October 14, 2003

Cwazy Knitting Wabbit Aunt

We always feel a little rumpled before blocking.
[Click here for a close-up of the stitch.]

Look at the fog hanging outside my window. I keep expecting Gary Oldman, wearing too much white makeup and a hairdo that looks like two enormous pastry rolls, to come dropping in*. I should be knitting romantic shawls, wraps, capelets...something that seems more appropriate for the Transylvania-like fog. But what have I done gone and started? A screaming bubble gum pink tank using Phildar Coton Microfibres. Just like summer. Such a knitting rebel!

The tank is for my niece and goddaughter, who's also named "Becky" (awwwwwwww!). Her birthday is coming up and in consideration of the fact that she i) loves all things PINK, and ii) lives in year-round sunny climes where the heaviest winter garment required is a lightweight jacket, a cute little pink tank is in order and Aunt Cwazy Knitting Wabbit is the one who is going to knit it even though it's on teeny tiny size 3mm needles and utilizes slippery cotton that looks like string.

P.S. When my niece was born, and up until the time when she was about three years old, I didn't know how to knit because I was too busy upping my stress levels by working 14 hour days and some weekends as a lawyer. [What? And waste all those billable hours?] Thankfully, I saw the light. This will be the first thing I've ever knit for her so it has to be really, really, really nice. If it reaches my expectations I will go out and reward myself with a honking batch of tuiles aux amandes from the bakery.

*He's only welcome unless he's bringing Keanu (wearing that black coat from The Matrix) with him. [Rawr.]

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Why is it that long coats on men look so sexy ?How can I persuade mine to wear a frock coat ? That pink is delicious & it's a very pretty stitch pattern.She'll love it. Another ''isn't it amazing'' :I never did the 'pink,pink,pink' thing as a child,but am amazed at how many little girls I know will only wear pink. I like pink now - well,the right shade & in moderation !
Ton projet me rappelle mon unique nièce. Elle aimait beaucoup le "yose" également. Un de ces quatre matins, je crois que je vais lui tricoter une cousine! Non, sérieusement, j'ai des envies de layette, c'est fou! C'est quoi le mystérieux point en relief? Il est joli en tout cas.
PINK ROCKS!! Glad you saw the light Becky, you are my knitting muse and I would miss your inspiration! (altho I bet you were a regular Clarence Darrow :) The sweater is adorable, I am sure she'll adore it and never want to take it off!!
That tank is just about the cutest thing I ever saw. Knitting blogs wreak absolute havoc on my biological clock. Curses! And am I the only one in the entire world who prefers Gary Oldman to Keanu?
Wow, that is definitely *pink*. She'll love it.
Oh it's so lovely. She'll love it - and her cwazy knitting auntie! What a great project to take your mind off the fog and all the things that might walk out of it. ;0)
Envies de layette? Qu'est-ce que tu veux dire, Marie? Eh? ;-) I think that my sister would second that opinion on Gary Oldman. And I agree re that coat. What is it about those coats? Probably half the reason I have a crush on Lex Luther from Smallville. Hee.
How cute is that tank going to be!!! My girls adore pink in any shade. That stitch pattern is lovely.
It's breakfast time here -- and I have to know what are tuiles aux amandes? They sound absolutely decadent .... yum
ooh! pretty in pink. you always have a new project up your sleeve. It looks great! Can't wait to see the finished tank...it really cracks me up when you say "Cwazy Knitting Wabbit." tee hee!!!
Cwazy Wabbit indeed! Perhaps knitting such a pink, summery top will somehow prolong the nice weather for you. That fog reminds me of South San Francisco....
so fun! i love the bright pop of it and the stitching is very cool. Keanu all the way baby. Don't listen to that Em, she's a nut! :)
So, what flavor of lawyer were you? I discovered a few years back that knitting is the best way to stay awake at securities seminars. I think it actually helps keep the men on either side of me awake too, they are so mystified by the worlds of knitting and hedge funds colliding...!
Looks like we're the same flavor. And if I knew how to knit before, I would have done something more productive than doodling during conference calls! (Doubt I could have gotten away with it during anything other than that, I'm afraid.)
Surely I can't be the only one who thinks that everything you knit is really, really nice? Gushing over, I do love that shade of pink. Its going to be a fab tank, the stitch detail really finishes off the simple shaping. You've got to love those folks at Phildar!
Great Idea!! Little Pink Princess Erika (aka: my niece) is in Florida and I have 12 balls of white cotton sitting at my feet and I could not figure out what to do with them!! I think I'll have a Pretty-In-Pink dying bonanza this weekend - glad I checked in, you always have such great ideas! p.s. Gary Oldman gets my vote, too. He's the sexiest thing this side of Sean Connery :)
I ain't just you Em... Gary Oldman baby!!! Keanu does nothing for me.... I am loving that pink and the wonderful stitching! Which pattern book did this come from? Diva would love this tank! (Like I need another project...) Funny though, except for an occasional french blue cotton shirt (Façonnable end on end shirts... FAB-ulous), I only wore shades of white, shades of grey, and black clothing with bright accessories (my fave LV bag is bright orange). Then I got married in a bright fuchsia dress.... I am hooked on color now! My DH thinks I have gone insane! ;-)
The pink is "Loverley". Gary & Keanu & Sean Rawr!
Your niece and I have lots in common :o) What scrumptious pink yarn. It's delightfully sweet and pretty!
I adore that color! Pink is quite the loveliest color! Maybe it's my favorite...oh yeah, it is. Any ideas on where I can find someone to knit/crochet me a poncho for this coming winter?
Hey...congrats on the VK mention. Very cool to see your url in there!
Your niece is one lucky little girl! It's absolutely adorable.
I have to throw my support totally behind the Gary O. faction. Maybe (and I'm not trying to start anything) it's an age thing?? I feel sort of maternal about Keanu--I hate when that happens!! Tank is tres cute. You're probably done with it already!
I'm with Em: Gary Oldman all the way. Ooh, maybe Gary Oldman in Neo's long black coat!! That is one sweet little tank, Becky. And that is some cwazy fog!
usually when i start reading your blog i hear french background music. v. appropriate, no? today though, as i marveled at the pink sweater i heard "pretty in pink" by the psycho furs!! i dont need to tell you that i like pink, for i think you know that already!!
I love the little tank top! It's so so cute, and the stitch detail is dear beyond words. I'm putting my vote in on the "everything you make is beautiful" faction. ;)
Men in long coats? I vote for Spike!
Aaaah such a pretty tank! I love the stitch pattern, from a distance it looks like little curls, so sweet.
Thanks, everyone! I agree that the stitch detail is what made me want to do this little tank. I can't wait to finish it :-) Lis: Pretty in Pink is on my list of Top Ten movies I Loved to Watch Over and Over When I Was in Highschool. So much that I even know trivia about it. Did you know that Andrew McCarthy was wearing a wig in the closing scenes because he had cut off all his hair for a play? The ending was reshot a few months after filming was wrapped because John Hughes decided that he didn't like the original ending. (Toldja I was a big fan ;-))
I should knit this for my daughter - she insists that pink is her most favorite color, although like some of you, I don't remember having such an ultra-girly favorite color like that. I prefer green or orange! :-D

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