October 19, 2004

If Monty Hall were a knitter...

Yep. Still like to play with the camera.
(Just inside an entrance to Parc de la Tête d'Or.)
[Click to make big!]

On Saturdays and Sundays this area of the park is swarming. But if you walk through here on a weekday (on your way to the Musée d'Art Contemporain*, as was the case here) it's nice and quiet. Perfect picture opportunity. So there you go. [Don't mind me, I'm just a camera-happy tourist lady!]

As for my knitting, I've kicked into serious multi-project mode. So that means that it's time to play "Let's Click a Thumbnail". Go on...click one:

fall2004_tweedgarn_back_thumb.jpg fall2004_manlyjacket_front3_thumb.jpg fall2004_ponchopull_sleeve2_thumb.jpg

1) I started another project. But with good reason! My son saw the Manly Jacket I'm knitting and the Pull Poncho I've recently started, and with the beginning of each project he's asked me (hopefully, I might add) if what I'm knitting is for him. [Awwwwwww!] There's going to come a day when Captain Destructo will think that wearing Mommy's hand-knit sweaters is beyond dorky, so I've got to take advantage of his yearning for knits while I can. To the rescue is a quick sweater: Pattern 19, the "child's tweed sweater", from Rebecca 24 using honkin' big 9mm needles and GGH Sierra. I'm not a big fan of bulky but this yarn is so fabulous I'd knit bulky more often if all bulky yarns were like this one. Very soft and creates an even fabric. I cast on for the back on Sunday evening and finished it while watching the Sunday night movie. (See, I told you it was quick!)

2) Manly Jacket: Two gorilla arm sleeves - check. One right front piece - check. Beginning of left front piece - check. [Scroll to the right to see it.] I started the left front piece yesterday evening, and completed the ribbing before I went to bed. Now it's all straight knitting until I reach the armhole shaping. Sounds monotonous, but this is my favorite kind of knitting because it means that I get to drink a kir royal before dinner and chat the husband's ears off without making mistakes.

3) Pull Poncho. Late Friday afternoon, while knitting with my friend Christelle [coucou, Christelle!], I finished one sleeve of the Pull Poncho and immediately cast on for the second. By the next morning I had finished the second sleeve. And now I see, my friends, why some knitters like big honkin' needles and bulky yarns. The knitting satisfaction one gets from completing something so quickly is so keen it's almost sinful. I think I'll ask Santa to put some 15mm needles in my stocking this year. And some more yarn with alpaaaaaaca.

*One can see the Musée d'Art Contemporain from the window of my apartment. It's in the long orange/glass building (La Cité Internationale de Lyon), partially hidden by the trees. Behind it is the lake seen in the photo of the park above. (And doesn't it look like we're having nice weather? Well, that photo was taken on Sunday. Today it's raining.)

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So it's tripple-whammy happiness at the rabbit household! Captain destructos wee sleeves will make up for the pull poncho's and make your next trip to sleeve island less painful. Though given the yarn you're using, it should be all pleasure all the time, non?
oh, i just love that ggh sierra you are knitting with. i am actually wearing the neck and wrist warmers knit in that exact color right now from that same rebecca pattern book. how funny. it was finally cold enough to pull them out today. i'm actually thinking of picking up the red from my stash in the sierra to knit a sweater at the moment 'cause the small needles are driving me to want to play pick up sticks instead of knit. the sweater for Captain Destructo (that is just the cutest nickname) is really nice. it will be a quick bind off and seam for sure. the manly jacket is lookin' great and the plaid (oh, the alpaca) is coming along very well too. those are really some great fibers you are working with.
What a beautiful entrance to the park. Listen...I'll meet you there at 1:00 so we can have a picnic, K? I'll bring the wine and cheese! ;-)
and that view from your window is gorgeous! as well as the Parc de la Tête d'Or pic.
Beautiful kid's sweater! I love that yarn. I myself am on my second foray into a 15mm scarf. Rowan Big Wool practically knits itself. But I think it's the only time in my life I wish for bigger hands.
big, bigger, BIGGEST! Big yarn and big needles are like a bag of cookies: next thing you know, you've finished it all. Lovely view from your window, and thanks for letting me know that I'm not the only one with many ongoing projects and not enough willpower to resist starting yet another. I've never used a tubular cast-on -- what makes it so special?
Keep playing with that new camera! The pix are fantastic. And the view from your window is an envious thing. How wonderful! It must be a dream to live in France!(or at least I am assuming you live in France:) Ever been to Chartes Cathedral? Life long dream to visit it.
Wow, you have some incredible view from your apartment. I just look at concrete and the back of a church. Can't wait to see all three projects done. Knowing you that will be in a week. They all look so fab!
I know what you mean about big needles - but that jumper is really cute!
Love the captain's new sweater! The colors are very fall-ish and the texture looks so soft and squishy. I have a short attention span so quick projects are great. I've been itching to use some big bulky yarn to make chunky hats & scarves.
Love the yarn for your son's sweater. Actually, love ALL your yarns-esp. the alpaca from the other day. It looks so soft! Your multiple projects make me feel like a slacker-off to knit!
ohhh, that picture is gorgeous. Can I come knit by the fountain? Puh-leeze? And that sweater for the Cappy is so awesome! If you keep knitting him such stylish clothes, he'll never want to stop!! :)
Really drool-worthy pictures - both from Lyon and of your knitting! I'm suddenly struck with Parc-de-la-Tête-d'Or-nostalgia... From where do you buy GGH yarn? I've found a mail order source in the UK - have you found it in France? Keep on knitting and taking pics! Annette
I love the yarn you are using for your son's sweater...enjoy it while you can. I only get to knit for 1 out of my 4 boys! BOOHOO
Oh WOW! You have some really great stuff on the needles! I just love working with Alpaca too. I haven't had too much opportunity to, but there's some fingering weight charcoal alpaca/merino in the stash that's waiting for the perfect project... The sweater for the Captain is awesome (great colours!!), and DH is after the Manly Jacket. Maybe once the Black Hole Scarf is done I'll cast on for them! I always enjoy seeing the lovely pics around Lyon. Kepp them coming. :)
Oooh - needles on fire! I likey that bulky sweater for the little guy. don't tempt me to start something else *please* !
I think the sweater is going to look fantastic with the Captain's dark hair. And it might take time before he refuse to wear knitted sweaters, if he ever will, my 14 yo do still wear what I make for him. In fact my children have all been very proud over what I have made them (knitted sewn clothes), and have been secretly overheard on several occasions proudly mentioning to their friends that they have clothes like nobody else, since their Mum have made them to them.
Loads of projects! And all so delectable! I'm rubbish when I have more than one thing going at once - it's too difficult to decide which one to knit each evening... too many choices...
Beautiful. :) But you knew that.
Coucou Becky! Les aiguilles sont bien occupées chez toi. Alors rien pour la petite bichonne, Lucy? Il ne manque plus qu'un tricot pour elle et toute la famille sera servie. ;) Le tout s'annonce très bien et j'adore les couleurs du fil GGH. En passant, es-tu allée au Salon Création et Savoir-faire qui avait lieu à Lyon il y a deux semaines environ? Je voulais seulement connaître tes impressions. À Paris, le salon aura lieu à la fin novembre. Bisou.
MMmmh...3 projects at a time, and progressing very well alltogether? I think I'll be getting some bulky yarn myself soon. The little jumper and these colours are especially nice. I did the poncho in Plaid, but was considering doing the pull poncho for a time as well. Well we'll see how you like it. Depending on you comments, I may do another poncho-like Plaid item. It's soooo nice to wear, and I certainly deserve it:-)
You are a busy lady! Those projects look like fun. Keep checking the mail ~ More surprises to come.
Many irons in the fire! Very cool. I love those autumn-y colors...before we know it you will have the manly sweater done!
what a great view! i am always amazed at how fast you work -- love the colours. can't wait to see the finished products.
Jennie said it! I don't exactly have teeny-tiny wee "petite" hands, but whenever I knit with honking big needles I get kinda fumbly. Like, I'm a child playing with her Mommy's grown-up needles. [My mother doesn't knit, but you get the idea...] If I could grow bigger hands just when working with these big needles I'd be so grateful :-) Tubular cast-on: I love it because it creates a beautifully rounded "invisible" cast-on that looks the same on both sides of the work. Plus, it's more elastic, especially when worked in wool, which is the best thing for ribbing. One of the cons: It doesn't work well in some worsted yarns and looks downright wonky in nubbly yarns... Check out the how-to [copy and paste the URL]: http://flor.trix.net/tips2.htm (Thank you, Flor!) P.S. à Marie: Malheureusement, j'ai raté le Salon Création et Savoir-faire qui a eu lieu ici à Lyon! Je ne savais même pas que c'était organisé dans ma ville. [Snif!] Cet événement à Paris me tente...
Becky Becky BECKY. I keep meaning to say this to you--your yarn sense never fails to inspire me. I'm all the time going into a yarn store and heading toward some shade or fiber that I eventually realize I'm intrigued by because I saw it in Fluffaland. "This is so . . . Beckyish."
I aime the kiddie sweater! Lovely colors. :)
Wow, the yarns are so nice! I really like the colouring on that Sierra yarn and fat knits are cute :o)
I love when we get a big update on what you're doing. Even if I'm stalled on my projects, I am happy to see yours flying along! Gives me inspiration. Go bulky yarn!
your knitting is so faboulous that I don't think your son will ever find it dorky...not like in Bridgite Jones...the scene at the christmas party, okay that was bought in the store...but you get what I mean, you are a classy knitter. :) Question: Do you start at the sleves when you feel like it or does the pattern call for it, b/c I noticed that many times you begin with the sleeves...that that part I personally dislike the most, I always find it borring and also I need to make two of a kind...maybe it's just me.
Miss Fluffa...without sounding obsequious, may I say that I love your blog. I visit it daily, and if there isnt a new post, I just browse around the old stuff. It inspires me, what can I say? So does your prodigious and beautiful knitting. You, my dear, are my idol! xo e
I am new to your blog and am amazed and inspired at the beautiful projects you knit, like the three you showcased. I knit and felt small items like mittens and slippers and toys, etc. I have never finished a sweater for many reasons. Oh, let's be serious, it's intimidating! Who wants to spend the time on something that comes out not-so-pretty? But, I think, from looking at your extensive projects that I could re-attempt it with the right attitude, etc. I see that it takes time and skill and patience, but you make it sound like fun! Sleeving, and seaming... Like I said, I'm inspired and I'm really enjoying your blog and your project progress. Thanks!
i'm excited to see you're finally using that sierra i sent ya ages ago. i thought maybe it had fallen into a deep black hole in the back of your stash closet! :) it looks very fun! too bad it's not my size!
Hi Becky, I started the Audrey for my daughter and just love, love, love the way you dealt with the decreases and increases (darts). Now that I have seen your finished Audrey, I absolutely want to achieve the same look. Any suggestions or explanations that you could provide would be most welcome. Difference between back and front, etc. Merci beaucoup et bonjour du Canada. Carol Ann
I have been visiting your blog for a couple of months now and love your writing, your knitting, and seeing the beautiful area in which you live. I lived in Grenoble for 3.5 years and loved every minute of it --- your photos bring back fond memories. (Of course we visited Lyon many times.) I could see the Chamrousse ski station from my kitchen window! My children attended l'ecole maternelle and were fluent in French - alas we moved back to the US during Kindergarden. I hope you are enjoying your life in France as much as we did.
I love the Captain's sweater. My kids--even Owen, who doesn't speak much--fight over who I knit for next!
Thank you for the kind comments and welcome to those commenting for the first time! Re Audrey: Working the decreases and increases is easy. I posted about it here: http://www.keyboardbiologist.net/audrey/archives/000574.html Good luck! :-)
I love the colours in the GGH Sierra you're using for your son. And the park pic is great - very cool statuary!
Becky, Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse concernant the darts increases & decreases. I had googled and searched before asking but unfortunately had not found these tips. Merci encore, j'espère que celui que je tricote sera aussi beau que le tien. Carol Ann
I love the cable- aren't they just magic?! I am making a cabled cardi right now and I still think they are super. I am sure when I am not the 3rd section, I will not love them so much... :) I am a bit tired, so forgive me, but what are you making with that lovely multicolored yarn on the 1st thumbnail (left). I can see the tweed for Captain but.... Oh- and I am so jealous. I miss France. You live in a such a beautiful place.
Am I the only one pick up on the Monty Hall thing? Just recently, I was talking about 'Let's Make a Deal' and how Monty would go through the audience offering cash for strange items. Women would bring huge purses with all kinds of odd things...anyway, no one knew who he was! (It was a young crowd though.) Did you know he's Canadian? Great going with the multiple projects...I have yarn for several....just need to catch the 'startitis' bug!

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