October 26, 2007

Knitting soon. Meanwhile, October Special :-)

Dudes! I've been so busy that I totally forgot to give you guys a September special! [Gets all shame-faced.] So to make up for it, I'm giving a double special:

1) 10 percent off on any purchase over 15 euros at shop.tortillagirl.com. That includes Paper Flower Girl jewelry and Ira Grant reversible bags, in addition to my own Tortilla Girl handmade goods. And there are no conditions for this one! Anybody who stumbles upon this "hidden" entry can use it. Discount valid once per customer through Monday October 29. Discount code: knittersrule

2) 10 percent off any items at my Etsy shop valid through Wednesday October 31. I have to apply the following conditions to this one, though, as i) Etsy takes its a cut for fees, and ii) I never put my items on sale so I want to keep it exclusive for the people who read my blog regularly. Here are the conditions (same ones):

a) Subscribe to my blog's feed, via an email subscription or a public subscription. (Coming in from Ravelry or any other place that shows my feed doesn't count.) If you don't like to keep your subscriptions public or only want to show a few of the sites you subscribe to on your blog, that's okay, but I'm expecting mine to be among those that are showing, and that includes links on the blogs. Don't be shy about reading skinnyrabbit.com, people. Skinny Rabbit loves you!

b) Have commented on my blog on at least six different entries over the past six months up to October 13. (Yes, I will know if you have :-)) The comment has to have been made within one week of the publish date of the entry in question. Like I mentioned before, I like it when people who regularly visit me take the time to talk to me via the comments box. Plus, it's a good way to show me that you are visiting.

You don't need to contact me in order to take advantage of the discount code at shop.tortillagirl.com, but you will need to contact me if you want to take advantage of the discount at my Etsy shop. If you'd like to take advantage of the discount at my Etsy shop, please convo me AT ETSY ONLY (not at my mailboxes or in my comments at this site) and let me know what you want so I can reserve the item for you and revise the price before you make your purchase.

When you convo me, it's a good idea to let me know who you are by the name you use to comment at my site, so that I can recognize you right away. You can include your blog URL if you've noticed that there are people who comment here with the same name as you, but in all other cases I'll probably recognize you. I always read the comments everyone leaves me! :-)

P.S. because someone already asked me this: I do not provide patterns for any of my designs. I provide original handmade items only.

P.P.S. If you are interested in purchasing or have questions or comments about items in my online boutiques convo me at etsy. Please don't use the comments box of my entries at skinnyrabbit.com for that; your comment won't be published anyway. Thanks!

In other news, knitting content will come soon. I've been swamped with sewing up prototypes and working on (non-knitting) clothing designs, and my knitting is sorely neglected as a result. But I must must MUST finish Captain's Hoodie soon because the weather is COLD now and he could really be wearing it. Cheer me on so I'll finish it already, and thanks for hanging in there with me!

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