October 19, 2006

Quick knitting update today!

First up, le CeCe Cardi au chocolat:

Crappy lighting alert!
Rainy day today. Humph.

Progress may seem to be slow, but them there are some loooooong rows, slappy. But I've got just a few more decreases on the sleeves to work and then I'll be working the neckband. Woo hoo!

In fashion school news, I finished the jacket with its 9 meters of seam tape and 4 patch pockets with flaps yesterday and turned it in. No finished photo to show (yet) because I finished it in school and it is now posing on a mannequin over there as I type this. Boy, did that the thing require A LOT of finishing (it's been a busy past few days as a consequence) but I'm very happy with the result and it even rendered a few compliments from some third year students. And remember the UNICEF doll* I mentioned the other day? I made the doll from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Sunday night and turned it in Monday morning. (3 hours to make it! I didn't knit it this time around.) But before I turned it in I took some photos of it - with camera flash on, it was 6:30 in the morning, after all - so I could show it here.

Before I show it, though, I have to explain what it is. You see, we were given a theme and the theme for this year was "celebrities and charity work". Before names that you're used to seeing in American media come to mind, remember that I am in France and I go to a French school. Obviously, French celebrities like Johnny Hallyday, David Douillet and Coluche were among the first celebrities to be chosen by the students. So I had to choose a celebrity who is easily and quickly recognizable over here. Plus, it had to be a celebrity I could caricature in a doll without people wondering who the doll represents. As it's October and breast cancer awareness month, a search online of people who have used their fame to promote awareness rendered a number of names. I picked one who is well-known over here and did a caricature of her at a time when she was most famous. Bingo! When I pulled the doll out at school on Monday morning everyone who saw it immediately knew who it was. And, of course, I found a way to incorporate the pink ribbon into the doll. Now, without further ado, I introduce my UNICEF doll:

When there's no time to shop for doll-making materials, one resorts to the stash.
Feathers, furry ribbon, textile samples...so glad I hoard this kind of stuff.
[Click to see the images I used for inspiration.]

Ginger Spice, a.k.a. Geri Halliwell, and her removable Union Jack dress (breast cancer awareness, people) and pink ribbon inspired knickers. Think Pink this month :-)

*All dolls made will be exhibited for a few months. Afterwards they will be sold and all proceeds will go to UNICEF so that a child in need may receive vaccinations.

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42 comments to this entry:

Too cute!
i love the pink knickers and her removable dress! so cute!
The doll is cute! And the CeCe Cardi is looking great... can't wait to see the whack dancing shots when you finish it!
I recognized her right off the bat! Great job with your doll. I love pretty much everything you make, especially your "Matrix Sweater" and now, this doll.
Cool doll and recognizable even here in the States. And for a good cause, too!
You make me feel lazy, almost! CeCe is coming along beautifully, and your doll is sooo funny!
cool! love your details on the doll and jacket (will wait patiently :) to see)
Thanks! If I get a chance I'll take pictures of the doll in natural daylight. We can't see all of the details in these, unfortunately. (I'll also remember to take photos of the jacket when I get it back...)
Aha! I knew it was ginger spice straight away! I love it!
Great doll - I knew who it was right off. CeCe continues to look marvelous.
the doll is great, but I thought it was Vivienne Westwood! ;)
Adorable! I knew who she was immediately (my girls were big Spice Girls fans). I love the details too. Can't wait to see your jacket, sounds lovely.
Too cute! And in three hours? You rock chickie!!
ginger is fabulous-- i love her *shoes*!! cute knickers too ;)
Those are some fabulous projects. I can't wait to see what the cardi looks like completed!
I am shocked that I recognized her--I'm usually so terrible with celebrities--so you did an amazing job! (I have no idea who the French stars who were immediately claimed are. Time to do some cultural research!) Also, I gotta say I love the doll without her dress. The body shape is great.
I love her!! How fabulous. I knew exactly who it was before even reading it.
That doll is simply adorable!
Very cute doll! Love how it turned out. CeCe is just trucking along.
I love visiting your site. There's always something new and fun going on -- a spice girl doll! And CeCe looks great. You are one busy designer!
What a cute doll. I love the pink knickers! Your CeCe is so close! Looks great!
She's great - you could do a whole line of dolls like her!
Gorgeous doll. Very instantly recognisable! Cece cardi is looking good as well. Can't wait to see the finished article.
Thanks for the smile today. That doll is hysterical!
I recognized her right away! You did a "smashing" job! Not to mention helping out two charities with one doll! Yay you!
I knew it was a Spice girl but couldn't remember which one! Her boots are so fun!
you are just the best, you know that?
I love the doll! Who wouldn't recognize that "trip and you will break your neck" boot
Oh that is brilliant!! Looks so much like the real person. And the clothes are cool!
oh the doll is so funky!!
Super cute doll!
Your doll is fabulous, well done, hoarding stuff always comes in handy!
Totally awesome! Sounds like you're sailing right on thru this! The doll is cool! And darn! You got a sweater!
Hey, even I knew who she was before I read the caption. Very good likeness. You should email the pix to her people because I'm sure the positive press of her buying it would appeal. I'm serious, how can you find out who does her PR? The jacket sounds divine, can't wait to see the pix.
I bet you had a giggle or two making that doll! Great project Becky!
So cute! You are super crafty!
Very cool doll! And I love that cardi. Can't wait to knit it myself. :)
Cece is close to finishing line ... and I love the chocolate colour. I'll be having seaming party today ... hopefully there'll be FO to show in a day or two. That doll is adorable! I'm sure Geri herself would love it! :)
Thanks so much for all the kind comments about my Ginger Spice UNICEF doll! I'm glad that you're getting a kick out of some of the things I'm doing in school. I was working all weekend and today on a sportswear project due on Thursday, but I'll be updating with an entry tomorrow. Hope to see you here!
I love it. I love the UK flag. I'm an ANGLOphile.
Wow! I think prior close attention to the CeCe cardigan has been successfully diverted!.. I can only imagine how much of the three hours those wee pink ribbons took! Spice girls are now my profile song on my Myspace! Click me name to listen!
The CeCe Cardi is coming along beautifully Becky. Can't wait to see the jacket. The doll is too cool and what a great cause!!

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