October 17, 2003

All this for a preppy sweater, people.

Why, it's a seaming party!
[Turns on a karaoke machine.]

Seaming of my son's preppy sweater is now underway! I spent the afternoon at the shops in La Part Dieu mall*, which is located above the train station in Lyon, for the sole purpose of searching out embroidery floss to seam the sweater and a fancy collared white shirt for my son to wear under it. The mall is very shiny and very nice, and is always filled with smokers who carry around stinky black-tobacco cigarettes, teenage kids who act obnoxious and tourists who browse the shops even though they're carrying around hulking backpacks that knock into fellow browsers. All this makes, of course, for really fun shopping.

At the first craft store I visited I found embroidery floss in all the colors I needed (and they're perfect matches, too!), but the white shirt proved more elusive. Why is that when one goes to children's clothing stores, one never finds what one is specifically looking for? Baby Gap. Catimini. Okaidi. Galerie Lafayette. Not one shop carried a plain white shirt in size 3T. If a white shirt was found, it just had to be in the wrong size because that is one of the rules of shopping. Success was had at Zara, and I was thankful to finally be able to head home because if one more tourist accidentally bopped me with his/her hulking backpack while browsing the shops, I probably would have just thrown up my hands in the air and gone out for a few kir royales and some really bad karaoke, or something.

P.S. I had considered using the yarn to sew the sweater pieces together, but it's too bulky and I want to avoid thick seams on such a small sweater. It's a ribbon yarn, so splitting it - something else I've done to create less bulky seams - is impossible.

*Check out the shot I took (with my trusty little Aiptek spy cam) of the fountain in the middle of La Part Dieu mall. When it's lunchtime, people sit around the fountain and eat their French baguettes cut in half and filled with tomato and ham.

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Man, I would eat my lunch at that fountain ANYDAY!! Can wait to see the finished sweater and insane dancing pictures. Can your son imitate Bill Cosby as well? Bonweekend! Kathleen
Perfect match! I assume you use the floss in 6 strands for seaming? I will have to test it out on a swatch or something.
I'm speechless at the idea of changing your seaming yarn with each stripe. Wow. It really does legitimize the entry into the English language of the term "beckyish." Makes me want to go block something...
Ahh a virtual trip to the mall. thanks!!! Can hardly wait to see the sweater. Love those colors too.
My, how well blocked is that sweater! Props to you on the tri color seaming of a 3T garment, would never have entered my head, no really. I think after tricolore seaming I'd definitely need cocktails...
Wow, let me echo all the comments about the beauty of the blocked sweater, and the wonder of the the seaming yarn color change. You are so meticulous, no wonder your stuff looks fabulous. Come to the States and teach a finishing class, dammit!!
i aspire to one day be just like you, but i don't have the patience ... perhaps when i grow up. I actually frogged my poncho yesterday because i didn't like the collar ... in the good ole days i would have just left it ... i'm growing up *g* though i did actually buy some furniture for my yarn *lol*
Karaoke always make me feel better. That's why I have my own machine at home. :)
Oooo baguettes with tomato and french ham (I take mine with soft camenbert and BUTTER too). I remember when I would pick one up at the boulangerie here, Le Panier, almost every summer when I worked. That, and country pâté from Campagne.... I think I am going to go eat now.... (Love the sweater... can't wait till I see it on your son.)
your blocking and seaming prowess set aside (b/c that's really a given, no?) the real question is: what is your karaoke song? i have two: "take it on the run" REO speedwagon and "stop dragging my heart around" stevie nicks. and i have one rule: NO ONE is allowed to sing "i will survive"
I'm getting a chuckle out of these comments. I thought that using embroidery floss for each color block was something everyone would do. (I won't tell you how I seamed my stripey raglan sweater. I. Will. Not. Hee hee!) P.S. When I was in college I won a karaoke contest at a karaoke bar. One of the songs I sang was "You Spin Me Round" by Dead or Alive. Very badly, I might add. I think I even danced like Pete Burns. I cringe at the memory.
It never occured to me to use smaller yarn when seaming.....I love knitting....forever learning.
What? No Petit Bateau in the list of children's clothing stores? One more, one less... Great found of the embroidery floss. I guess one just can't have it all at once. Hey, I would go for a kir royal... Ok, I'll settle for a plain kir. Bisou.
Can't wait to see the little man in his white shirt and sweater! Makes me wish I had had little boys.
What a perfect color match you found for seaming. You are always getting those little details just right. I'm getting psyched for dancing Captain Destructo pics! (PS - I was so excited to find my little yarn package waiting for me. Thanks again!)
Becky, that sweater is gorgeous! I aso admire your attention to detail, a perfect match on the embroidery floss! I agree, you should come to the states to teach finishing techniques a la Becky...I'd sign up in a NY minute! Thanks for sharing, oh great whack finishing poobah :)
I swear, one of the things I love MOST about your knitting is the finishing. Someday, I will not be so lackadaisical about it. Someday I wil use embroidery floss. Until then I will just watch yours and drool......
Very nice! Can't wait to see Destructo and Dancing Son pics :o)
Thanks, everyone! While the tricolor seaming is my own wacky idea, I have my visitors to thank for giving me the idea to use embroidery floss for seaming. XOXOXO! :-)
I geev your floss a beeg Nashville hug.

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