October 25, 2004

Complete Pull Poncho Back Piece - Check!

I crossed this cable while riding in the car.
(Yep. Been knitting in the car again.)
[Click here to see the whole enchilada.]
[And don't miss the car knitting slideshow!]

I got to work on my Rowan Plaid Pull Poncho this weekend. Let's see...Saturday morning: Got up. Had some coffee and chatted with the husband while the Captain watched cartoons. Decided to cast on for the back piece of the Pull Poncho and before I knew it, I had a tiny little "V" that looked like - in my husband's own words - "the front piece of a pair of knitted bikini bottoms". [Haha! Wishful thinking, maybe?] Put knitting down. Got ready. Headed out and had myself a little car knitting frenzy in between a visit to the yarn store*, lunch, running errands, and shopping**. And of course I documented the car knitting for you in a slideshow:


By the time I returned home I had completed a few of the cable pattern repeats. On Sunday evening, while watching Along Came Polly and Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion [viva 80s music!], I finished the back piece. Oh, size 8mm needles and alpaaaaaaaaca yarn, how I love thee!

*You just know that I managed to stick some YARN SHOPPING in among those errands, don't you? Some lovely fluffy yarn and other goodies! Follow me here to see what I got.

**How not to spend a Saturday afternoon: Fighting the mega crowds during some pre-vacation promotions [magic word: sales] at La Part Dieu. Yikes. Pushing through the mall was like running with the bulls of Pamplona. (Next time I'll take my knitting needles with me.)

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Tell me you weren't driving. :-)
Hehe...I ain't THAT whack!
No no no. Bad rabbit. I will not start the Plaid. You can't make me. There are baby blankets to knit, sweaters to finish for my husband and sons. No Plaid! (Maybe it can be a New Year's project...)
I love cables - looking good! Looks like the captain enjoyed his lunch:)
Oooohhhhh....I can't believe that you were able to knit in the car! And a cable, no less! I can't read or knit or do anything in the car without getting motion sickness. And I have yet to learn to cable. That will be the next thing I will teach myself.
I love how the cable pops with that yarn. And I'm a whimpering mess at the sight of the chocolate plassard. I passed up a golden opportunity to get some purple Valeria di Roma mohair and still have not recovered. Seeing yours makes me cry and drool at the same time. PS: come visit me ;-)
You don't even want to swatch, Evelyn? C'mon...swatch it. Just a few rows won't hurt anybody. [Tee hee!] Cabling is VERY easy! For those who haven't tried it, why not check this out: http://www.knitting.co.nz/pages/knitting/cables.php And for smaller cables, I like to cable without using a cable needle: http://wendyjohnson.net/knit/cabling.htm [Merci, Wendy!] Re my fabulous chocolate Plassard yarn: The fluffiness of it is amazing. Each skein is like a little cloud! I'm particularly pleased that it appears not to shed at all. Let's see how it behaves once I get it on the needles, though...
That poncho is gonna be just gorgeous. I love the yarn you're using. (And kid mohair! Yay! Now I won't be the only one making fluffy things.)
I love the cable! That Plaid looks fabu--whenever I see that particular color I pick it up and fondle it...but I haven't purchased any yet. Some day. When I find it on sale. Hah. I love your slideshows. Love the scenery shots.
Hi Becky, First time posting but been reading your blog for a long time. Love it. Very inspirational and entertaining to read. Your cables look fabulous. The chocolate yarn delicious! I'm starting my first cable project very soon. Can't wait. Adele
Yummy looking chunky cables! My first project was a cable scarf and that was almost a year ago! I promised myself that the next project for myself is going to be cables. I love the kid mohair blend yarn! Every time I see kid mohair, I MUST touch it. I have quite a few balls of similar stuff but don't have a clue what to do with it....just LOVE the stuff but need to find a pattern or something!
Yummmm, chocolate yarn. Have you a sweater confection in mind for this gorgeous bunch of yarn? Boy of Destruction is looking muy guapo. He looks like he's growing like a weed.
Did we see each other on Saturday @ Plassard's ? I went with DH and he laughed at me saying that I looked like a kid in a candy store !
Your poncho looks great, I love cables and in the Plaid they look really good. There is a new shop which stocks only Rowan in Grenoble AND Rowan books in English.......
Oh look at the rowany plaid goodness...it's so unfair that I am stuck in the finishing fiesta...while you are out there traipsing about with your lovely project. OOOh...love the chocolate...makes me want to go home and coo to mine...glad you found a replacement for our trade...:) teehee...
you should have seen the Bon Marche, at teh end of teh TBM!! it was insanity, and I got away with some deals! Fern here I come.... That poncho pull looks great too!
I'm a freshly minted knitting neophyte and haven't posted before, but I love reading this blog! I'm loving the Plaid, too. May I ask how many skeins the poncho requires? I found some Plaid on sale and I'm sorely tempted to stock up for a future project...
oooh! i love to knit in the car since the kiddos are in car seats and aren't climbing all over me. it frightens hubby who is king of what if's? what if we get in an accident and needle goes through my eye???? just wear sunglasses, i think they count as stylish protective eyewear. your cabling is beautiful and the yarn you bought is very lush looking--can't wait to see what you make.
what a wonderful lookin' cable! its just pops off that rev. St. st. canvas. great colors too. and that yummy goodness is just chocalicious!
My first thought was "she knits and drives at the same time?" I occasionally knit in the car, but Himself worries I'll take an eye out (like his) if there's a sudden stop! Lovely cable you've got going there.
Becky!!! You're doing it to me again. Now that I'm finishing the Apricot jacket (yay! it's almost done. Just needs to be sewn and crocheted!) I amy follow you into the land of plaid! I was fondling plaid in a yarn store yesterday...and am sorely tempted to cast on and start the poncho sweater... Budget? Whaat budget?
Does this mean when you have a seaming party with the chocolate project, no kir royales? Chocolate milk , maybe? Love the plaid! I also thought you might have been knitting, taking pictures, and driving! Silly wabbit!
Aah, cables! Cables in alpaca must be heavenly. I gotta try it.
You busy rabbit! Looks gooooood :)
what a gorgeous cable! i tried to knit in the car twice this weekend, and it wasn't happening. my sister was fine, though, knitting away in the back seat. the ccoca plassard -- like some brownies i made once...
That's one meaty cable - tell me you aren't traversing that bad boy without a cable needle! That Poncho's going to so delicious it will be edible - who needs chocolate!
Love your cable Becky and thanks for the links on "how to"...I will try it eventually too!! Can't wait to see your finished poncho...will be magnificent! I have some kid mohair in my stash too...mohair is very yummy!
Your slideshow was very entertaining! I really like the cable on your poncho. I just learned how to cable and can't wait to start more cable projects! :)
ohhh....that poncho is going to be so pretty! That cable is delicious. Chunky cables = yum. I've never tried cabling without a needle but I may venture there one day.... And how cute is your little album from your Secret Pal?
It's looking lovely! I often knit in the car too as I feel travel-sick when reading :) I really want to try plaid!
That poncho yarn is beautiful. Can't wait for the dance. That poncho wiil definately keep this silly rabbit warm! :-)
Pretty fluffy soft knitting. Love that meaty cable. ;-) I did some car knitting this weekend too, I swear I get more done in a car than any other time!
I noticed Elann had some Alpaca...have you tried it? So, did you enjoy Along Came Polly and Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion? I think iv'e watched Along Came Polly...the otherone failed to impress me with the previews, so I havn't seen it. Hubby and I normally eat out of Fridays...that's our crazy day...as everything is closed here on Saturdays. If we are good, we have a salad, but plenty of times we are bad and go to Mcdonalds or Burger King, though they have salads now also...so not too bad. Last Friday we went to a Thai/Sushi place, I had Sushi it was Yum!
Wow! That cable is great! It looks so proud of its self, don't you think? The way it sits all puffed up off the background? It's awesome. I think I might just have to follow suit into the "Pull Poncho" world... We'll see. I have a sexy openwork top in Licorne to do first! :)
Jenny said it! One of the reasons I love knitting in the car is because it provides uninterrupted knitting time. Sometimes I get more knitting done while sitting in the car for 20 mins than in an evening at home, where there are almost always interruptions and/or distractions. And no, I don't worry about poking an eye out. I hold my knitting down in my lap, not up to my face :-) [No worries, man.] Re the Pull Poncho (or Thunder, as Rowan calls it): I'm doing the XS size, which requires 9 100 gram skeins of Rowan Plaid. For a good resource on yarn amounts required for Rowan projects, check out knittinggarden.com. P.S. LOVED Romy and Michelle. Very "light" movie filled with lots of fun 80s music. Plus, Lisa Kudrow cracks me up.
i've been enjoying your site so much! thanks for the inspiration... the chocolate is divine :-) any ideas what you're going to make with it?
Nothing wrong with knitting in the car, Becky...as long as you're not driving! lol One of the great things about knitting is that it's portable! I'm glad you put it down a few times to take the beautiful pictures! Some day I'll get to visit France *sigh*. Poncho looks lovely...at the rate you're going (you are such a fast knitter), I'm sure we'll be seeing the finished pics soon!

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