October 05, 2003

Bring in the clowns.

He said: "Hey! You takin' pictures? Take my picture!"
So I did.

What a day! I made up for my inactivity* last week by cramming everything into yesterday. I took the kid to his first catechism, visited my local Plassard boutique, ate lunch at McDo's (and I think I'm still digesting it), bought boots for the kid, got my hair cut, and visited a small fair set up around the statue of Jacquard in the plaza in the Croix Rousse. At the fair I ate too many churros (I think I'm still digesting those, too) and while I was taking pictures of the kid on one of the rides, a clown ran up and screeched at me to take his picture. Then he posed for me while I snapped the shot, and took a moment to admire the photo of himself in the viewer. Quite possibly the strangest encounter I've ever had with a clown, French or otherwise.

The fair was fun, but more fun was had during my visit to Plassard in nearby Champagne de Mont d'Or. Oh, Plassard! How I am newly enamored of thee! I felt almost disloyal to Phildar and Anny Blatt as I leafed through Plassard's latest pattern book and fondled a skein of Folie yarn like an addict. I am planning on going back to pick up yarn for a project, but I couldn't just leave there without getting something. So I did! Plassard variegated Merinos. I keep pulling it out of the bag to look at it and admire it. Such a yarn addict.

See the candy in the corner? Candy was my incentive.
[Thank you, Amy!]

Current project news: Considering the gauge and needle size on the preppy sweater I'm doing for Captain Destructo, I should have it blocked and seamed by now. Unfortunately, due to the what has got to be one of the Nastiest Flu Bouts I've Ever Suffered*, I didn't knit more than a few rows last week. On some days, no knitting at all! I've got a bunch of projects I'm keen to start so now that I'm feeling better, I can get this preppy sweater finished and commence work on some new things. As of now I've finished the back piece and am about to start neckline shaping on the front, and if time allows I'll start on the sleeves. Despite my pokiness at getting this sweater done, it really does knit quickly and Balzane is such a great yarn.

*Thanks to the kind neighbor upstairs (the one for whose baby I knit these booties), my son had a ride to and from school so I could get uninterrupted rest during the day while I was sick. (Bless her!) I was feeling pretty awful, and my throat was so swollen I discovered that I SNORED while I was sick. Oh, the number of times I've told the husband some mornings, "Didn't get much sleep, unfortunately, 'cause you were snoring again last night. Sounded like a DRAGON was wheezing in the house. Thanks a lot, hon!" Lovingly, of course, but always smugly because I [usually] don't snore. But on Friday morning I got my comeuppance when the husband calmly told me, "Your throat must be really swollen. From the way you were snoring last night, I can imagine how sore it must feel." Then he proceeded to "imitate" me by snoring like a phlegmatic old man. Argh! The humiliation!

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I love those sweater colors, very preppy! Khakis and penny loafers and all that. And you're very welcome for the candy ; )
Re: snoring: My kids think this is simply the sound of grownups sleeping! I sorta wish you wouldn't write so glowingly and persuasively about FRENCH YARNS, 'cause I used to be able to go shopping in Paris without buying any YARN, missy! (I was always intimidated by the thought of translating the patterns, and reluctant to bring it home, try to find a pattern to suit, find out I'm one or 2 balls short of what I need--etc.). Have the French yarns gotten better in recent years, or am I just unusually susceptible to your powers of description??? I wish my trips were more frequent, but next time I will need a yarn suitcase. Especially now that I've found a handy-dandy translation of knitting terms from French, German and Italian into English!!! Glad you're feeling better and are over the nursery school flu. Love, Kay
Glad you're feeling better (even after the clown encounter ;0) ). Captain Destructo's new sweater is looking great, very little school-boy-y. Can't wait to see all the projects you've got planned after this one! We can always count on you to find the most gorgeous patterns (like the amazing bobbly jacket).
That's a crazy clown picture but so interestingly colourful. I once taped my husband's snoring... then he knew I was not exaggerating.
Love the colors on the stripey sweater for Destructo. Ach, the indignity indeed. Same scenario here when I had flu last year. Now I can no longer torment husband over his snoring, for he is like "remember how you snored ...." ACH! Glad you are feeling better. And the clown is freaky!
Glad you are up and about again. Too sick to knit is REALLY SICK. I've got a snore monster husband myself, and would actually rather enjoy giving him a taste of his own medicine. What on earth is Plassard?? If this is another fabby French yarn unattainable in the US, I COMPLETELY don't wanna hear about it. (don't believe me....but you are *such* a bad influence)
hey am glad you are feeling better. was wondering how things were going. Sure tease us about the fab european yarns *sigh* and the patterns for that matter. *sigh again* Not that i need more projects. Not that i need more yarn. Theoretically. However, i do need more yarn and I DO need more patterns ... but i'll live vicariously through you right now
yup i agree with claudia you are such a tease :)
I found your Blog because it was listed in the new Vogue Knitting issue and I am glad because you have alot of information flowing.
You're better ! Great ! Does this mean I'l be better soon ? I'm still snoring & sleeping sitting up so as not to drown/suffocate.There's a long,cold winter ahead of us :-[ Must be feeling better as I'm starting to knit. The Plassard multi merino looks gorgeous.Enough for a sweater ?Really looking forward to seeing all your new projects.
That Plassard is pretty. Glad to hear you're feeling better.
Glad you're feeling better Becky, you were missed! At least we still had your beautiful jacket to drool over while you were ill... Now you can be the Whack Dance Rabbit once again!! :) Debi PS- that preppy sweater for your chick is very handsome, great yarn!
I really love your cotton jacket.. could you share the pattern or show one similar? I would like to make it soon :)
my dad was the king of all snorers... you could be at one end of the house and hear him snoring away on the other end. for this, my mother always went to be before him, because god forbid he fall asleep before her (because at that point, it was impossible for her to dance with the sandman). thankfully, he found out he had apnea, and has since had surgery to remedy the problem :) loving the sweater for the kiddo, though. the colors are great :) (and I'm quite frightened by the weird rubbery bits the clown has on his eyebrows)
I know I'm tired when I'm too tired to knit, so you must have been really really sick. Glad you're feeling better! I like the colors you've got going in the preppy sweater--tres chic!
Glad to hear that you're feeling better! My friends at work with kids say that the worst part of them going to school is the diseases they bring home to you. I love the colors in the preppy sweater -- and it's good to see that you're teaching Captain Destructo early that sweaters with more than one color are okay!
Hi Becky!! Sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather...the new yarn is beautiful (me loves the colors!!!) and the preppy sweater is lookin' snappy. How come you get more knitting done than me, and you were sick?!%$*! Your knitting powers never cease to amaze.......... I'm glad you're feeling better!!
ok. there is all kinds of symmetry going on here internationally. you post a picture of a clown and npr runs a story this morning on "all the clowns" running for govenor of california AND then interviews several clowns about how they feel about being disparaged by "all the clowns" running for govenor of california. glad you are feeling better, my knitting friend. hope the saltines helped!! re: snoring: sometime i wake myself up with my little "happy snores." :)
Tee hee... My DH snores in but not out... like he is just sucking oxygen in, but doesn't let the carbon dioxide out. Actually your comment reminded me of my parents. They used snore at alternate times, so it was like one big continuous snore.... needless to say, my sisters and I never slept on the same floor as our parents again! As for the preppy vest... cute, cute, cute! And... what yarn did you use for those booties? Cute, cute, cute.... Glad you are feeling better!!!! ;-)
A few of these comments about snoring made me think of my grandfather. He didn't snore, but he would grind his teeth loud enough to shake the floorboards. It sounded like a lumberjack at work! When I was little, I thought all grandfathers did that. Hehe. Plassard: I've been eager to see those yarns since I spied some of them at the Bon Marche in Paris this summer. The selection at the Bon Marche does not even come close to what I saw in the shop. All I'm gonna say is that the Plassard shop I just visited on Saturday has not seen the last of me!
Glad you're feeling better!!! Love the new yarn! beautiful :)
Just wondering if you got the cotton jacket pattern from Rebecca :) I saw one very close to it on the web page!
Clowns have always scared me, and this one is no exception. *shudder* That aside, your cotton jacket is gorgeous, and the colors of the sweater for your son are lovely!
Glad to see that you are up and about! If it makes you feel better, my DH actually recorded my snoring on a tape cassette (remember those) and played it back when I woke up. Needless to say I was sick and cranky, so that did not help matters. P.S. That is one scary looking clown :O
Churros! Ah...brings back memories of living in Madrid, staying out all night and then having churros con chocolate for breakfast at six am, waiting for the metro to open up again at 6:30 so we could go home and sleep. No way I could pull that off now. No decent churros in New York, for some reason, and I can't stay up that late anymore. Oh, and pics like that are the reason clowns terrify me.
He was just admiring your camera, you think? That's one colorful clown. And hey! I didn't know you were mentioned in Vogue Knitting! (don't have that issue yet) That's too cool. You deserve it!
I admit I keep coming back for the clown pic - they usually creep me out, but he looks like he's had too much coffee and it makes me giggle! I'm so excited you were in Vogue - how cool!! Is it the fall edition? what page?? p.s. I think your flu is heading due east :(

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