October 16, 2005

Knitting + Pancakes = Happy Rabbit

Photo entitled "Me like mini pancakes" or
"Successful multitasking without getting batter in the yarn".

When one makes potatoes and with melted raclette cheese for Saturday dinner, one must keep the raclette grill out so that one can make MINI PANCAKES the next morning. Of course, one must make the occasion even more festive by knitting the second sleeve of the Wrappy Jacket while waiting for the pancakes to get those cute little bubbles indicating that they're ready to get flipped. Multitasking, bay-bee! (Tasting batter optional.) And by the time pancakes are ready one should have twin sleeves:

Block us! Block us!
(So I did.)

Blocking and finishing is already taking place. [Mini slideshow! Mini slideshow!] And as reward, one is entitled to STASH OUT. Which I did, of course. Brenda, the Analyzing Knitter, is in Lyon and yesterday we spent a fun afternoon together, like, TOTALLY stashing out at my local Phildar boutique. I managed to exercise some self-control and instead of tossing three projects' worth of yarn on the counter, I pranced out of there with just seven wee skeins of Kid Mohair in a grayish brown. (Yes, I do need another project in the making. Really, I do. Just go along with me on this, 'k?)

But that's not all I have to show, oh no it's not. Brenda thoughtfully brought over my pal Claudia's Amazing Teacup Sweater of the 80s! It's here, in my apartment, waiting for me to play with it. Perhaps for a future design project for school? We shall see. (And aren't I terrible with this suspense?) In the meantime, I'm outta here for a movie date with Wallace and Gromit followed by dinner with Brenda and her hub. Woot!

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Ooh, Pancakes. I miss the days my dad would make them for breakfast. I am a flop at them, so I don't dare try. Maybe I should work on 1 of the 4 sleeves I am currently needing while making French Toast?
Oooo, can't wait for finished Wrappy Jacket shots! And enjoy Wallace & Gromit - I loved it! All kids' movies should be so adorable and clever.
mmmm. mini pancakes...You sure know how to multitask!
mmmm, raclette. it *really* doesn't get any better than that, food-wise. ;)
Yum! I can go back and have a second breakfast now - pancakes like you! What is it they are cooking on? Well I guess one can go back to their local yarn store and do a part two b/c I really do beleive one always! needs somethng for a new project! Hey, it might not be around the next time!
Potatoes and melted raclette cheese reminds me of cheese fondue (which I love). Anyway, that was good multi-tasking you had going! I wouldn't do it with mini pancakes (I'd forget and burn them), but waffles seem to take forever so I knit while they are cooking. That sweater is going to look great on you, Becky!
Wow, I made that sweater back in the 80s. So funny to see it here. I thought it was really cute. I did the green version that I think they showed in VK. Mine turned out too wide (ahem-gauge) but fun. Where is it now? Love looking thru old mags. We missed you this week. Hope classes are going well. Greetings from Brooklyn!
Hbomb LOVES pancakes. They're his favorite. Great job with the sleaves.
Aren't those teacups amazing and covetable. In my kichen, I have a sofa to knit on, while I(ostensibly) watch my cooking. I get a lot done there, while seeming to be unselfish!
The tea cup sweater has arrived! The tea cup sweater has arrived! Do we get to see the tea cups do a whack rabbit dance?
From the black hole of beyond in my closet to your apartment! Rather amazing and kind of freaky, but clearly the right thing. ;-)
...pancakes and knitting...all good. For me, they could only be trumped by waffles and knitting!
I LOVE mini pancakes! DH makes me mini ones whenever he makes pancakes for breakfast. Isn't he sweet? I know you steam the dickens out of your knits. Does this mean blocking is faster? So the seaming may begin? You've got me curious about the fate of the teacup sweater....
Yay! wrappy jacket! And of course you need a new project! particularly when at school, it's the law. Thou shalt over burden thouself. yay for eighties cardy, can we have our rabbit model it?
Si j'étais à côté de chez toi, je me serais invitée pour la raclette et les crêpes,j'adore! Moi aussi j'ai dévalisé Phildar: de la Partner pour faire le même blouson bleu et beige que celui de Captain Destructo! Et de la Beaugency(acrylique, beurk, mais douuuux...) PS: j'aimerais bien des petites nouvelles de toi.
Awesome! I for one love Waffles as opposed to Pancakes but I wouldn't never multitask like you just did, because i'm just the kind of Susan to get sticky knits and fingers...though waffles don't make as much of a mess =)
So it would have to be the day I come to work having forgotten my lunch that you're all about the raclette and the mini-pancakes. Even the knitting is somewhat food-related. (Hey, I see teacups, I think tea and what goes best with a cup of tea? Some cookies!) I can't wait to see Wrappy Sweater on you. I recently knit a flower out of some variegated fuzzy pink yarn for a friend and it was so darn cute. I hadn't understood the appeal of knitting flowers until then. I love the Teacup sweater...thought those don't really look like Rabbit colors.
See you soon---at Phildar--to stash up, again. Who said you can have too much stash? This is so much fun!!!
i love pancakes!! can't help to notice the newest stash is gorgeous!
I cannot WAIT to see the jacket! I'm at the edge of my seat over here!! Ooooooo! I'm ever so curious about your classes. So terrible with the suspense.
Those pancakes look delish! I'm so hungry now.
This post has it all, food, fun and a wrappy blanket! woo! Excellent! I do so love me a good acrylic too...shhh....acrylics anonymous. x/o
I don't know which I'm drooping over more....the almost-complete Wrappy, or the pancakes! Now, how in the world you manage to knit and make pancakes at the same time is totally beyond me! Wow!
Mmmm...mini pancakes - yum!! I can't imagine what you're going to do with the teacup sweater but I can't wait to see! :-)
I was so distracted by the words "melted raclette cheese" that I almost forgot about the knitting. I love that stuff, and I have a feeling its even better in France. Pasteurization is a raw deal if you ask me! Can't wait to see the jacket and find out what becomes of the tea cups!
LOL!! I didn't mean "drooping" over the Wrappy, or the pancakes, I meant "drooling"!! (Even though parts of me may be drooping, but that's a different issue!) Cheers!
That is a LOT of sweater for such a skinny rabbit!! Looks like that will wrap around you at least twice! I love the little cabbage flower... will be perfect for that sweater. And I'm now really curious to know what that gorgeous mohair is going to be... are you going to tell us or just keep us in suspense???
A suspense loving rabbit aren't you! I can't wait to see the finished wrappy jacket and the new project and the tea cup rework. So many things, so few pictures.
I used to suck at making pancakes until I took care of a lady that would only eat pancakes. I am now a master pancake cooker! I am now craving pancakes!! They look so good! I can NOT wait to see your wrappy jacket all seamed up! It looks so very comfy. I'm not sure my sudden obssion with wrap's but I love em!
Becky, your life looks idyllic! Pancakes, knitting, fashion school....plus le hubby and captain destructo! Good for you!!
Don't even get me started...I live for pancakes & waffles...the sweet nut that I am! Looks fab!
Hmm, pancakes and knitting.. you had me at the title! Looking forward to seeing the jacket finished!
It does look a bit like a cabbage... You will steam it into submission! If anyone can, you can. Miss you friend. Sorry I have been absentee...
Waaaaffles! [Dribbles at the chin, a la Homer Simpson.] I need to get a waffle maker. I bet I could really get some serious knitting done on Sunday mornings if I'm making WAFFLES! Speaking of which, when I was in college my classmates and I would hit a local eatery for pecan waffles topped with honey after early morning classes. Those were the days :-)
Ahem, why don't I see chocolate chips in those pancakes? =)
OOh - Pancakes and Knitting. My favorite two things combined. I have been known to whip up a batch of pancakes for my knitting group - Saturday kNit Live. They're always a hit. Yum! Congratulations on keeping the batter out of the yarn. That's definitely the tricky part.
Are you enjoying your new school? I would love to see what you have been whipping up at school--is it mostly book work now, or are you also starting to create. I hope that Fluffa will expand to include your creations from school and more of your sewing.
I can't wait to see the wrappy jacket finished; particularly as it's on my wish list to knit sometime soon (maybe!). Just curious though; it does seem really massive. Did you deliberately knit up a big version? I'm pretty small myself so don't want to be swamped!
Oh yum! Mini pancakes are good, because they're small so you can eat lots!! That jacket looks very interesting, and I'm a big fan of knitted flowers on all things :)
phew...it's been such a busy time for me, i missed visiting all my fave blogs. your knitting is so so perfect and gets better and better with each project, i'm so envious. i just found a recipe for buttermilk pancakes to try...your mini's look yum.
Sigh. Fluffa in school means fewer Fluffa posts. Have you heard about the new knitting magazine, Knitscene? They have a cardigan that sort of reminds me of your Wrappy cardi and really looks like you (to me). I love it but I think I'd look like a cow in it. It's here: http://www.knitscene.com/photos/project4.asp Knitscene is a pretty nice mag.
Rabbit, are you there? How is knitting how is school? How is that dress dummy?
Hello! I'm still here! I've had three school assignments due in the past two weeks and the Captain has the chicken pox [!]. Thankfully I've got a week's vacation starting this Monday and I'll be able to update my blog. Thanks for hanging in there with me :-) P.S. to Sarah: I hadn't heard of that mag before but I *love* that wrappy cardi. Thanks for pointing it out to me; you always find the good stuff. (And I bet you would NOT look like a cow in that cardi.)
"And what do you want to be when you grow up?", asked the teacher... "The skinny rabbit", I replied. You are awesome Becky - how do you do it all? Knitting, school, sewing - you. complete. me. LOL
Hi Becky, so sorry to hear your son has the chicken pox! I hope he feels better soon.

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