October 16, 2006

I present to you my Time Hog of the Moment:

Unfinished jacket on a mannequin.
(It's missing collar, facing, bottom patch pockets with flaps,
sleeves, cuffs, buttonholes and on and on. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!)

I constructed and drafted a pattern (flat) for this jean jacket by following a design illustration and am now in the final stages: Assembly. I'll work on a bit tonight (it's due on Thursday) but right now I need to draw and color some fashion figures for my sportswear design project and work up some samples for tomorrow. As Sil says (and she knows what she's talking about) the sweatshop Chez Skinnyrabbit is in full force right now.

In knitting news, I didn't knit a stitch all weekend! So what you see here is basically where I still am with my projects. Sigh. But I'm looking forward to taking about 30 minutes today to just chill in front of the t.v. while knitting on my CeCe Cardi. I'd love to show some serious progress on that one because I want it to be my next finished project.

While I do that, let's chat a bit. Which do you prefer....
Pullovers or cardis?
Lace or cables?
Intarsia or fair isle?
Stripes or variegated yarn?
Hats or socks?
Double points or magic loop?
Colin* or Keanu?

(I added my own preferences in my comments box.)

*Colin earned some serious points with me in the movie What a Girl Wants. There's a scene where he's wearing leather pants and he is a-smokin' in them!

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54 comments to this entry:

Cardis. I like knitting both lace and cardis but tend to wear lace more. Intarsia. Stripes. Hats. Double points. Colin AND Keanu, thankyouverymuch :-)
Er.... That's a tough one... Colin, yes, but also Keanu... well can I choose them both too? er... hum... what were the other questions???
Cardis or Sleeveless sweaters Cables and lace Intarsia Stripes Socks or hats Not sure a magic loop is but sounds fun :) Neither, Robert DeNiro ;) ================================ Note by Becky: Magic Loop reminds me of knitting with two circulars, only you're using one. There is a video on how to do it here: http://knittinghelp.com/knitting/advanced_techniques/ It's a cool technique (knitting with two circs, too), but my knitting comes out much neater with double points.
The jean jacket is going to be very posh indeed Becky. I'm really liking it so far. For me? cardis cables intarsia stripes hats double points DEFINITELY A COLIN GIRL!!
Cardis or pullovers: Well, if you are asking which one I like to make more, it's pullovers since my button bands never look the way I want them to. Lace of cables - I'm entering the age where lace tends to make me look ..ahem..a little elderly, so I'm going with cables. Fair Isle. Period. Varigated yarn -- and if you can combine them with another color to do faux fair isle, even better. Hats. Socks, mittens and gloves tend to end up in the "one done" bin. double points. Colin -- got to go with Colin. No one does anguished like he does.
Pullovers. I look frumpy in cardis, though they're easier to wear. No need to pull them over my obnoxiously large head, heh. Lace I don't have any experience with color knitting, so I can't tell Variegated Hats. I suffer from second sock syndrome like whoa. Double points all the way. Magic loop is fiddly and ick. Here's the reason I answered this survey: COLIN. COLIN. COLIN. Upon first glance at the jean jacket, I was convinced you were making some kind of 70's slipover dress. And I was amused. A jean jacket is still awesome, though.
Cardis Lace and cables None! Stripes socks Double points, so comfy for me KEANU, mmmmmmmmmmmm
Cardigans - more versatile Can I have lace and cables? Fair Isle Varigated - less likely to make me look like a humbug. Socks - hats mess up my hair Double points Keanu, as long as he keeps his mouth shut (bless him) and shaves
Hey Skinny Rabbit! Love this questionaire! pullovers lace haven't tried either (I know, Bad Knitter Bunny!) Variegated Socks Double Points Colin- sexy sexy man ;)
For me... cardis, lace, fair isle, variegated, socks, double points and Keanu. :) I realized when I was typing this that I have never knit stripes. Ever. Hmmm, I have to do something about that.
Cardis, cables, fair isle, stripes, socks, double points and Colin. And for all question, there is no doubt in the for me right right answer.
cardigans lace AND cables (don't make me choose) Fair Isle variegated (fewer ends to weave in) hats two circs (dpns if I can't have 2 circs) Cary Grant (sorry Keanu)
cardis and pullovers are tied, can't choose one cables and lace are pretty close too, but the only thing that gives lace the advantage for me would be that it takes less yarn fair isle variegated socks, I have hair that repells hats double points Colin
Pullovers Cables Fair Isle Stripes Socks Double points
cardis cables and lace no preference no pref no pref Definintely Magic Loop-dpns not good on subway and CLIVE OWEN!!!!!! omigod is that man sexy -(colin is not bad, Keanu never did it for me at all)
Love the jacket - the red topstitching is ADORABLE! Don't go crazy with all the work to do...make time for margaritas please.
It might be a time hog, but it looks like it will be a very flattering fit!
Cardis. Lace, usually as an accent Intarsia, but only because I haven't done fair isle yet. And only in kid clothes, I prefer my stuff in one color. Variegated. Socks. Double points. Colin, Keanu just doesn't appeal to me.
Definitely Cardi. (Sweaters are way too hot in my overheated workspace). Lace: yes. Cables: yes. Just not together. Fair Isle all the way! (I cannot control the messiness of intarsia). Stripes. Socks (so many great patterns out there...). Magic Loop. Try it once, and you'll never look back! I agree with Evelyn: Cary Grant. *swoon* Good luck with the jean jacket!
Cardis Lace Fair Isle Stripes Socks Two circs (like dpn's only easier) Colin (he does bad so good; and he rocked in What a Girl Wants)!!
Cardis, cables, neither, variegated, socks, DPs, and Colin. It looks like you are off to another busy and successful school year.
Cardis, cables, fairisle, stripes, socks, magic loops with both socks/gloves @ once. Keanu or Colin, mmmm, how about Clive Owens, I know he wasn't nominated but can I do a write in???
Cardis - because I am off, on, off, on.... lace Haven't done either, but I prefer intarsia (Fair Isle looks pretty out of place in Florida) Love stripes, and I want to knit something in every color of Katia's Jamaica self-striping yarn (it's a Florida thing again) Definitely hats, don't really get the whole sock knitting thing Double points Colin
Cardis, Cables, Intarsia, Stripes (yipes!), Hats, DPNs, and Umm, anyone with an accent?!? ============================= Note by Becky: Hear, hear. And I nominate Alan Rickman!
Cardis Cables (I love a bit of texture...) Fair Isle (intarsia can be maddening) Stripes Hats Double points Neither - I'm a Toby Stephens (probably best known as the baddie from 'Die Another Day')fan at the moment closely followed by Damian Lewis.
What's a guy to say? Pullovers. Lace. Fair Isle. Stripes. Hats. Magic loop. Angelina Jolie. *wipes drool* XD
cardis cables, baby! any day!! fair isle... though i need to practice both stripes for garments, variegated for socks socks for me, hats for gifts magic loop! double points are a health hazard! i'm seconding the alan rickman nomination
cardis lace and cables fair isle variegated stripes :o) socks 2 circs Colin (it's the accent)especially in a variegated striped cabled cardi with matching socks
Fun, fun, fun. Who can resist an opportunity to write about themselves? Not me! cardis Lace fair isle Stripes socks Double points Keanu (no contest - unless Johnny Depp is on offer) I'm so jealous of all the fashion fun you are having, although I'm sure it is hard work too.
Cardigans, how can I choose one? Lace cables? Fair Isle, Stripes, hats, Magic Loop. COLIN!!! Nanny McPhee is one of my new favorites. I have the Pride and Prejudice series to watch. Hey, perfect night, no commintments!
Cardis, Cables fair isle vertical stripes.I don't like the way horazontal stripes make me look and some varigated yarns, socks magic loop
Cardigans. Knitting lace is fun, but I love the look of cables. Fair Isle--you don't wanna see how ugly my intarsia looks. Stripes. Socks. Magic loop. Colin. Come on, the British accent wins. (My write-in is Christian Bale--best Batman ever. Seen Batman Begins yet? You should.)
Cardigans. Cables. Eep! (No colorwork in my knitting toolbelt just yet. :)) Variegated Hats MAGIC LOOP. Again, MAGIC LOOP! Keanu Can't wait to see the finished jean jacket!
My preferences cardis cables and lace not much colourwork so neither Stripes and variegated socks and hats dpns Definitely a Keanu girl. phwoar!
- I keep making cardigans but I've only finished one so far, so I wear my pullover store-bought things - either or both! (I'm making a cardi with cables and lace...) - haven't tried either - variegated with long color blocks (like Noro) - hats but I want to make socks - double points even though they can be evil - um... Heath Ledger? Colin is a little old for me but I still love Pride and Prejudice
Cardis definately. Cables I love, the lace I am not so good at yet, something always mucks up. Fair isle and intarsia not either are my favourites yet. Stripes I love and variegated yarns too, socks I love to make, and I like making hats for other people, I really do not wear them. dpn's are the only way I make socks, have not tried the magic loop method yet. I love your jacket too, looks like it is coming together great.
These are all definites: Cardis Cables Fair Isle Stripes Socks Double point Colin... I was also surprisingly impressed with how much I enjoyed What a Girl Wants overall (especially Colin's character!), as I'm not usually much interested in teeny movies. His sadness in Love Actually always makes me swoon, too, especially showing him in France!
cardis cables fair isle both socks magic loop Keanu... and Colin. :-)
cardis cables not sure yet, as i haven't tried either stripes socks magic loop Colin! (he won me over on Pride and Prejudice!)
Cardis--infinitely more layering possibilities Lace for accessories, cables for clothing Fair isle--hate weaving in! variegated yarn--hate weaving in! socks (hats smush the hair) Double points or magic loop?--2 circs (thank you Cat Bordhi!) Colin* or Keanu? Colin, but have you seen Viggo in A Walk on the Moon? ALlo, Alan Rickman
Pullovers or cardis? Cardis. Lace or cables? I like to wear cables more, but it seems that I have knitted more lace. Intarsia or fair isle? Fair isle. Stripes or variegated yarn? Stripes. Hats or socks? Hats. Actually, I prefer to knit hats than socks, but I'd wear socks more than hats. Double points or magic loop? DPNs. Colin* or Keanu? Colin please thank you.
Heres mine. Cardi (though pullovers are easier to finish) Lace Intarsia (though I've been thinking of trying out fair isle) Mild varigated yarn Hats DPN Colin. ;) Can't wait to see what your denim jacket turns out to be. =D
Pullover Cables, but only if they are small Neither Stripes Socks DPNs, but I haven't tried other methods yet. Dave Grohl, but Keanu will do in a pinch ;)
Pullovers Cables Intarsia or fair isle? Not sure what that is variegated yarn? Hats AND socks magic loop Colin(and Johnny)
Colin pullovers cables neither stripes socks magic loop
Colin Firth...mmmm! Yes, that is a very cute scene from What a Girl Wants. Sigh...Colin in leather! Answers to your Q's: Cardis Lace Intarsia Variegated yarn Socks (I like hats, too, but wear socks more frequently.) 2 circs Colin (oh yum!) Good luck with your jacket project!
cardis cables although I have not tried lace yet fair isle--just finished my first fair isle project how 'bout stripes with varigated yarn (current project!) socks double points please COLIN!
cardis cables fairisle varigated hats dpns at my age, i'll take either ;)
Pullovers, although I'm currently working on the Ribby Cardi from ChicKnits. Cables. None of the above--Norwegian. Variegated yarn. Hats. Double points. COLIN. The dorky 40-yr-old fight with Hugh Grant in "Bridget Jones II" is comedy gold.
Cardies Lace Fair isle Variegated Socks Magic loop Colin. Le Sigh. LOVE the leather pants seen. Rawr!
Pullovers. But then I do prefer working in the round. I cannot decide! I love when cables can be worked into celtic knots ( la Elsebeth Lavold; I've worked her charts into some of my other things on many occasions!), but there's just something so terribly romantic about lace that I cannot resist its siren call. Fair Isle. Hands down. (I can never get intarsia to lock the way it should, twisty stitches or no. I always end up stranding everyting like the Schiaparelli (sp?) bow sweater.) Variegated. Especially Kureyon. Socks, since I actually wear them! Double points, but the short ones! Colin.
Pullovers or cardis? Cardis, easy to acclimate in an office with, although I like pullovers too. Lace or cables? Lace Intarsia or fair isle? I think I prefer fair isle, haven't really done any intarsia Stripes or variegated yarn? definitely variegated yarn! Hats or socks? and love those socks, though I enjoy knitting hats Double points or magic loop? dpns all the way Colin* or Keanu? Keanu!
Pullovers Cables Intarsia Variegated Yarn Hats Double Points Neither - give me Johnny! Savvy?
Pullovers on me, cardis on everyone else. lace Fair Isle Stripes socks double points Colin

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