October 27, 2006

[Taps microphone.] Is this thing on?

Hello, hello! I know...this blog has been quiet and I haven't had a single free minute to visit other blogs for week but I am back now, bay-bee! And that's not all: As of today, I am ON VACATION from school. [Throws confetti all around.]

just a sampling of what I didI really need it. This past week was absolutely insane. I pulled two all-nighters to get out the huge sportswear collection due in fashion design on Thursday. With all the designs I had to come up with, the samples I had to work up [a small sampling of what I did is in the shot to the right], the 12 fashion figures I had to draw (of which 4 had to be rendered in color, only I ended up doing 5 because I like being crazy like that) [a small sampling of the fashion figures I drew and the designs I created are in the photo to the left], the flats and specs I had to prepare and the inspiration packet I put together I thought I'd never finish. just a samplingThe samples and inspiration packet take the most time while the drawings and color rendering are the fastest so I usually save that part for last. And then the layout...yikes. I was up until the wee hours of the morning on Thursday doing that. The whole project was just enormous. When I turned that sucker in I did a pirouette around the classroom and shouted "Hallelujah". For reals. Because I like being crazy like that.

What else? Oh yes. I just received the latest French Vogue in the mail. I can't resist sharing a couple of cool things that I think a few of you might enjoy, like: 1) looking at this knit helmet, and 2) the fact that there is a whole spread where the model is holding some knitting in every single photo. Rock.

Okay, I'm off to chill with the hub and son, have a kir and KNIT after a week of not coming close to even touching a pair of knitting needles. I'll have a finished object to show very soon because this is what I'm going to work on:

Is that...could it be...a NECKBAND, already?
It is, it is! [Runs madly around the room in circles from excitement*.]

People, I am *this* close to finishing my CeCe Cardi. I haven't touched it since last Sunday (when the progress shot was taken), but I just have a few more rows to knit on the neckband and that's it! After that all I have to do is sew the neckband down and we'll be calling this a finished cardi. I don't have a button yet but I'll go to the notions shop tomorrow so I can buy one. CeCe Cardi, here I come. High fives all around!

*My dog Lucy does that. (Here's a photo I took of her a few minutes ago for you.) When she's really excited or happy about something, she runs around in circles so fast she looks like a blurred cotton ball. Because she likes being crazy like that. Love the dog.

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WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...Am all dizzy and happy from reading about your huge project being finished!!! I have my final weaving project to get under way...so soon I hope to be a crazy spinning maniac becoming a blurrrrrrrrr!!! Cause I too like being crazy like that!!! hahahahahahaha (new phrase for the day...cause I like being crazy like that!) mb
Huzzah - congratulations on having finished your big project! Three cheers for vacation! And do finish Mlle. CeCe, because I can't wait for the photo shoot.
Yay! Look at you and the Vogue and the designing and the almost finished CeCe! It's good to see you posting again! BTW, my bichons run around like that too. Sometimes they chase each other around the living room so fast that you have to get out of the way or take your life in your hands.
Can't wait to see the finished CeCe - maybe it will be the kick up the proverbial I need to start mine!?
Enjoy your vacation and congrats on finishing your big project for school! =) Now go relax and knit away
Oh heavens! What alot of work. Was that a midterm project - it sounds more like a final project. Glad you can chill now. Yikes.
I hope you have a longish vacation, after that project you must be in need of one. Give Lucy a cyber hug, she is sooo cute!
Man, I'm too old to pull alnighters these days. I'm impressed. Your drawings are awesome. Maybe we'll see some of your designs in the French Vogue someday :) Enjoy your weekend. Tanya
Allow me to run around the room in circles in celebration of your upcoming F.O.! (Thud!) Well, my balance isn't very good on the best of days . . .
I'm glad you survived that hectic schedule. Enjoy your vacation! I can't wait to see the finished Cece.
Enjoy your vacation!
You make good use of that free time, girlfriend! I'm sure the CeCe cardigan is going to look deee-licious! Now, proceed onto some well-deserved chocolate truffles!
I'm doing the "happy dance" for you, what with a whole week off! Lucy is Adorable with a capital A, and CeCe, I can't wait to see it finished. I always love your color choices. They're so perfect. Have an extra kir for me.
Hooray for turned in projects and vacation and almost F.O.s!! yay! Interesting to see all the knitting in French Vogue.
fabulous! knit on girl... I love the brown richness of cece! have a kir for me!
Run around - jump around - do the slap happy dance - congrats on finishing all that work! I think you deserve 2 kirs and a little yarn shopping.
Yay for vacations!! I think I am going to subscribe to French Vogue. How inspirational. Almost as inspirational as seeing all your projects :)
Enjoy your vacation--it sounds like you've more than earned it!
You're just a busy lady. The fashion school stuff looks fabulous. My dog Riley does just what Lucy does, only he adds crazy barking, just to make things exciting.
Good to see you back!
Lucy is soooo adorable !!!
Oh my goodness! You've definitely been a busy rabbit! I'm glad you got some vacay time. It definitely seems to be in order for you. Yay for being so close with CeCe. Can't wait to see that finished.
Enjoy your break from school! Your pooch is total cuteness! : )
Clearly the adrenaline is still pumping. Hope the kir and the chocolate CeCe make for a nice pillowy landing!
Missed you! I do hope you're sleeping right now, but I love seeing the school work and am looking forward to whack dancing rabbit in CeCe!
Wow--amazing work! It cracks me up to see fashion spreads with women in shorts like that--underwear, basically.
Yippee! project done! *runs around in circles* Yippee!
Wow! You sure are a busy gal! Glad to hear you'll be getting back to the knitting. CeCe is looking great!
Your dog is completely adorable! Enjoy the break from school; you have completely earned it! And I can't wait to see your finished cardi. I love your blog; you are one super talented gal!
I'm so glad you're back and that school's going well..have a great break!
I love seeing all yours sketches and samples for school. I would love to go to design school but my drawing skills are, well, nonexistent. My talents lie more in hands-on fiber ventures.
*congratulations* on finishing that huge project! enjoy your well-earned vacation... aren't those the best, when you've worked so hard and then get a break? never mind, i like the breaks when you haven't been working hard beforehand too :) i'm working like crazy till tuesday then off for holiday to new orleans for 4 days... can't wait.
So, fashion and corporate lawyering are not all that different, eh? The sketches look like your usual great work!
So glad your back to blogging, and it looks as though you have been very busy. Congratulations on the finishing of your assignment, and I cant wait to see your modelled shots of Cece.
Your work is fabulous as always, enjoy the vacation, we are having some nice weather for it.
Lucy looks so earnest. Cute.
Congrats on I'm sure a job well done! And great to hear you get some well deserved fun break with your family. Regarding the french fashion mag...like, uh, WOW!
Yay for vacations! Can't wait to see a finished CeCe!
Wow, busy lady! Enjoy that break!
Go cardi! Go cardi! It's your birthday!
Hurray! Welcome back!

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