October 27, 2003

Such a preppy at heart!

Why, it's a spikey-haired kid in a preppy sweater!
[Click me and I will give you another view.]

My son's preppy sweater is finished! And the kid, who is growing increasingly picky about what he wears, likes it! I sized the sweater for a six-year-old, but it's not outrageously large for him. I did have to modify the pattern, though. I lengthened the torso, and I found the neckline to be too large even for the six-year-old size, so I sized it down both width-wise and length-wise. While I like 2/2 rib on the hem and collar, I do find it to be too inelastic for such a large-gauge cotton ribbon yarn that is Balzane, so I decreased a few stitches on the neckband facing as I bound off. Shoulders were short-rowed and bound off, and sewn together using backstitch because I don't think a three-needle bind-off is the way to go for this type of yarn. All in all, we're happy with the way the sweater came out, so there are lots of pictures for you today. Above are the obligatory "still" pictures of the knits, and here are a few additional action shots* for you:

*Taking pictures of the kid has become a big production, as he refuses to stand still for longer than two seconds. He'll make a wacky face or dance around, then ask me to show him the pictures I took in the viewer. In order to get him to stand still long enough for me to take a decent shot of the knits, I asked him to talk about his friends at school. So in the "still" shot he's actually blabbing away about Benoit, Antoine and Clara, and in the "action" shots he was acting like the ham that he is :-)

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He is too cute! Great sweater on him and I really like the row of blue on the collar, nice touch!
Gorgeous! And the sweater is nice too. :-)
I love it!!!! Thanks for the morning pick-me-up. I leave you with a huge smile on my face.
What a perfect little gentleman in his new sweater! I really like the colour combinations... and the white shirt - oh so preppy. He is growing so fast!!
love the prepster look! :) shtylin'.
that sweater is just gorgeous and i love the spikey hair look! i can't believe how much he is growing up (do i sound like your gran now?) i remember him as the little guy who sat next to me in the car last year and held on to my hand. he is just too cute for words. where do you stand on the subject of arranged marriages? :) oh yes, and the sweater is perfect. i love the blue on the neckband and the matching stripes on the sleeves and body. i'm so pleased i stopped by!
He's way too cute! You did a fabulous job with the sweater and with the photography. I love the dancing pictures. What's up next?
i love it! and p.s. picked up 'stich and bitch' and saw your sweater design - loved that too!
H-bomb is now asking to see any pictures of CD that show up. He likes his sweater (me too!) and we all love the Elvis. Great Job on the Sweater
Too damn adorable!
Wonderful, wonderful work! The jumper is too cute, as is CD! Both my husband and I are sitting in front of the monitor with dumb grins on our faces saying 'awwwwwww!'
The Captain is, as always, a cutie! The sweater looks great on him. Meticulous job, as per usual. Interesting side note, I just bough S&B today and didn't realize you had a design in it. I read the comment above, and after flipping through the photos, realized which one was yours just by looking at the pretty, pretty pictures. So go you for getting published and for having such a distinctive knitting style. Can't wait to read the pattern. ;)
I love the pictures of Him. He seems like he has such a GREAT personality!!
p.s. forgot to say - hello who stole my hairstyle? we are the spikey twins, me and he!! :)
oh, becky!!! wonderful, wonderful work...the sweater is beautiful, as is your boy!
Gorgeous sweater,so well nade,on a really handsome big boy. Kerrie is so funny ! Arranged marriages indeed ! Anyway,I love all the pictures. What's next ?
Very adorable, the sweater is great too!
Great job on the sweater, I especially love the neckine with the additional blue edging! The boy looks wonderful in it, and he looks like he's ready for his Vegas floor show.
Such a cute sweater!! Great job.
Oh my... the sweater is beautiful and Cappy should do commercials for knitting magazines :o) He's so adorable and such a talented dancer too.
I'm in love with so many things in that picture. Which is more endearing: the hair? the smile? the big-boy sweater? That sweater is really adorable.
Rawr! And good on you for knitting him something he likes--a very tough thing to do for a boy, I find! Love, Kay (MD-Kay)
What a suave character! Love the side vents, nice touch!
Preppy's never looked so adorable! Captain D is a real cutie and such a lucky boy. :)
The pullover is positively perfect. He looks great in his preppy sweater and spiky hair! Thanks for sharing the details on how you did the finishing. It's always interesting to hear the little changes people make to a pattern. Awesome job!
AMAZING! The sweater is fantastic! So cute how he has his own discernible taste for fashion. He's a great model! Fantastic work!
Good heavens. He is simply TOO CUTE!
It's a perfect match, the sweater and your boy! I love the little row of blue on the neckline, it's a wonderful touch.
Impeccable knitting and finishing as always, wouldn't expect less from you. Cutie patootie model.
Very nice work. What is Stitch & Bitch?? Sounds like something I would like.....;-)
Oh gosh, which to gush over? The knitting prowess or the movie star in training? But seriously, Becky, I'm curious. Do you consider every printed pattern a rough draft or is there occasionally one that works for you from beginning to end? You're like the knitting version of the "Dress Doctor" here in Chicago. "We can remake anything to look better on you....!"
Such a cutie! I want one! (hmmm when I've finished my degree I mean). He really does look super cool!
he is so adorable. Your knitting is superb of course and you inspire me.
Thank you for such kind and motivating comments, everyone. They are very much appreciated! Evelyn: I have discovered that I tend to modify or rework all the patterns I follow in some way. Rowan patterns get the biggest overhaul, I've noticed. I wish their schematics showed ALL the measurements (i.e. neck width, crossback) so I could better customize and I'm not too keen on the row by row instructions. The designs are among my favorites, though, so I can live with all that :-) Re Stitch n Bitch: I am very happy have a pattern featured in Debbie Stoller's Stitch n Bitch book, and today I received my copies from the publisher and the sample sweater I knit for it. Keep your eyes peeled for more on that here at my site!
Cute kid and lovely sweater- it was just the thing I needed today to make me smile!
The sweater is so nice, but your son is what makes it so cute! What a doll! BTW, my nephews and nieces are the same way with photos....as soon as I snap one, they want to look at the back of the camera to see what they looked like! Technology!
You make gorgeous sweaters AND gorgeous kids!
SO CUTE I looooove it... And him! :D It looks great on him!
what a great combination!! cute kid, cute sweater! Can we see pics of the pink sweater, too? Hope you guys are warmer than us!
What a cutie pie and what a fab sweater! The Diva thinks he's cute, though she wants the sweater more... (I think she is starting on the "boys are yucky" thing early.) Her thing now is too have a real cheesy grin, where she gets real slant eyed and shows all of her teeth. Takes a while to get the beautiful natural smile she normally has.
What a handsome lil' guy! G.Q. Junior. He's got good taste in clothes, too ;-).
WOWZA! It looks so good on him!
Dude, I want one just like that for ME! (the sweater, don'tcha know. Not coming after yer kid - DOLL though he is....) Fabulous work.
He's going to be a heartbreaker! Beautiful work! :)
aacckk!! so, so cute. That sweater is marvelous, and his little spiky hair is so punk rock. He is a rockstar, just like you! MY favorite is the Rocky pose. The ribbing looks so so nice. How do you adjust patterns like that? I have to follow them PRECISELY. Yay you!
the kid and the sweater both look marvelous. the first shot is so very j-crew! ;)
your kid is way too cute! and the sweater makes him look like a little man. great work!
Thanks, everyone! :-)
Late to the party and hope the champagne hasn't run out, but really, Becky, that fella is a complete heartbreaker. A big Nashville hug for him and his adorable sweater. x0x0 Ann

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