle color that Rowan calls "Coffee Bean". I used the needle size recommended in the pattern and got gauge, spot on. I love it when that happens.

[P.S. Don't miss the REALLY BIG CLOSEUP.]

I made no alterations or modifications whatsoever to this pattern because I thought the sizing and construction were perfect as they were. And it truly is an ingenious construction: Finishing was minimal and the result looks really professional. When the cardi was fresh off the needles on Saturday I took it with me to the notions shop [my haunt is La Mercerie in La Croix Rousse; I've been going there for about six years now] to pick out a button and the ladies there gave compliments on it even though it still had ends hanging out of it. Yep...playing pick up sticks is definitely worth it. Now, how about the gratuitous silly shots?

All in all, I am love with this little cardi. The length and sleeves are perfect for the way I wear my clothes and it can be mixed and matched with a lot of things I have in my wardrobe. Plus, it's in Calmer. Oh! So love the Calmer :-)

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Oh I love that cardi!! that is a wear foevah cardi dahling!!!!
I have been waiting and waiting for you to finish! I am all about the cardigan these days. It looks great. I just may have to copy you. But not until I finish, I mean start and finish, Crinkle. You have made my weekend.
i was looking forward for the finished project, and there they are the dancing shots, my favorite! cardi is pretty of course:)
tres cute! I love it (Smokey wonders whether I have too many UFOs to start another project?)
Great job, as usual! I just love the cardi in that color, and you know I am a fellow Calmer-phile. Your finished CeCe makes me really glad I'm going to knit this pattern soon...
It looks great just the way it is; does it need blocking? Or is that a heretical notion? I like that button, too. ======================================= Note by Becky: I always block; a finished product looks crisper after it's been blocked (or ironed, in the case of sewing). It's the final touch I give to everything I make, even if it doesn't seem to need it.
It looks so good! I love it!
It looks great! (Not that I'm surprised.)
Beautiful job! I love the color and the close-up makes me want to knit one of my very own.
Tres swank - I love the 3/4 sleeve version even more; you are not helping me pare down my "to knit" list.
Very nice, even without the blocking! I personally haven't had much luck with ChicKnits patterns, but seeing this makes me want to try again. "What a feeling...." (oh, the early 80s...)
awesome! chic...flattering...fabulous! I love it! I agree blocking makes a difference...cables pop and lace looks lacier! ================================ Note by Becky: "I agree blocking makes a difference...cables pop and lace looks lacier!" Heather said it far better than I did! xo :-)
Super cute - I like everything about it!
Another fabulous cardi! It's definitely on my to-do list.
Jazz hands! Cece looks fabulous - love the color.
I'm so glad you're done with your big school project since we get to see more knitting now! CeCe looks beautiful.
It's just lovely Becky! I think I need to make the 3/4 sleeve version too!
Very nice! I can see why you didn't want to wait to show us. It's exciting when a plan comes together isn't it?
Wow is all I can say! I'm totally loving CeCe. It fits you well, and the color is delicious. I love 3/4 length sleeves. Excuse this short comment, but I have to run over to Chicknits and buy a CeCe pattern...
Beautiful, Becky! What a wearable cardi! Methinks I need one in black.... ================================= Note by Becky: I'd love one in black! I was thinking that maybe I'd do the short-sleeved version in black after winter...
it looks fabulous. the 3/4 length sleeves are what seals the deal for me. great work.
Very cute and nice choice of that yarn color. Makes me hungry for chocolate and it's only breakfast.
Ooh! Lovely! And isn't it great to show off to the ladies in the store?
yay! I love it!
Lovely, absolutely lovely, and the dancing shots have been worth waiting for. I think I need one in black, the 3/4 sleeves are super.
Oh wow that's an awesomely cute little cardi! And because of your description of the yarn it makes me hungry as well!
CeCe looks lovely! No surprise there. The jazz hands photos are too funny. Love the CeCe! I will have to make one next spring/fall. Maybe I'll make one for the winter with longer sleeves and a short sleeve version for the summer? Hmm . . .
How cute! I made something similar a while back but it's a little big for me - maybe making it tighter is the key to the look.
Lookin' good! I love the colour. I have to ask - has anyone else told you how much you look like Cheryl Burke from the American TV show "Dancing with the Stars"? (link: http://www.dancingcheryl.com/home.html)
It turned out beautifully! Absolutely wonderful fit!
Just fabulous! LOVE IT!
Beautiful! I'm so jealous...
I say w00t to that! I can't get enough of the chocolate brown. CeCe is one seriously cute little madam!
I love it. The brown, the sleeves, the button, the whole thing. Way to go!
of course it's beautiful. :D
just love this. yummy chocolate!
Turned out great!! The color if luscious, and Bonne Marie got spot on with design!! And of course, you look lovely in everything.
It looks terrific!!
Suits you to a tee (ah, ha!). I, too, do the Homer Simpson drool when confronted with Rowan Calmer. ghgghgghghhhghghgh ....
Haha, I think it's funny how we see Lucy take off. Is the correct term "stop-motion photography"? I don't know. It makes me want to finish an item besides socks so I can dance around too. Anyway, Cece looks great, and will be even better when the blocking opens up the lace more. Yay for vacations and finishing things!
Huzzah! The Cardi is fantastic! I love the yarn choice/pattern choice combo. Very fabulous!
Love your laughing grin in the last dance shot. I'd totally show off that cardi before blocking, too.
C'est manifique! Even without blocking. In my experience, the Calmer, it does not take to the blocking very much anyway. And I'd love to know how you are adding your personal comments to comments people leave...
It's beautiful! It'll look great funked up.
Ya know what?, that's such an interesting cardigan that.. if it were me, I'd have taken the gratuitous crazy dance shots with the ends still hanging out in all their chocolate truffle goodness. *drools* From where do you obtain your calmer?
Well done Becky! Great pattern, great colour and the even greater Calmer!... This is a winning combination.
So pretty!
The very deepest curtsey is sailing across the miles to you, oh mon ami, as I bow to your expert skill and beautiful look! And thank you so much for all your kindness and the fun you bring to all of us knitters who *go there* with you. [I am still on Sleeve #2 - am shooting for a finale of next weekend. I'm in love with the Truffle - so delicious!]
gorgeous! i love love love the closeup!
cece looks great! bonne marie is doing so many beautiful patterns... this is on my list along with twist, ariann, AND another ribby. gorgeous work as always :)
Fabulous! Those 3/4 sleeves really make it work for me--I admit I haven't really fallen for previous versions I've seen. (Plus, who could resist *anything* in Calmer?)
Yay! A FO! Very very cute! You will get a lot of wear out of the CeCe.
Cool cardi! What a great colour and I love the lacy pattern.
Hi Becky, The cardi looks lovely on you and as always it was great to read what you had to say about its construction and get to see all the fun pictures:)
Thanks for the comment! Your Cece looks fabulous! But that's no surprise... everything you knit has been gorgeous!
I know I've told you before how much I love that springy Calmer. I was never happy with the fit of my Calmer bolero from Rowan 37, but your jacket fits beautifully, a lovely cut. I've been thinking of trying again......
That is the perfect cardigan! And now I'm going to run off and copy you. :) I think the NBaT I only got one ball into will become a CeCe next spring.
Becky, that photo warmed my knitting heart. LOVE your CeCe!! Love the colour! Love the way it looks on you. You always give me inspiration...and even though I have the pattern and Calmer in purple, I want brown just like you. a million xos elisabeth
That's so cute!
GORGEOUS! I have one on the needles right now, adn seeing yours I think I'll have to make it 3/4 sleeves. It looks great on you. I still haven't figured out the allure of Calmer, but it's lovely.
Surprise, surprise, another beautiful becky FO! Why you always gotta give me FO envy Becky - WHY?! LOVE IT!!!
"She's bringin' sexy back, She's mighty, smokin' wack..." Great sweater! Fun post, as per usual! You make me smile Miss Becky!
It looks fantastic on you, and I love the chocolate brown (truffle) colorway. What is next on your needles by the way.
Magnifique! Now we'll all want one!
Definitely worth waking up the dog to get those whack dancing shots. It looks fab!
You look marvelous in CeCe Becky! Brown has got to be my favorite color.
Love it! Love it! But then again, I love everything that you make. That is really a cutie pie cardi!!
That looks fantastic! Good work!
Thanks so much for all the kind comments! I really love this cardi and would like to make a short-sleeved one in spring. I love how there's hardly any finishing to do on it and how professional the result is. The inside of the garment looks really neat - no seams or bulk. I have almost three skeins of brown Calmer left and I want to use it. I already have something in mind, too. Looks like there's another Calmer project on the horizon...
i keep coming back to drool and forgetting to comment. that is so chic! you and Bonne Marie are some team. i've been so good lately...time to buy me some Calmer!
That looks fabulous on you! Love your photos. :) Calmer is amazing yarn, isn't it?
Great looking cardi. I like the singe button look. It really shows off your waist. What will it look like with something a bit fancier than a white t-shirt? I always like it when Lucy appears on your website too. She is a fine looking dog... but perhaps not as exuberant about the cardigan and the dancing?
boooooooootiful knit :)
i had to buy the pattern after seeing your shots. and I have a yarn store gift certificate burning in my pocket. chocolate calmer here i come! sorry to copy you, but I just love the color & it's missing from my fall wardrobe.
That is seriously cute. I'd love to know how you would wear that in real life.
That is a great Cece. Oui-Oui!

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