October 29, 2002

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaadass sweater.

I decided to wear my new sweater (with very dark, bootcut jeans) to a family lunch on Sunday, and as soon as I pulled it on I immediately felt as big and woolly as a sheep. I had never worn anything knit in such thick wool before - until I started knitting I used to be the humdrum classic cut ribbed sweater in black kind of person, thankyouverymuch - so I felt a bit odd.

But then when I hit the outdoors I realized that I really adore this sweater! It's perfect for cold weather because the thick wool makes it warm, but it's wearable indoors because it has 3/4 sleeves and a wide neckline that keeps the enormous turtleneck collar from hugging my neck tightly. As I started greeting everyone when we arrived at our family gathering, a cousin reached out, touched my (sweatered) arm and said, "Wow, what a beautiful sweater." I couldn't help piping up, "I knit it!" And I felt like a bit of a show-off as a group of female family members crowded in closer to admire it. One actually said, "Can you knit one for me, too?" Uh, right. Let me whip out the needles right here, my dear. I took it as a compliment, nonetheless. (And now I can't wait to knit myself some more of these thick wool sweaters!)

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Your sweater is soooo beautiful... Brava! It's always amazing to me that people immediately ask for you to knit them a sweater when you're wearing a hand knit. If you brought a delicious cake to the house they'd ask for the recipe not for you to bring it on!
I'm impressed! I had actually feared this sweater a bit, due to the collar which just seemed oh-so-overwhelming, but now that I see it on a real person... it doesn't look freaky at all! Adorable even! :)
This is gorgeous Becky! I really love the colour and the chunkyness of the yarn. It will be a great winter jumper.
pretty becky! pretty sweater!
I think it's looks even better than the one in the catalog. (and I"m not making that up, either.) Thanks for the pictures!
Oh, that looks cozy! Great job! I am wearing a big, bunchy sweater even as I type these words. It's chilly here in New England! P.S. Thanks for the well wishes! :-)
ooohhhh!!! it is sooooooo gorgeous! i am still intimidated by sweaters, mostly the sewing together of them, and do have one on the needles for the boyfriend. your sweater is so beautiful! if i was you i would want to wear a blinking sign on my head to tell people i made it!
I love your sweater! I can't wait to see what you knit next....
I love it, it's beautiful! Good for you, telling everyone you made it!
Beautiful sweater!
Nice sweater! I'd give you 2 shiny gold stars if I had them!
It looks fabulous! I agree with Janet, even better than in the catalog. And it's encouraging to hear that you really like the thick yarn. I tend not use anything bigger than sport weight and US size 5 needles, because I think bulky will make me feel uncomfortably large or thick. But bumpy or bulky, you just can't go wrong with such a hip pattern and gorgeous yarn. (And a talented knitter!)
The sweater is fabulous. You've hit on the secret to not looking like a fat sheep in a bulky sweater...fitted body and shorter sleeves. I'm planning on making more of these for myself too!
it looks great, love the wide neck. very chic!! and quite the inspiration for a suave yet still warm&bulky fall/winter coverup especially as it is dull, gray, cold and raining here tonight! now whatever will you do for your next project....
and so, my wool envy continues. gorgeous, becky. looks perfect on you, even without a head.
Thanks for such wonderful compliments! It really motivates me to keep knitting when I read such nice things written by my fellow knitters :-)

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