October 20, 2003

Frogs and crepes.

She likes me so nice, she knit me thrice!

Oh, string-like cotton yarn! How I adore thee! You create such a glossy, crisp fabric. But that also means that every imperfection, every loose stitch, every too tight row is magnified in my eyes because you show it off so well. So in return I rip you out. Not once, not twice, but three times. Thank you, ever so much.

Rip Out Episode 1: Clearly brought on as a result of too much coffee, because it took place after I had already BINDED OFF and pulled the piece clear off the needles. I spread out the piece, looked at it, and decided that I didn't like that approx 20 rows down, there were two knit rows that looked too tight. Unfortunately, no fiddling with the stitches helped. Rip it, rip it good!

Rip Out Episode 2: I had gotten midway up the armhole shaping when I realized that oops! Forgot to do a chain selvedge like I had done the first time around. (The armholes are free edges, so I had done a chain selvedge by slipping the first and last stitches of all right side rows, and purling the first and last stitches of all wrong side rows.) Rip it, rip it good!

Rip Out Episode 3: After I did the first few decreases of the armhole shaping I decided that I wanted to pair ssk with k2 together instead of s1, k1, psso with k2 together. Yep. Just like that. Switched reels even though I had done it differently the first two times. It was only a few rows so I ripped it, ripped it good.

Now I've finished the front piece and I'm very happy with it. I would have started the back piece yesterday, but I was too busy stuffing my face with all the crepes that my husband made. I like to eat mine with butter and granulated sugar, but my son, a.k.a. Captain Destructo, likes to make a mess by eating his with Nutella. He's just turned 3 years old and he already knows how to slap Nutella on his crepes, fold them in half, and then again in quarters. Such a continental little chap! And here are a few pictures for you. (Please note how my dog Lucy - otherwise known as Sweet Tooth Dog - sits by the Captain in the hopes that he'll drop a crumb or two.)

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Your son's such a darling and that doggy is so cute! Makes me wish I have more space in my teeny apartment to accomodate another pet. Can't wait to see the whole ensemble of that yummy pink yarn and Cappy Destructo too.
oh so cute but boy CD is lookin' skinny minny in those photos. need some more nutella crepes to fatten him up!! (yeah i'm sure he's going to look like that until he's like 18 and then voomph he'll fill out fine, no need for crepes at all!) p.s. no time to cook, must knit and spin, send crepes over asap or will pass out from sugar deficit.
My dog looks cute now because she was groomed about two weeks ago. That look always lasts about a month, and then she starts looking like an incredibly voluminous dust bunny. Hee. CD takes after his Mommy, Carolyn. I was even skinnier than that when I was his age, only not as tall. He's 37 months old, but he's over 40 inches in height, which is the average height for a four year old. Notice how his hands poke out of his sleeves like Herman Munster? That pajama is 3T! The pediatrician thinks I should invest in a basketball hoop ;-)
I adore that little pink sweater, but it is certainly true that the cotton yarns magnify all perceived imperfections. The way I look at it, if the kid can pay for his own college education....you can buy more yarn...buy that hoop baby! I admit it, I used to eat nutella crepes in France for an average of 2 meals a day and I was about 348 months old. Thankfully it was only a 10 day visit, or I'd also be 348 lbs.
I particularly like the totally satisfied and pleased look CD has on his face in the final photo, just before the first bite! Mmmm, Nutella, je l'aime (I'm sure that is incorrect. Sorry. Me gusta nutella. Nutella daisuki). The sweater is gorgeous, and you are a maniac for ripping it out 3 times!
oh, so darling. the boy and the dog and the crepes look all scrumptious. the Captain's satisfied grin in the last picture is especially cute. the tank looks perfect. you are awesome about ripping out rows. How many times did you rip on the Phildar white cotton sweater?? Tell the truth...
wow - he really does have that down to a fine art doesn't he? Will he teach Brooke when we come over, I'm sure she'd love it! She eats pancakes and nutella sandwiches but has never tried the 2 together, unti lwe visit you maybe? PS - she is currently worried that you won't have any paper in your house, she's stuffed her rucksack full of it "in case Becky and her little boy don't have any and then I can't draw in France" The things they worry about!! Pinnk cotton top is looking great, very summery. Makes me wish I lived somewhere warm instead of in the UK where I'm knitting with fantasia and Rowan Big Wool and still not feeling very snug!
[note the new url ;)] What an intelligent chap makin his own nutella crepe. Scary that my boy might be doing this in only 2 year - Aaah! BTW... imo, i think he looks fine. please don't add fat! ;) OH, and my zara is *just* like your cotton yarn. screams the mistakes and imperfections! i never knew my knitting was *that* bad!
oh, they are both so adorable. My Ty would just LOVE Lucy, as she looks so much like him. But alas, an ocean between them. The sweater looks great - you have so much patience to knit it three times. Imagine. And now I REALLY want crepes with Nutella.
The sweater is perfection Becky....are you a Virgo? LOL! Captain Destructo is so cute and I can see he has his mom's penchant for details. Your dog is a real cutie too, a Bichon, right? Thanks for sharing your perfect world, Becky :)
Ace crepe Nutella stuffer ! Perversely Oliver would rather have chinese chicken & raw red pepper ! No,really ! I'd eat the Nutella,a fondly remebered delight from my childhood. The pink confection looks fabulous.Perfectionism results in perfection.Beautiful.
I love this color pink!! So cute!!! And so is your son!! (And so are those crepes....mmmm, crepes)
I wonder why you call him Capt. Destructo when he is so very fastidious with his Nutella??? Seems kind of defamatory to me! Adorable photo essay. Love, Kay
Becky, I have an image of you in a red Devo hat ripping it, ripping it good. Three times? You're a maniac. But now it's beautiful. (p.s. I love that Captain Destructo always seems to have bedhead! Does his hair just stick up, or does he spend hours in front of the mirror with all the latest products to get that Colin Farrell look?)
That Captain Destructo, what a cutie! A more perfect sequence of photos, I can't recall. Also, the super-pink looks... super! The triple froggie makes me think you might be insane, but I respect you for it. We all strive to be Beckyish. (O.E.D.) ;)
Come on over and I'll have the husband make a whoppin' batch of crepes for everyone :-) Kay: My son sure is fastidious. This is the kid who fastidiously blew out my scanner, my printer and the speakers, who broke the phone and who managed to navigate his way in my computer well enough to obliterate Adobe Photoshop. He wears that Captain Destructo label proudly. Alison: That spiky bedhead is achieved with the help of what is known here as a "Tin-Tin" haircut and a wee bit of gel. Lasts all day, too. Today's cuts are a lazy momma's dream ;-)
Yumm! Great pictures. Hey, we had crepes with nutella yesterday too. The boys were nice enough to leave us a few. ;0)
THREE times?! But it looks perfecto now, so it was obviously worth it. Have you tried nutella and Grand Marnier in crepes? (Of course not a great idea for you son, especially if he's eating 15 of them!). I had them in France about 4 years ago and still think about them from time to time, they were so nice!
Were you a Graphic Designer/Lawyer? What kind of school do you go to for that? The composition in those photos is amazing. The blue plate! The texture in the chair! The dark, Tin Tin hair! (btw, I have a Tin Tin poster on the wall behind my computer) The white of the jammie top! And that's all I have to say about that!
You know. For some reason I've never considered doing a selvedge by slipping the first and last knit stitches and purling all on the wrong side row. Hmmmm.....
I just had crepes Sunday (well, actually every Sunday)! We have a CrÍperie at the neighborhood farmers market (she can barely speak English, so the hubby speaks to her) and boy, are they good! Reminds me of France.... I like mine with butter, sugar and a wee bit of lemon, Diva has nutella smear too! Ah, I remember nutella tarts my mom used to make for tea! I think I just might have to break out the crÍpe pan and make some tonight! You funny bunny, ripping it out three times! Guilty! I do the same too... I'm so anal about these things! Could you please tell me what pattern this is? Also, as for CD, don't worry. The Diva has the same issue, she is tall for her age (39 mos), but she only weighs 29 pounds. I know a 9 mos old that weighs the same!
Ooooh! Rose has a crepe pan, and knows how to use it! I envy you; I couldn't make a crepe to save my life. And the tank pattern is from Phildar's Pitchoun Printemps 2003. There's a matching cardi, which I plan on doing. Very cute!
My trick is to use plugra butter (thank god for imported goods!!!), clarified and cooled (but still liquid), in a hot pan. I learned this trick from making a certain type of Chinese "crÍpe" made with zucchini and oil and a certain steel wok I've had for about 14 years (and my mom). Lots of begging and pleading to the wok on my part! Thanks for the pattern! I'm off to order that for the Diva!
I LOVE Captain Destructo. I live with his evil twin, Henry 4yo, we call him H-Bomb. He can go into a room and KABLOOWEE, it's destroyed. Gotta love'em though. I should see if H-bomb likes nutella....your perfectionism shows in the beautiful things you knit!
I have similar good memories as Jen of Nutella/Grand Marnier Crepes in Paris - YUM. Love the stuff, 'specially on something warm like toast or pancakes so it gets all melty. . . I'm just out, too, darnit.
Becky, we christen you Captain Perfecto! (Lovely of your husband to offer [ahem] to make crepes for everyone!)
OMG! That's a lot of ripping. I knew there was a reason that I was avoiding cotton yarns and straight stockinette stitch. It does look lovely though. Makes me want to go out and find some Strawberry Bubble Yum, one of my grade school passions!
I miss him. He's so cute, with his nutella and snappy hairdo, and little fingers. Love that bright color, Becky. It's very brave. Also dig that throw pillow on the chair. Very nice.

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