October 13, 2004

We got front!

I did it! I survived Sleeve Island! Both gorilla arm sleeves of my husband's Manly Jacket have been completed, and I'd be lying if I said that I didn't actually enjoy knitting them despite all that 2x2 ribbing. The sleeve cap is like working a knitted sculpture. Check it out:

Whoa, Nelly! That sure is a funky-lookin' sleeve cap.

It looks like a giant key. Seaming's gonna be a party, I can tell. Send a frozen margarita. Two, maybe.

After I finished the sleeves, I was tempted to start in on one of my own projects (Charlotte's Web! Ribbon Twist Jacket! Rowan Plaid Sweater!), but I decided to just start in on the right front piece of the jacket because it's cleverly constructed and looked like it would be entertaining:

I could use a little blocking.

And it was entertaining! The black piece is knit separately and placed on a stitch holder. Then the piece knit in the variegated yarn is worked until it is the same height as the piece in black ribbing. Afterwards the seams are joined. It sounds fiddly, but it isn't. I sewed the pieces together while they were on the needles because I was eager to see how it would look, and it only took a few minutes. No intarsia, and I got to use the tubular cast-on which probably would have looked weird if I had tried to do it in two separate yarns. Mattress stitch, I curtsy to you.

Now it's just straight mindless knitting which means I get to do other fun things at the same time. Most of what you see in the photo above was knit while reading The Last Juror by John Grisham. Light reading + Manly Jacket knitting = happy rabbit.

[BONUS: Tourist-like stuff! When I walked around Place Bellecour on Sunday, I discovered that a couple of fountains had been added to it. The last time I walked through Place Bellecour (just this spring, maybe early summer) I didn't see anything even remotely resembling a fountain, so it was a big surprise to see that a couple had been put in. Here's a photo of one of them. Neat, eh?

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Congratulations on finishing the gorilla sleeves! I have recently discovered I have a mini gorilla, I have had to add several, up to ten, centimeters sleeve lenght more than the pattern states to my youngest's sleeves. Children grow in the most interesting way!
Personally I think you're going to need a whole jug of margaritas ... I like the tweedinesss of the jacket, it's looking good.
Reading while knitting? How? If I could do this, I'd be super student/knitter. :)
Fabulous sleeve - can you describe the process of reading while knitting? I've got TV and movies and knitting in bars down pat, but reading is still unconquered ground.
LOVE that fountain. So picturesque. sigh. The manly sleeve cap is weirding me out...One couldn't imagine how it will go together. Interesting...can't wait to see your journey to seaming island on this one! :) So many new projects waiting...I can totally feel your urge to start something new! I can't wait to start my koigu shawl! Finishing fiesta first! Must have self control! :)
I wonder if you are talking about the same jacket that I already bought the yarn for...Willow? It's a very cool cardi jacket. Now that I feel guilty, I'd better finish up my son's sweater that I started last year. :-)
Congrats on the gorilla sleeves! It's a great pattern and very manly...your gorilla will love it!! :) I am with the others...reading AND knitting??? Oh my, I need a demonstration please...LOL
Phildar does have funny sleeve caps, eh? But it's all good... it means they'll fit nicer! I've got to do that! Start reading while knitting.... I'm been indulging in too many movies/tv shows. Has anyone seen the new "Desperate Housewives" on ABC???
Oh my - I do envy your ability to read and knit - I would be ripping back a whole lotta rows if I tried to do that!! Love that (BIG) sleeve!
It looks just like the photo. I'm also curious about the reading since I can barely read in bed without putting myself in some contorted position, let alone while knitting. Also, what are the benefits of tubular cast-on?
I read while knitting, too! Great way to study - helps me slow down and not skim.
I'm glad to see that the sleeves weren't too torturous. It gives me hope in case I ever want to make a sweater for my boyfriend, whose arms are probably 3.5 feet long each, no joke. The front looks great, love the yarn knit up. I have to add, everytime you put up your photos of these beautiful places it makes me want to visit Paris so badly!
you READ while knitting? I am in awe....
Lookin' great! You're doing better than me, I can't seem to finish my DH's sleeves. Might be something to do with the 38C weather we're having. Share the margaritas, baby!
reading AND knitting! now that's an incredible feat(one time slot, two hobbies)! and very interesting construction on the jacket. two color without intarsia. gotta love that. and beautiful fountain.
Can you exercise and knit, too?!?! That would be my *dream*! Oh, and guess what? I finally started my own blog. You have inspired me so much, and have been so helpful, that I added a little shout out to you in my first entry. You can check it out at: http://goldenneedle.typepad.com
I've been reading your blog for quite a long time now, without ever making any comments, but today I just have to thank you for the picture of the fountain in Place Bellecour. Is it in front of the Office de Tourisme? One of the reasons I read you faithfully is nostalgia - my husband is from Lyon, and we used to live there during seven years, before we moved to Alsace nine years ago. My other reason for reading your blog? Inspiration, of course. Annette in Alsace
I've not had good luck reading and knitting - which is harder, the mental balance of the two, or (I think my problem) physically balancing a book and a project? Let me know how you do it!
Nice fountain! I'm impressed you can read and knit in the same time...I can somehow watch tv and knit in the same time assuming it's stright forward knitting...Congrats on getting past the sleeves.
Reading+knitting=good. Finishing sleeves=good. How do you hold or rest your book when you knit? (I have a bookmate holder thingy, Wendy uses a stapler I think to hold hers open...)
I started knitting and reading when I discovered that Elizabeth Zimmerman used to knit while reading out loud with her family. [I'm forever thankful to Claudia for sending me EZ's The Knitter's Almanac last year. Thanks, Claudia!] It's easy: I simply sit on the couch, prop a pillow on my lap, and place the book on it. To keep the pages from flipping around I'll use my kacha-kacha counter to weigh them down. It's just as enjoyable as popping a good DVD in the DVD player, which is another favorite knitting activity of mine. (I can never just sit and knit quietly; I gotta be reading, watching tv, riding in the car, listening to music or talking to someone at the same time.) P.S. to Annette: Enjoy the pictures! I've been told that the fountains were always there, but in the six years I've lived here I never once saw them because they were always under construction. First place I visited when I arrived in Lyon: Place Bellecour and the Office de Tourisme. And there were no fountains! So it was a nice surprise to see them at last. (Unfortunately, I failed to take a picture of the other fountain. It's next to a small playground.)
Becky - that is awesome that you can read and knit! If only I could figure out how to do that with my law books - it would make regulatory law so much more enjoyable! In your next post could you put a link to the picture of the Rowan jacket you are making? It looks awesome so far!
Wow, that's a lovely fountain. We have some nice ones here in Ottawa too... I think I should visit more often! Welcome back from Sleeve Island! Nice to see you again. ;) I can relate to the knitting for gorilla arms, although in my case the arms belong to me. *sigh* I have the curse of never finding a ready to wear sweater that fits. Woo hoo for knitting! The manly sweater is looking great. Keep it up!
I love the hub's tweedy jacket and that sleeve is indeed beautiful. Very interesting. Pitcher of margaritas indeed, seaming up that saddle shoulder is not my idea of a good time.
Great knitting, Rabbit, as usual! DH won't let me knit for him, but I've discovered I'm the gorilla arm of the family - always have to add 2-3 cm to my own sleeves... I just had to try reading and knitting when I first heard about it. So there I was, floating in a sea of yarn, with my book plopped open in front of me, when, darn it, the phone rang. Moral of this story: do try this at home, but keep your phone close at hand (if you intend to answer it)!
if anyone is planning to send becky some margaritas, could you send me some too? i have been unable to find good margaritas and mexican food since moving from texas to new york four years ago. i feel deprived. at least becky can still have her excellent kir royales! i'm stuck with cosmos and martinis. ah, trendiness. anyway, so glad you're back from sleeve island. hope you got a lovely tan while you were there. ;)
Handsome sweater! Props to you that you can knit and read at the same time. I try, but it makes both the reading and knitting sssllllooooowwwwww. And as for drinking while driving on the knitting highway, well let's just say my license has been suspended.
Your jacket looks great! Just like you, I'm knitting a jacket for my husband for the moment. And you're right : sleeves are soooooooo long to knit! It's lucky that we aren't spiders... ;)

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