October 09, 2006

Sweater on a needle for ya!

Dude! It's a semi-finished CeCe on the table.
Can I get a "woot, woot!"?

Ta-da! Last time we chatted about my CeCe Cardi I was still playing pick up sticks with the FIRST sleeve. Well, hang on to your double points because not only did I finish BOTH sleeves of my CeCe Cardi yesterday, but I already put all the pieces on a needle and am now knitting across the whole enchilada. I am on a roll*, bay-bee! Strike while the iron's hot, and all. (And thanks to the movies The Parent Trap and Just Like Heaven for added entertainment value. Light Movies + Glass of Sparkling Wine = Good Knitting Progress.)

*It also helps that Miss Bonne Marie of ChicKnits herself is knitting a 3/4 sleeved Chocolat [yum] CeCe along with me. Seeing how she flies on her needles gives me added motivation. Love the tandem knitting.

What else? Oh yes. I recently fed the Stash Monster. Had to do it...dude was hungry and his tummy was rumbling something awful. This is what I gave him:

Mmm...yarn. Yum, yum, yum.

Load of Phildar Castel so I can knit Captain Destructo a winter jacket. How could I not want to knit another jacket for my boy? He really deserves it. He's been wearing the Linen Jacket I knit him every single day this week. For reals; it is now his favorite garment and he won't wear any other jacket even though he's got more than a few that he usually alternates. But he's rebuffed the other jackets and his Linen Jacket is practically glued onto his back right now. [Bonus action shot taken of the Captain when I picked him up this afternoon. He's wearing, of course, the Linen Jacket.] I figure I'd better knit him a new jacket soon otherwise he'll start looking like a photograph of himself. Such a nice mommy, I am :-)

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CeCe looks great. Isn't it nice to have a weekend to kick back and knit? I love the Cap'n's jacket. Would it be weird to start knitting clothes for kids I don't yet have?!
CeCe is looking great - I'm so glad you survived the dpns! And I'm sure the winter jacket for the Captain will be appropriately adorable.
Love the CeCe...one day I will knit something as beeeeyooooooutiful! The Captain got big!! How tall is he now!! He is losing the baby face...awwwww. He is still adorable! Happy knitting.. mb
I'm always in awe of how fast you knit. I love CeCe especially the color. You're such an awesome mom to knit the Captain such special sweaters. He'll surely remember them fondly when he has his own kids. Now you've guilted me into knitting something for my boys :) Tanya
Your CeCe is awesome. Can't wait to see it finished. I love those knitting weekends.
CeCe is cute woot woot! Lucky son of yours to get another jacket. Funny you have to practically peel that Linen jacket off of him. Makes the knitting more worthwhile!
It's fun knitting in tandem! I would want to knit loads of things for someone too, if they were so appreciative and cute!
I'm loving CeCe! Woot!
What a wonderful compliment your boy is giving you. It must be very gratifying and I can entirely understand you wanting to knit another one for him.
Oh yeah, you deserve a woot, woot! It is adorable. And I'm sure it will look great on you, as does everything else : )
Cece is very cute. Definitely on the list to make--though at first I thought you were making a kiddo sweater. It looks so tiny cute in the photo...:) ============================== Note by Becky: Haha! I thought the same thing when I downloaded the photos from my camera. I had to zoom out in order to get the whole thing into the shot, so it looks a lot tinier than it really is.
It must be a visual distortion! The Cece jacket is cute ... but it looks like a small doll jacket to me! hahaha ...
Woot, woot! Love the colour, it is going to be fabulous! And yummy colours for the next Captain Jacket. What is the material in Phildar Castel?
I forgot to mention! Castel is the same yarn I'm using for my Cable Jacket. It's a acrylic/wool blend that looks slightly felted. I love working with it.
Guess another jacket means more captain photos, COOL!! Are you using a pattern??
it's so great that the captain loves his jacket... how could he not? :) the best knitterly feeling is watching someone you love really dig on a new sweater. hurrah for one needle, too! smooth sailing from here on out...
Woo-hoo, you're cooking with gas on that CeCe! Soon you'll have a finished garment! Yay! New sweaters for the Capt will be great. That's awesome that he loves his Linen Jacket so.
Oh, the stash monster. Mine is ever-hungry, but I refuse to let it get chubby. (Especially at the slow rate I knit.) The winter jacket looks like it will be quite flashy too! By now we all know what the Captain likes. =)
Hey, Speedy! Looks gorgeous! : )
I guess it won't be long now before Ce-ce is off the needles!... Thanks to good movies and sparkling wine. I must admit you make me feel guilty : apart from one scarf, I haven't knitted anything for my children! I know, it is very sad...
i love cece..it's so cute! knitting and movies are the best..i knit last night while watching bill and ted's excellent adventure with some friends...know how you love that keanu..lol
Here's your WOOT! WOOT! Nice jackets you've got going on. And your son is too cute!
That's awesome the captain likes his hand knits so much. Is he picking out the pattern again this time?
I'm knitting a CeCe 3/4 sleeve with Sirdar Breeze in a sage green (stash yarn and now I'm not wild about the colour). I love the chocolate brown you and Bonne Marie have chosen - need to find some of that yarn for myself!
CeCe is looking good. I see an upcoming FO soon. ;) Seeing the CeCes on the blogiverse makes me feel like knitting one too. Ps. I think The Parent Trap is a great movie too.
Your CeCe is looking great! My favourite way to knit is also with a movie and a nice drink :) Oh, and I love the colours that you picked for the Captain's new jacket.. very yummy indeed.
LOL...I thought you made a baby cardi...it looks like one in the photo...love those yarn shots
The Captain is so sweet. Yes, you must knit him another jacket!
Cece is looking good! I knew he would wear that jacket everyday!! I knew it.LOL
Folks, we have another boinic knitter here! Cece looks awesome!
You knit at a blinding pace! You have really gotten far on the CeCe! And its wonderful when you r handknit is appreciated! Especially Captain Destructo style! Could I put in more exclamation points? (!) Yup! I can! hee hee....
WOW! Thing 1 and Thing 2 have been working hard! ^_^ The cardigan is looking great! I think that the cropped-ness and the three-quarters sleeves make for a perfect cardigan! I think that you should take son-ny-poo's jacket wearing as a flattering compliment.. Rather than: "Take it off, you're growing moths!" Say: "Oh, captain Destructo, I love you. Enjoy your jacket some more!" *hughug* Instead of: "Take that damn thing off!", say: "That's a nice jacket, isn't it" His connection to it is very flattering.. I still, however, haven't decided if he likes it because he knows Mommy made it for him because she loves him or because he's a fashion guru in the making. *raises eyebrows*
woot! woot! woot! that's a 3 woot project! Gorgeous!
Which Parent Trap? I really like both, but my kids' eyes just about fell out of their heads seeing the amount of smoking in the original! And lovin' CeCe!
Woot woot! CeCe's lookin' real purty! I'm looking forward to your photo shoot with the finished CeCe. =) Capt. Destructo knows good quality knitwear! Somebody taught him right. Bubblies! I do love me some bubbly. Just a glass or two.

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