October 27, 2004

Go go Speed Racer...

Why, it's a gratuitous Captain Destructo shot!

I can't help it. My son cracks me up. I took him to the carnival set up in the square in La Croix Rousse, and he immediately wanted to ride these cars. One can't tell from the photo, but those cars are not slowpokey go-karts that are stuck on a rail or anything similar. They're electric cars that run noisily around the track at what seems to be 1,000 miles per hour, and I nearly jumped out of my skin every time I saw the Captain speed by like he was zooming around a glorieta on Reforma in Mexico City*. Just look at him frowning in concentration as he careens past that curve! He had the time of his life. (And heck YEAH I'd let him go on again if he asked me. Fun times.)

As for my knitting for the Captain, I've made a lot of progress with his tweedy sweater:

It looks like a sleeveless poncho.
[Click here to zoom out.]

I completed both the back and front pieces late last week, and joined the shoulders together using three-needle bind-off because i) the yarn is so thick, and ii) stitches are picked up along the armholes for the sleeves, which are then worked down. [BONUS: Photo of the pajama-ed child trying on the sweater after I joined the shoulders.] Now I'm blocking the whole piece so that the edge stitches along the armholes are nice and neat for when I pick up stitches for the sleeves. [How I blocked: Placed on a blocking board face down, sprayed with water, covered with lightweight cloth, sprayed that with water, then gently steam-blocked.] This evening and tomorrow I'll work both sleeves, and if I'm feeling on a roll I'll probably work the neck immediately afterwards so my son can wear the sweater back to school after vacation.

But that's not all. New stash alert! Kimberly sent me a load of great stuff: Some lovely Noro Silk Garden and Debbie Bliss Cash-mer-ino [let it roll slowly off the tongue, please] Aran, some food treats and Debbie Bliss books in trade. Check it out!

*That's where I learned how to drive. People, after years of driving around Mexico City, which is quite possibly among the top ten cities inhabited by the highest number of wackiest drivers EVER (really..don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise), I've discovered that there is NO amusement park ride that can provide more nervous excitement than zooming down Mexico City's main boulevard at 8:50 a.m. in a rush to get to work.

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You drove in Mexico City? Wow. Just, wow. I really love both those shades of Cashmerino Aran. Shocking, I know.
The Captain takes after his mother! What a driver he'll make! He's so seriously cute. I'm glad we get to see more of him. Beauteous Cashmerino -- such lovely colors. My LYS doesn't stock it, but I mail-ordered a project's worth last winter that I'm hoping to finish this year, just as soon as I complete these endless little cashmere cables....
The captain is too cute! The sweater is going to be lovely! And your new stas doesn't look bad either... Cash-mer-ri-no...Santa, did you hear me?
For years I drove around Mexico City. (And without a crash helmet. Hehe.) The Cashmerino Aran is so unbelievably soft. I can't stop petting it. I'm dying to swatch but before I even consider doing that I want to finish the Pull Poncho...
Becky, the Captain is growing up so fast! He is as cute as ever and looks such great fun. As for your new stash... Wow! How can you choose which project to start next with all that in your cupboard? I would probably start a dozen! But you are so sensible, and always knit so beautifully.
Never driven in Mexico City but have heard that you have to be a little bit crazy to want to drive there. But we (hubby really) have driven in Athens, Greece...I imagine it's similar. I'm better at the navigating. The Captain reminds me of a race car driver, especially with that concentration! His sweater is really flying off the needles...I love those autumnal colors. I often go to the yarn store, not to buy, but to pet the yarn. Yes, people do look at me like I'm nuts!
Rome has been the worst place to drive that I have been to so far.... in fact I wan't driving I was a passenger and crying if I remember rightly...very scary. Your new stash looks fab, I am hoping DH finds a yarn shop in Japan this week, whats my chances??? Love the captains new jumper.
Always love the CD shots! And lovely tweedy colors for the sweater as well!
Your kiddo cracks me up too. So determined, so intent on driving that car. Hee hee.
Wow, that kid is some daredevil. Maybe he'll be the next Mario Andretti. I always thought if you can dodge cabs driving in Manhattan, you can drive anywhere. But then, I've never tried Mexico City.
I forgot you had a Destructo! Ours is also known as The Trumanator, or Trumania. He has giant curly blonde hair that makes him look a little Gene Wilder in Young Frankensteinish. How old is yours again?
Looks like the Captain was having a great time - don't you wish "grownups" could play too! His sweater is looking fab. And on the subject of fab sweaters, I just started Gloria too!
Your little guy is sooo cute!!! I really like the sweater you're making for him too. Is it difficult to knit with what looks like big yarn?
My hubbo drove us on our honeymoon in Rome and Naples at RUSH HOUR! Yikes! He made those Italian drivers tremble with fear (missed his calling, he did). He would have loved, nay, still would love to ride around in those go-carts. May yours also enjoy a thrilling ride at any age (just with a seat belt!)
Cashmerino Aran is sooo yummy! Love them both. Seeing the Captain in the race car sure brings back lots of memories. My favorite Pop Tarts...Brown Sugar Cinnamon...the BEST!!!! Enjoy it all!
he is adorable - in the car and sweater! oh, you are such a lucky rabbit. I adore, covet and love Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. It's pure bliss to knit - and wear.
Cashmerino! So so nice - and lovely colours too. I am sure you will love knitting with the gorgeous stuff. The captain looks like he's having a ball in his car - fantastic!
Thank you, Becky, for a wonderful flashback in your title to this post. My brother was hooked for a while (a long time ago) on Speed Racer. I can hear that theme song now... What a great memory for your son to get to "drive" at that age :)
Oh God - bless you for being able to watch him in that car! I don't know if I could take it. Sweater is lookin' good!
My quiet little gentle Emma had the chance to drive a car like that when she was about five. She was stuck behind a little tot (threeish) and grumbled, "Out of my way, slowpoke!" Oh dear. Bad example, me. Donna
I bought Noro Knits because I saw Gloria on the cover and couldn't resist it. However, its way down on my list of things to knit. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Becky, you lucky girl you! All that yarn looks fabu.... I'm living vicariously though you knitting wise, b/c studying the law does not leave a lot of knitting time! I love how C.D.'s sweater is looking - it's going to be awesome.
Wow, you drove in Mexico City!? You continue to rock my world. While I adore Mexico City, I am glad to leave the driving and peso giving at stop lights to the wonderful taxi drivers. The captain looks ready for Formula 1, maybe they have booster seats.
Cashmerino aran is one of my favourite things. I've just finished a little cabled jacket for my nephew in it and it's soooo soft I kind of wish it was in my size. Looking forward to meeting Gloria!
Wow, his sweater is looking marvelous! And what a good model the Captain is. and also a determined driver. I need a little determination like that on my way to work in the mornings....
Would you describe three-needle bindoff? I just ran into 'Chinese' bindoff in 'Sweaters For Men' (by Linden Phelps and Beryl Hiatt) so it seems to be Alternative Bindoff Week. Now just have to finish these mittens and swatch a sweater so I can try out these techniques!
nothing like Mexico City or Cairo to teach you how to drive :) that or walk "right" love the gratuitious Captain Destructo! I have one word for him- ZOOOOOOOOOM As for teh Cash-mer-ino, I might have to make a trip to fondle it. Those are teh EXACT colors I have been wanting, such great taste you gots lady
Wheeeeeeeeeee for the Captain! What fun! I like his pullover too...very nice! And just wondering...how come you don't knit the body in the round up to the armholes? It's probably just a preference but I've leaned toward "in the round" so I can avoid seaming....LOL
That sweater is looking great! Love the colours. Logan is a 'car' kid too - I look forward to seeing the two of them competing in F1!
Ooooo Cashmerino from Debbie Bliss. I am wildly jealous. It is just the best feeling yarn ever. I wanted some of it so badly, but much too expensive for me right now. Can't wait to see what you make!! Ashlee
Looks like I'm not alone in my newfound love for Cash-mer-ino Aran! (And the Captain says "howdy!" to everyone. I showed him the picture I put up on the site and he got a kick out of it.) For those looking for a how-to on the three-needle bind-off for shoulders: http://www.sweaterscapes.com/shldseam.htm Re knitting in the round: I prefer to save that for hats, neckbands and other small items. Everything else gets knit flat because I like how my knitted garments come out when I do it that way, and I tend to work faster. Seaming ain't so bad :-) P.S. to Shelby: I'm looking forward to seeing how your Gloria comes out. I feel like working one of the front pieces first to see how the free edges are going to look...
Oh captain, my captain! He looks very serious. It's cool that he had so much fun. I'm sure that made the photoshoot in the sweater that much easier to extract.
I grew up in Mexico City. How my American mother ever drove there, especially around Glorietas and the Viaducto I will never know.I love your tejidos, Senora Tejedora, and your boy is Precioso!
Ay! El viaducto! I can't believe I never crashed (or got lost) while driving to the airport.
what a cute speed racer pic! i just received a netflixed copy and boy did that take me back. i've never seen such a cool realistic type driving course for minis. and captain's tweedy sweater is really nice. you have me wanting to pull the sierra out of my stash. and speaking of stash, wow. cool update!
Hi Becky, your gonna love the Cahsmerino. I have the Bulky weight in a med. blue that I hear has been since discountinued...... but it knits great and machine washes and drys like a DREAM! I had no pilling and shrinking on my swatch ... looks like it did before I washed it. I cant wait to finish the sweater so I can wear it! So soft.
Thanks, Michelle. I'm so glad that you mentioned about the lack of pilling! (That was the one thing I was concerned about, because I had heard that the yarn pills.)
I have to agree that I was scared out of my wits by drivers in Rome and Boston. Then again, I go 80 mph on my way to work ;-) Cute pics of the cap'n! I hope I can have a kid half as cute as yours. Great sweater too.
Speed Racer ala Lyon!! When my niece and nephew were v. small, I would take them to the "bumper car races." To date, it is one of their favorite memories!! May the Captain have lots and lots of good memories!!
Julia, you took the words out of my mouth...I also wanted to say "Oh captain..." love that movie! Becks. Your Captain is just adoreble. What is it about Men and cars, my son too LOVES cars! He does not leave home with out his push car...I'll show you a photo when I get home. as for Silk Garden, OH HOW I LOVE THEE.
What's cuter than a little boy in pajamas? Only a pajama-ed boy wearing part of a homemade sweater (especially when there's a bit kilt pin in the front)! :)
Oh how I love to see the captain in your blog.(as well as Hbomb) I am so surprised at the size of the needles/yarn you have been using lately. Are you hands getting sore at all? Everything is beatiful as always...

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