October 07, 2005

Is this...could this be...?

A sleeve cap, perchance?
Well, GO ON and click to see!

Woo hoo! I completed a sleeve on my Wrappy Jacket, which I bet you thought I had forgotten about and left to collect mites in my knitting bag. Well, not only did I finish what felt to be a mile-long sleeve [it's knit on size 3 needles, after all], but I went off and started the second one. All done in bits and pieces early in the morning or late at night, and surprise! I didn't fall asleep or make any mistakes due to sleepy bedheadedness. Can I get a "Woot, woot!"?

october_07_2005_debbiebliss_thumb.jpg I hope to get some quality knitting time on the Wrappy Jacket this weekend so I can get it close to completion. Which would, according to Skinny Rabbit Rules of Personal Knitting, justify starting a new project. Maybe a cardigan in the latest Vogue Knitting [thank you, Sarah R!] using this fabulous yarn sent to me in trade by Ashlee. It's Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran and Astrakhan, and the lot looks so chocolatey and yummy every time I see it I feel like sticking my face in a box of truffles and just, like, pigging out, dude!

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Wooot woooot! Hope you have an FO to show off soon. It's been a while since we've seen some grooovey dance moves. =)
Woot! Woot!
You are too funny! Stuff your face in a box of truffles. Will we get a slideshow of that??
Hehe...I just gotta get my hands on some truffles. (Preferably, of the Grand Marnier variety. Yum!)
looking good!! that variegated yarn is so pretty!! hmm, chocolate, or truffle like cardi, how cool is that!
Mmmmm, truffles. I LOVE Grand Marnier truffles too. I used to make them for the holidays for years. Alas, many of them did not make it to their intended recipients. So how are classes? I'm dying to hear how they're going. Tanya
Woot woot! Love the variegation in that yarn. And big ups for the size 3s. whoa! ... and that cardigan in VK is fabulous... I love that one!
Ooooh! If I made Grand Marnier truffles as gifts they wouldn't get sent out, either. Classes are going great and are fun, but OH SO BUSY. I promise to give an update on school every few entries :-)
That is the cardigan that I wanted to knit. I love it! The only problem is that the smallest size is a 38. Let me know what you think or what you are going to do with the sizing...K?
Can I have some truffles too? LOL! WTG on the size 3 needle sleeve too...those are some teeny needles man!
I'm jealous cuz I want that cardi too. Anxious to see what you do and how it fits. A 38 would likely swim on me, and I'm kinda scared of the math. Have a great weekend!
Looking forward to seeing a finished wrappy cardi - I just can't picture how it hangs. Can't wait! a fellow skinnymalink
Hey Becky, Will the dress form be modeling your latest FO? :) Hope all is well!
Hmm, that's a good combo, chocolate and knitting. I am truly impressed at the neat knitting edges of the sleeves - very, very nice work. Okay, off I go to find some truffles and knit...thanks for the knit tip!:)
Woot! I sense a chocolate theme over here...
Woot Woot! And, please, dressform AND live rabbit pictures!
YUMMY YUM YUM YUM. I love the whisper...and I know you lurve that calmer! x/o darlin - enjoy yer weekend.
Woot, woot, indeed. I love that wrappy cardi yarn - so pretty! And chocolatey brown is such a great color, too. Do tell us which Vogue sweater you have in mind!
That yarn looks soooooo yummy! I can't wait to see what you do with it :) And yes, Debbie Bliss cashmere is ridiculously yummy. I reeeeeally want to knit a sweater out of this stuff. *is in love*
Wow, it is chocolatey goodness!!
You knit so fast... I'm envious. This super easy sweater pattern is taking me forever and you'd have probably finished it over breakfast. :)
Woot! (wouldn't it be great if we all met one day and everyone did the "woot, woot" together!). Yum for chocolately brown and truffles!
I'm going tomorrow to get the supplies for that very cardigan. I probably won't be able to restrain myself from casting on right away! (I plan to make mine in black, but who knows what pretty color I'll be lured to tomorrow!) (How's fashion school going?)
hmm knitting an almost finished WIP and truffles. Sounds like a great weekend plan! Enjoy!
I lovelovelove the Astrakhan, and when you have little bits left over, make a Bubby! http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTbubby.html for the pattern, and http://knitflix.blogspot.com/2005/09/fo-2005-20-bubby-boucle-pattern.html to see my friend Janice's bubby from that same yarn. Very cute.
you definitely get a woot woot from me!
Another favorite combo of mine is wine and knitting. Woot, woot! :-)
Almost a FO! Put your hands up in the air...woot! woot! BTW, have you been to Woot.com? Geeky hubby loves that site!
Mmmmm.....wine and knitting......doesn't get much better than that.... The Wrappy is going to be so fab!! I can't wait to her finished. Have a great weekend! It's Thanksgiving here in Canada, so no knitting for me, only cooking and eating and eating and eating...
OOh careful rabbit, theres nothing worse than knitting with chocolately fingers! I really want to knit the VK debbie bliss cardi as well but cant afford the yarn right now... you must do it so i can knit vicariously through you! Good luck with school and second sleeve!
Ehum, I've been looking at that Debbie Bliss cardi too... (And good news for me, I don't need to downsize ;-). Got some good knitting time in the car this week-end, going back and forth between Strasbourg and Lyon. We went to a small restaurant in la Dombes and had the best froglegs I have ever eaten. No chocolate truffles, though...
woot, woot... As for choch. I have this problem, every few month I stash up on choch. goodness and I say to my husband...after this is finished that is it, I will be going on the wagon...but of course only to fall of it, time and time again
Cashmerino Aran is my favorite repeat yarn. Yum!
I'd throw in a woot or two, but it looks as though you're amply supplied. I love the Wrappy Cardi yarn. That's so pretty. And I, too, am anxious to see the finished product being modeled. Mmmmmmm....truffles. I'm going to go off and drool now.
Woot, woot from over here!! Mmmm...new project so close and with such yummy yarn. Sigh...there I go - jealous again.
What a beautiful colorway! I can't wait to see more :)
That is going to be be such a gorgeous jacket!
That Debbie Bliss yarn looks beautiful! I'm so obsessed with this fall's chocolate brown. Yummy!

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