October 11, 2004

Alternatively titled: The Shag Rug Scarf That Won't Stop Growing.

I present to you: "The Neverending Scarf"

Whoa, Nelly! That's a heckuva long scarf.

Zero to little knitting done last week as all of my time was spent having fun with my sister*. But! I did get in a few rows here and there on my Shag Rug scarf, and before I knew it, the scarf was taller than me. I'm pretty sure that it has a life of its own. It won't stop growing! Either that, or I've watched Como Agua Para Chocolate too many times. Tita would be proud, but I think it's about time I bound off this Muppet and called it a scarf. [BONUS: Here's a shot of me standing up and knitting the scarf to show just how long it is. Look at that monster! I expected it to nip at my ankles any second. And here's a postscript for you: My sister took the picture. Awwwwww!]

Speaking of scarves and my lil sis, the winner of the Skinny Rabbit Scarf Contest is comment number 125, made by Carrie. It was chosen at random: On Saturday I asked my sister to write down any number from 1-127 (1 and 127 inclusive), and this is the number that she wrote down. Congratulations to Carrie and many thanks to everyone who shared their scarf yarn and pattern suggestions. Lots of creativity and inspiration to be found among these comments! And that, my friends, is why I have the best readers.

In other project news: I'm still having a hard time deciding on what project to start for myself next. I just received the remainder of my swap from Tiffany (a.k.a. Amazing Yarn Enabler): A load of Rowan Plaid, Rowan's Vintage Style, needles, Pop Tarts [!] and some luscious Art Fibers yarn, Sheepish and Sage. (Pop Tarts and yarn. YUM. Can't get any better than that.) [Click here to see it all!] The Plaid is making me rethink my entire project lineup for winter, and there's no doubt I want to knit something using it, like, right now. Oh! But that's not all: I just picked up the latest Phildar Irlandais and while last year's was pretty good, this one is so full of nice things I feel like throwing the whole magazine in the air and screaming, "I'll just knit it ALL!" There is even a sweater with built-in fingerless mitts. In Pure Laine, one of my favorite yarns. Argh!

P.S. I just remembered: I have my Koigu (since early March!) to make a Charlotte's Web shawl. That's definitely at the top of my Wishlist of Things I Want to Knit Right Away. I also have some Colinette yarns to make a stole or wrap, so I'd like to consider this for a winter project, too...

*Yes, the same sister for whom I made the fringe-rrific poncho last fall. She brought the poncho with her and wore it while she was here. [BONUS: Pictures of my sister wearing her poncho at Place Bellecour and Fourvière.] She wears the poncho a lot, especially in the air-conditioned offices where she works. When she wears it at the office, she doesn't wear it poncho-style. She very cleverly folds it in half and wears it around her shoulders like a shawl, and then drapes one corner of it over her shoulder in the style of a stole. She demonstrated for me and it looks very snappy and elegant. Thanks for the tip, sis!

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Sounds like you and your sis had lots of fun. That scarf looks kinda scary, I suppose it can go around the neck many times and keep yourself insulated from the cold :o)
Glad you had fun with your little sister. You better watch out! That snaky scarf might just bite ya! Naaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ok. I think you better take a dive into that stash of yours and come back with a new project. Lace? Wow! bisou.
great you were having fun with your lil' sis! your scarf is so cool. love the color and the length. it'll be fun to wrap and wrap and wrap that one. everyone needs a super long scarf. i have a black and grey one knit in seed stitch from rowan big wool and just love it. it has such a comfy feel to it. you can almost hide in it and i think you will be able to hide in your scarf as well if you want.
oh, and i can't wait to see what you come up with after your next stash dive for a project. guaranteed to be something yummy as everything in your stash is just divine!
Marie is tempting me with Birch again. If I find a couple of balls of KSH on sale, I am so there! I'm glad to see that Froggy appreciates the super length of my scarf :-) In the city where I live, I don't see many girls wearing hats or really heavy coats when the weather is cold, but they'll wear an extra-long, thick scarf and wrap it around their necks several times. My own husband loves to wear his scarves like this, so I figured I'd give it a try myself. [P.S. As my husband says, a scarf is a sweater for your neck! :-)]
It's alive! It's alive! No, really. Great scarf. You'll be able to throw it disdainfully over your shoulder... over and over again. Glad you had fun with your sister. Is she the lucky one who got your fab poncho?
the poncho looks great on your sister! and the little elegant dog is a nice touch!
Anybody every tell you two that you sorta look like sisters? Great pix. Glad you had a great time. xoxo Kay
Poncho looks great on sis. I agree the little pooch is a nice touch. What koigu colors - can't wait to see that one!
Welcome back Becky! Glad you had a nice visit with little sis and your scarf is very cute! I really love them longgggggggggggg too but I'm quite tall so getting them long can be a challenge sometimes....and wrapping them 3 or 4 times here is heaven...since it gets so cold in Northern Canada......so let it grow, let it grow...it's so cozy when it's wrapped a few times! Loved the poncho on your sis too...looked great on her! They are sure all the rage right now.
Welcome back! What a great treat to see your sister wearing the chocolatey poncho I love so much! :) Glad you had a good time and even more glad to have you back.
LOL, i've never seen such a long scarf before. Both my husband and I love pop tarts also but can't get them here...see me mentioned them in my recent posting. However, sometimes when I can afford the shipping I arrange for some to be shipped from the USA (yes I use a forwarding service) or if one of my brothers visits from England, I have Tesco ship to them and they bring it with them. =)
If your sister EVER tires of that poncho, can I have it?
Aww, you and your sister look alike in those photos :) My sister and I look NOTHING like each other!
Nothing worse than a too short scarf! Especially if it has muppet tendencies. Of course, you can always save the last two balls for mitten cuffs or a hat band.
The sister-poncho-act is spreading world-wide! (Its really Claudia from Siliva's computer)
Your sister looks fabulous in the poncho! Looking forward to see what you'll start next.
Great scarf! I'm liking the 'scarf = a jumper for your neck' idea! I've just started Birch but using Koigu instead of KSH. I love it (so far). I do have to concentrate though and there's a fair bit of counting out loud too....
Yeah Becky that's one hellava scarf yer aknittin'. Is it my imagination or does everything you knit look good (or maybe the photos do do justice...that and good lighting...or maybe you borrowed Claudia's hair, makeup and lighting people...or...). Great color! Also, you've reminded me of the one flavor I favor in Pop Tarts...chocolate! Yum! Speaking of chocolate, your sis looks tres chic in poncho. Cheers again! Outdone yourself again! Speaking of done, I better get moving I've a few things to GET done.
looks like you all had a great time...and that scarf is looking like it has a mind of its own! better watch out that you don't wrap it too many times, or it may engulf you entirely. :)
My vote is for Charlotte! Think how lovely she would be for fall or for wrap at a holiday party. And only 5 skeins... she really doesn't take that long. But I'm definitely biased on this one ;-)
Accck!! I just read this! is that me?!?! I feel so lucky!! Thank you soo much Becky!! (and Becky's sister, for picking the coolest number. :) ) Your scarf is soooo fun. I can't wait to make one!
Becky - loved the pictures of your lil' sister and Lucy and Captain Destructo. The poncho looked very cool on your sister - I'm sure she is the envy of her airconditioned officemates
Ooooohhhhhhh, the poncho is fab-o! You are so ahead of the times. Or maybe it's just that France is ahead of the times. I'm just getting excited about the idea of making a poncho - does the pattern, and the yarn, that you used still exist? Is is possible to backorder the Tendances? I want one, I want one! Hope you had fun with your sis - I'm looking forward to seeing my sis next weekend!
I happen to think that the hardest part of knitting is picking out one of a million projects that I want to knit. Then I have to pick out the color. URG!!! Very hard!!! I love your never ending scarf. :-)
What a fun smart sister you have! Kind of reminds me of someone... Hmmm. Who would that be? She even looks familiar... My scarf grew and grew too! They do take on lives of their own. ;-)
How cool to see your sister wearing her poncho! And it looks ace :) Your scarf is looking splendid - long scarves are totally fab!
The scarf looks awesome! Congrats to Carrie for winning the yarn. Sending in my answer for favorite yarn and stitch pattern makes me want to go out and buy some more scarf yarn. Hee hee. Great shots of your sis in her poncho. She looks just as beautiful as her sister. :) And the poncho is awesome!
Hi, everyone! I love my poncho. Thanks for all your comments. The poncho, I think, is fantastic not only because it is stylish, but also hides my bum. I love looking like my big sister but wouldn't mind having her figure. She can eat all the bread she likes. Cheers! P.S. Congratulations Carrie!

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