October 10, 2003

Joining new yarn, raclette, and progress on preppy sweater.

Quick entry because it's almost dinnertime* and I gotta go yank out the raclette grill. I have lots of progress on my son's preppy sweater to report! I'm back from the frog pond and reknit the neck, working decreases that slant against the edge. I also knit one sleeve, and am now working the last rows of the second sleeve (look here for progress pictures). The sleeves went really quickly - I knit one in a single evening. Metal addi's and Balzane ribbon yarn make me want to head on over to the Alps and just yodel.

No chance of this sucker coming undone.

Someone asked me how I join new yarn. I always join new yarn at the beginning or end of rows, and usually leave a tail if I'm planning on using the main yarn to seam the garment. Instead of weaving in all ends, I'll use a few of them to seam. When I join new yarn, I knit the first stitch using BOTH the old yarn and the new yarn. Then, when I get to that stitch on the next row, I'll knit them together. It may sound bizarre to those who prefer granny knots but it's always been easier and more secure for me to do it this way.

*Speaking of the Alps and one of the reasons I love cold weather: Raclette! A lazy cook's dream come true. Boil potatoes. Place cold cuts on plates. Slice stinky raclette cheese. Pull out raclette grill. Melt cheese on raclette grill. Pour over potatoes. Yum! And there's very little cleanup. Granted, the apartment reeks to high heaven afterwards as a result of the stinky cheese and we have to air it out for hours, but mmmm boy. Send noseplugs.

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Oh god - Raclette! I now want that in the worst way. There are precious few restaurants in NYC where you can get it, however. I am jealous. Sweater is looking Fab.
I think it was me asking about joining. Thanks for the tip! I will try this out soon :o)
Man, I gotta stop looking at that yarn - I can already imagine how it would feel in my hands: probably as nice as it looks! I don't know about Harvard, but even more importantly, the sweater would be awesome enough to grace the campus of University of Georgia, Athens! Have a great weekend and enjoy the raclette - kids LOVE that thing!
just as i was about to enquire yo whassa raclette! :) the neckline looks great, a much gentler outline there. this'll be done over the weekend i believe!! just ready for school on monday!
Ditto Carolyn on the Raclette. Thanks for your description-sounds yum! Love the closeup of the yarn today. I can almost feel it!
What could a raclette grill possibly look like?
So I'm just wondering about the swatchy project (mostly because I'm thinking about doing a small baby blanket this way for a friend)....how far are you and how is it turning out? I saw the sneek peeks you posted awhile back--it looked great.
Will Work For Raclette. (Sweater looks great too.) Frustrating thing here is, they sell 'Raclette' in the cheese department at Le Yuppy Gormay but not the nifty little fondue-style grillers--kind of like toasting marshmallows, but with CHEESE. Whatta concept!!! So cozy! So cheesy! So cornichony!! Cheese and Potatoes: the Food of My People!
mmm, raclette. I'm eager to have one up here soon. plus we usually cut up some tomatoes and mushrooms (and peppers for those who like them, but not me!), and with all those great hams and stuff that go with. delish! I may have to try your deal with the ends one of these days.
I deal with my ends exactly the same way! It makes everything a lot more secure and I don't end up with a loosey goosey edge stitch that causes me problems later. I love that yarn you are using. Prism makes something similar (also very expensive). Almost makes me wish it was spring, b/c I could probably justify a tank top...
Karen, the blanket is coming along. It should be ready by the time Kerrie comes over here to visit me :-)
Mmm, I LOVE stinky cheese! I live in a country that has no shortage of stinky food, but a serious lack of cheese. (When we were in Toronto last month we had a ridiculous warm-Stilton-&-pumpernickel lunch at a pub -- deLISH.) The preppy little sweater is looking great, too.
I love the way the 2nd neckline looks, did you manage to finish it over the weekend? And yay for blanket that I get to carry home on the plane! I didn't think anything could make the trip more exciting but that almost has... Maybe I should start a Phildar pilgrimage countdown on my site?
Mmmm, Raclette! When we were in Paris last Autumn, my friend served us Raclette our last night there. Delish.
Ooh... raclette. Makes me homesick for when I lived in Grenoble (almost 10 years ago, now!). I've never been able to find raclette cheese here, but I also never thought to look at Le Yuppy Gourmet (as Kay put it)... I might just have to do that! Thanks for the flashback :).

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