October 12, 2006

Two things to show you today...

You want your wee cables? I got your wee cables.

Slow but sure progress on my Cabled Jacket. It may not seem like much, but I only work on this at stolen free moments here and there, yet I'm just a few rows shy of the sleeve cap shaping! It's amazing how much progress one can make in little pockets of time.

What else? Oh, yes. A couple of inches on my chocolate CeCe Cardi:

Chocolate yarn. Yum.

I've had a big work load this week, so I've only managed to work a few rows since last weekend. I'm hoping to get some good progress on it on Sunday, though. I'd love to have this ready so I can wear it*, ALREADY. But I'm enjoying the knitting in the meantime, and working it in Calmer is a big time bonus because it's such a forgiving yarn. I tend to knit my CeCe Cardi in the evening while I read (yep, I still do that) or while I watch television which has led to my making a few mistakes which I notice when I examine my work every once in a while. I never rip out rows to fix, though. I just drop groups of stitches and rework the lace using a crochet hook. (Once, I was too lazy to get the crochet hook so I fixed with my fingers. For reals.) The elasticity in Calmer makes fixing easy and my knitting stays even, to boot. I love the lovely Calmer.

october_veste_thumb.jpgThat's it for today because my work table is a-callin' again. Second year in fashion school is in full acceleration now. I've got a UNICEF doll to make for Monday. I've also got a big streetwear fashion design project that I work on everyday, and I have to make some samples and colored drawings ready for Tuesday. Plus, there's a big project due on Thursday for pattern-drafting: A long jacket with patch pockets drafted by looking at an illustration. I finished the construction and pattern last week and managed to cut into the fabric yesterday. I'm taking this afternoon to dive into the assembly, which is time-consuming as there's a lot of attention to detail, like the seams. All seams on the wrong side must be covered with seam tape - 9 meters worth. [Gulp.] I'm making this a Colin Firth afternoon as I'll be putting Girl With a Pearl Earring and Nanny McPhee into the DVD player while I sew on that seam tape. Colin, take me away.

*Things I wore to school over the last three weeks: Crinkle and Bustier, Fluffy Amelie Bolero, Butterfly Camisole, Fiery Bolero, Cat in the Hat (layered). Crinkle, Bustier and Cat in the Hat garnered the most compliments. (Crinkle interested everyone the most; they loved the crinkability of it.) Yeah! Viva knitting.

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i'm always amazed by your time management, all this work load and still we have some wee cables:) bon courage!
How did it get to be the second year so quickly? You're an impressive rabbit wearing all your stylin' handknits. It was neat to go back and look at all the projects. I'd forgotten about the Fluffy Amelie Bolero and I LOVE it.
you knit when you read, thats amazing! i bet you could knit in your sleep if you tried! hehe. so cool to get to wear you knit stuff to fashion school and get all the compliments! i look forward to seeing the next unicef doll!
Indeed! Colin Firth....drool.... He's almost as pretty as those knits are going to be! Actually, they'd both be good for snuggling up. Okay. Back to reality. :o)
good for you with all the handknit wearage! those were all wonderful projects, & i'm glad you're getting good use out of them. i have a selfish request as a layering-inept person... i would love to see how you're combining the various knits (esp. the butterfly cami) with the projects you're making at school. virtual fashion show perhaps? :) p.s. i heart those wee cables.
I know all about the knitting in the spare moments and while reading/watching tv..multitasking is great. I can't wait to see the finished cardi!
Oh I would love a virtual fashion show too!!! And I am really interested in seeing the second unicef doll...you are going to let us bid again, right??? :) you are a rock star!!!
Can't wait to see the progress, jeeze-ya make me feel like a total slaker. Girl With a Pearl Earring is a great movie! Enjoy get an A!
Wow, that's alot of stuff to do. Good luck chica! And as my friends used to say when I was in a similar state, fire up the sweatshop.
I was just thinking I don't wear my knits enough....I seem to have nothing that goes with my knits! Good thing you can watch movies while working on knitting & sewing. Your work table sure looks full!
"There are colors in the clouds." The smile on Colin's face when Scarlett says that... oh, sorry, I was gazing absently into space and drooling...
How do you do it? Seriously. How do you get all this stuff done? I can't even just work full time and get a closet painted before the baby. Lawsy! You are amazing! Hey, also, MYKU, any tips on getting cables to look nice an even? Mine always seem to look so stretched , or some of the knit stitches in the cables are too small, that kind of thing. Any tips?
Thanks for including the knits you've worn recently. It allowed me to see some of your lovely work from before I started reading your blog. You do beautiful work!
PS - I am more than impressed that you know how to drop down and fix mistakes in lace work. Is this something you figured out on your own, had someone show you or what? I'm learning a lot through experience and just making mistakes on my own and trying to fix them, but I just wouldn't know what to do in a lace scenario. Oh, by the way, I watched a very cute moving in French the other day. I am reminded of this because I can watch TV and knit but not read and knit. So there was no knitting with all the subtitles and all. Anyway, it was call "The Chorus" - "Les Choristes." You won't need the subtitles even though I'm sure you could read, watch and knit.
I didn't know you were knitting Cece in calmer...I loves me some Calmer. It's is lovely, indeed.
the cardi looks fahntahstick! Oh that Colin - the looks, the accent, raow!
Lovin the wee cables!!
The cables are awesome1 I'm tempted to start one myself! Never mind that I have never made a sweater.....
Those cables look great - that yarn has wonderful stitch definition. CeCe is looking good too. Your knits always look so professional!
My, you are so busy! Be sure to plan in some rest too.
a big woo hoo and a tip 'o my hat to you! those little cables are lovely, and CeCe's is just so cute. i really can't wait to see the doll!
You just made me want to do a whole lotta knitting. Love all your completed works of art.
You're an inspiration, both for knitting and time management!
ooh, that was fun -- clicking back and reliving past knits! :)
I love this Cable Jacket from Phildar! But I guess, with all your workload and the Ce Ce cardi (which I love too by the way) on your needles as well, it might be sometime before we see the final photo shoot.... I hope you'll post a picture of your Unicef doll!... I loved the one you made last year...
They both look amazing!
How on earth do you get so much accomplished every day? Tell me how you manage to squeeze in your knitting time, because I find it hard to do so after working all day and then coming home to a rambunctious 20 month old and a house that always needs cleaning! I need your advice to get me back on knitting track!

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