October 15, 2004

Yep. I done gone started a new project.

I couldn't help it. There have been so many wonderful additions* to my stash that the temptation to start knitting one of them was just too strong to resist. Yesterday evening, after I bound off the shoulder stitches of the right front piece of my husband's Manly Jacket [the front piece is all finished...see?], I pulled out the Rowan Plaid and some 8mm bamboo circs, said "Giddy-AP!" and got knittin'. In my eagerness, I didn't even bother to swatch! Just started in on a sleeve and figured I'd rip if the gauge was too far off. Looky here:

[Click here to zoom out.]
[Here's a closeup of the stitch.]

And this is what I am knitting:

(Running on the beach optional.)

Rowan calls this design "Thunder". I call it the "PULL PONCHO"**, otherwise known as a poncho sweater. Why? Because last year I fell in love with this "Pull Poncho" from Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or's Catalogue 79, but never got around to even getting the yarn for it. It's been on my wishlist ever since, though. So as soon as I saw Thunder in the Rowan Plaid Collection I immediately pictured myself wearing galoshes, a slick beret, and a Rowan Plaid Pull Poncho while jogging on the beach. Well, maybe I wouldn't wear the galoshes.

I started knitting about eight-thirty p.m., got lucky with the gauge, and knit more than halfway through the sleeve before I went to bed. I was slightly tempted to put on a pot of coffee and pull a few more hours of luxurious knitting, but the fact that I need to get up by seven in order to get my kid ready for school made me stop thinking foolhardy thoughts. But Rowan Plaid is just soooooo soft! It's gotta be the alpaca. Yarn that contains alpaca is so soft it's addicting. I literally had trouble putting my knitting down last night; I kept thinking, "Just one more row, just one more row" as my needles clicked furiously, wooden splinters practically flying off the tips. I want a pet alpaca now. Santa?

*And the stash additions continue! Sally in New Zealand [!] gifted me with some beautiful yarns and I received some Calmer in trade from Heather. [Follow me here to see it all!]

**Hear that? That's the sound of my butt as it lands on the Poncho Bandwagon. (Well, partly. This isn't really a poncho. It's a wannabe poncho. But even if it isn't a "real" poncho I'll still look like I'm wearing one!)

P.S. I finished The Last Juror a few rows into the Pull Poncho, and started in on Amy Tan's The Opposite of Fate.

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Hi! I read when I knit as well. I was wondering, how do you keep your book open? I was thinking about knitting up a snake and filling it with beans or rice to weigh it down a bit. Aside from the stapler that I usually use that's the best sollution I could come up with!
I described how I read and knit in this comment of my previous post: http://www.skinnyrabbit.com/projects/004448.php#012611 Once I'm past 1/4 of the book I rarely have trouble keeping pages open. If I do, I simply use my kacha kacha counter to weigh the pages down. I usually don't need anything heavier that that. (P.S. I've also been known to use paper clips or hairclips at the corners of pages; I started doing that when I was in college so I could eat and study at the same time.)
Just returned from NYC. It was a parade of ponchos. And I have it on good authority that ponchos will still be strong for another year. Poncho away!
Phew, that was a wealth of information. Sorry I didn't catch it the first time around. It's funny that the other Wendy (I'm assuming the WendyKnits Wendy) uses a stapler also. Hmmm, must be the name. Check this out if you get a chance...oh so stylish! http://www.levenger.com/PAGETEMPLATES/PRODUCT/PRODIDPG.ASP?Params=Category=17-148|PageID=2247|Level=2-3
That is a beautiful colorway for the pullover poncho. You will look adorable in that...especially running on the "beach".
Thanks, Ei! The yarn shade is "Lavender Mist". I like how it's a gray neutral shade with a touch of light purple...
What a gorgeous project Becky! Can't wait to see it finished! How do you come out of your stash at all? If it was me, I'd be in there oooohing and awwwwing over it all..."oh my, look at that yarn" would resound as I pointed in glee like a kid in a candy shop....LOL
Isn't it a killer,getting up in time for school ?! I'm a night owl and hate having to go to bed before midnight. ;-] You will look fantastic in your ponchover ! Fab yarn & a fast knit.Perfect !
I've just started Freya (Rowan 36) last night in Plaid and I'm on the raglan decreases for the back already. I have to agree with you about this yarn, and I'm not usually a fan of chunky yarn and big needles. It's knitting like a dream! Dawn :)
I actually just saw a commercial for investing in alpaca farms, they mentioned the website ilovealpacas.com, you could open your own alpaca farm and make your own yarn! They are cute little buggers, aren't they?
Your Plaid colour is beautiful and I can't wait to see 'jogging' pictures of you and Thunder! After completing my sister's vest in merino wool, I realised how nice is was knitting with soft yarn. It's just too bad that I live in a tropical country and woolies are a rare treat to knit :o)
Love that yarn, the hint of purple is just fab!! I can't wait for the obligatory "running in poncho" shot that we all KNOW you will post when it is finished :-)
My Plaid sits patiently in one of the many bins of the stash, next to the Calmer and a bag labelled "Cotton Angora Madness" that contains several projects worth of that yarn... Although I'm tempted to follow your lead and pull out the Plaid, I did realize last night that my what-the-heck-let's-start-a-new-project attitude now means ALL the baskets and knitting bags are full (in some cases with more than one project!) and ALL the corners of the bedroom have several ongoing projects in them. For the sake of my marriage, Plaid will have to wait. But I'll enjoy living vicariously through your adventures with La Poncho! (As usual!)
I am also a Calmer addict. I just finished my first sweater knitted with it, and "yummy" is the only word I can think of to describe it....I'll be on to my next one shortly!! Also, thanks for whoever mentioned that ponchos are on parade in NYC.....I will put away any fear that it will be obsolute before I finish it and knit away on my poncho!!
Cool! Nice to see people knitting with bulky yarns. I can't wait to see you finish it!
I love that color of Plaid, too. I knit a poncho from it as well (the other poncho in that same book, can't think of the name), and my mom loves it. I think my sister was trying to steal it from her, though. Good luck with yours!
I'm up in DC for the weekend, and unlike the South, ponchos are everywhere here! Any chance I can buy your Tendances off of you to make the poncho you made for your sis? I could trade you, if you have any American magazines you would like... This poncho is going to look great on you!
Poncho, poncho quand tu nous tiens! I really like the pattern you chose and the Plaid must be a dream! I fell in love with a ready-made Jaeger poncho I saw in London last month: it's from the new Jaeger Aran and Chunky booklet. I was kept from buying the kit by the price of 17 balls of Extra-fine merino chunky. But I've been thinking of it ever since. You're a lucky trader, aren't you? Calmer again...WOW!
I must admit, I like Thunder better than the Pull Poncho...and I can so see you doing the running pose in the picture. As for your Alpaca request...you better be good,... =) because Santa knows.
that pull poncho is the reason i purchased the plaid book. i had all these plans of knitting it first with a suitable sub from my stash, however one feel of that yarn made me know i have to wait 'til i get my hands on some plaid. your 'swoncho" is going to look fantastic and i can't wait to see it. you are using one of my favorite colors offered in that yarn. and that calmer stash. YUM...MY!! love the color too. looks like the one used throughout the calmer book . i feel more relaxed just looking at that stash.
OOOH La La!!! BTW, although that is a delightful design ( and much better IMHO than the Anny Blatt ) RU absolutely sure that you're not influenced JUST BY THE PROSPECT OF THE FO SHOT you can take where you *** ON THE BEACH?! :) RUN rabbit RUN!
Love the Captain pic! So So glad he loved his stuff...boys are so cool! That Plaid is soooo gorgeous...Love it...I am stuck in the finishing fiesta...a little bit here a little bit there...ooh I want to start something new! Argh! Startitis! Pixie LOVES Pink and Purple. I will let you know when the chocolate-y goodness arrives :)
you should definitely let captain destructo take the f.o. picture of you running (in galoshes?!) on the beach. i'm sure it would be an artsy shot. :) good luck with the pseudo-poncho!
Oh, that's one cute poncho-pulli. Very hot, are you the fashionista of Lyon? I say yes.
I think this means that I'm going to have to find a beach where I can run while wearing the Poncho Pulli, eh? [Galoshes + beret optional.] (The things I do for my online knitting buds! Who loves ya???) I like Chicago Evelyn's idea of leaving several works in progress in various baskets. Up to now I've been keeping all my works in progress in one single basket (which usually remains in the living room), but if I start doing like Evelyn I'll be able to leave a basket with one or two ongoing projects in each room of the apartment. Frankly, I can't think of a better way to further justify my frequent stash acquisitions. I like!
Ooo, ooo, this one has been on my to do list! I had a sweater in the similar style eons ago, but now is too small (pooh). I am 250 pages into Amy Tan's book... She is too much! ;-)
Oh what gorgeous yarn! It one of those yarns I really really want to try and just haven't got round to get....maybe I should make something for the cold weather! Anyway, I love the sweater you're making, it's my favourite from the Plaid magazine :)
I am so glad I am not the only nut who knits and reads at the same time. I love big binder clips for keeping the book open... or clothes pins. I can't do it right now because I am knitting this very cable- heavy sweater. It is so pretty but I can't read and do the cables. Speaking of cables, that big one on the poncho/sweater is gorgeous. I am cable- happy right now, can't you tell?!
Oooh, Rowan Plaid! Yummy. And that's a great pattern. Looks like it knits up pretty fast too!
NO SWATCHING! So bold, our rabbit. It gives me the shivers. ;-) Interesting design, can't wait to see it on you! Pretty yarn.
At first I thought, "OH NO! Not her too!!!!" but then I saw the pattern. Is it bad if I bookmark it and save it for my list? I mean, if it's not REALLY a poncho then I'm not REALLY a copycat, right? I love it and that yarn looks fabulous!

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