October 04, 2006

It's time for the Captain Destructo Show*.

*Alternatively titled: "Showing off finished Linen Jacket". (Like, it's about time, dude!)

This is the sweater on a table shot.
(It's late in the day, so the light isn't the best, unfortunately.)

And even though it is 6 p.m. and the Captain just got home after wearing his finished Linen Jacket all day long (so it could use some pressing), I still up and took a photo of him wearing it for you:

This is the "can't stand still like a mannequin" shot.
Wanna see the back of the jacket? Sure you do.

Project details: Linen Jacket, otherwise known as "Gilet" model 31 from Phildar's Pitchoun spring/summer 2006, using Phildar Phil Lin.

He loves those stripes.

My son just turned six years old last month, and he is thin and wiry and stretchy like a mini basketball player, and is way above the 100th percentile in height which means that store-bought long-sleeved shirts fit him in such a way so that his wrists poke out of the sleeves in the style favored by Herman Munster. (I'm not exaggerating. Even though he is the youngest in his class, he is the tallest. And, he is taller than some kids who are even older than the ones in his class. I doubt he's going to change with age because my paternal grandfather, may he rest in peace, had the same morphology and the family gene pool decided to distribute it at random. I've got cousins who are so thin and wiry and tall that they look like they unfold when they stand up from sitting positions, and I wager my Captain is gonna be the same.) I usually just add on about 5-6 centimeters in length to the sweaters and jackets I knit him, but this jacket has vertical stripes placement that vary according to each size. So in order to avoid ruining the feng shui of the stripe placement I knit the jacket in two different sizes: For the widths I knit the 6 year old size, and for the lengths I knit the 8 year old size. A successful fit! And to celebrate it, the Captain decided to turn what was supposed to be a quick photo session into the Captain Destructo Show. As always, he started acting silly and doing whack dances, but this time he insisted on running to his room in between photos and grabbing props. So without further ado, it's the Captain Destructo Show:

Dinner is a-calling, but I'll give the quick finishing details: I used three-needle bind-off for the shoulders and mattress stitch for the other seams. I didn't follow the pattern directions for the zipper bands. I so fell in love with the zipper bands that I knit separately and sewed on for the Cotton Jacket I made for my son last year that I did the same thing for this one. And when it came time to sew the zipper bands to the fronts of the jacket, I deliberately did not sew them to the rolling edge portion at the hem because I like how the jacket looks with a rolled hem. Hem wants to roll? Let it roll!

As for the Captain, he looooves this jacket. He wore it all day and asked if he could wear it again tomorrow. He says his favorite part are the "stripes on the sleeves". Awwwwwwwwwww!

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Oh my gosh! He isn't the little Captain anymore. He is growing so fast. I think we should talk "arranged marriage" between Captain and my Amazon Princess. The jacket is fantastic. It will look great with Khakis too.
OMG!!! I can't believe how big he's gotten. WOW!! How fast they grow up. I love the Elvis! I'm so glad he hasn't given that up. Oh, and the sweater's nice to...LOL
Oh my, in that first picture, he looks like a wee member of a boy band! The jacket is lovely, I like the stripes, too!
I love the CD slide show! And I like those stripes on the sleeves, too. Nice work! It seems almost sad that kids grow up so fast and outgrow their clothes. What will you do with the outgrown sweaters and things?
He is so cute and I'm not saying that because I love the skinny rabbit. I'm saying that because he may be one of the few kids I would actually like to hang out with. (As many give me the heebie jeebies) Captain D. Structo (a little more sophisticated? hee hee) looks very nice in that jacket. Makes me want to knit one for myself. lol
Captain looks so cute! Kids are such natural models aren't they? Love the jacket!
The little Destructo is getting so big! Looks great in his stripey linen jacket, hope he's able to enjoy it before it gets too small (in the sleeves, of course).
que requeteguapísimo!!! :)
He looks so grown up now - it's not just the sweater, he's not quite a little boy anymore!
i love the captain's new jacket! the stripes are super fun, and i love the little show!
So so so so so cute! I like the idea of your son and other relatives "unfolding" as they get up. I recently drove an old friend somewhere and enjoyed the same folding into the car and unfolding out of it that I remember from him in high school. He's about 6'6" and used to drive a VW Rabbit!
I'm a longtime lurker, but this one got me! All of a sudden he doesn't look like a little kid anymore, and the jacket is a perfect, stylish fit!
The Captain is SOOOOOO handsome! He looks v. grown up for a six year old!!
It looks great--and, even better, how happy he looks!!
So cool! He is so big! You have a little man on your hands there, missy. The jacket is great, but Cap'n steals the show. Any chance that you'll do a zipper tutorial? I've been interested in that method since you first posted about it. I'm pretty sure I could wing it, but I love tutorials, and your slideshows are always so fun! (bribe, bribe...)
Brilliant sweater design and execution! Utterly adorable son!
Wow, the Captain looks so grown up! I love the jacket - I think my favorite parts are the vertical stripes.
It is a great jacket indeed! and the best part is he loves it too!...
Awwwww, indeed. What a cutie and he looks so handsome in his jacket. Way to go, mom. Good work.
wow! he is so big and tall. all grown up ;) time fliiies.
Definetly his mother's son. I'll bet you are proud as can be.
Oh my god. The back shot of the jacket is the cutest effing picture I have ever seen of a child. He looks so rock and roll! The jacket is pretty cute, too. :)
The jumper looks really good. The Captain Destructo show was very amusing!
he is ADORABLE!!! i love the jacket, too..
He's so CUTE!! And the jacket looks pretty good too.
What a heart breaker! And so full of energy. I guess I've been watching him grow for about two years now, and I can't believe how big he is getting. He looks like a little man! Must tug at those mama heart strings!
He is sooo styling! You're going to have heart breaker on your hands in about ten years! Maybe even sooner!
Guapooooo! Perfect, just perfect!
fabulous!!!! (kid and jacket!) = )
Haha, I love the shot of the back the best. He definitely has a flair for showing off the knits. =D And hats off to you on your knitting, once again.
What a very nice jacket, you've made; but more so, what a sweet, sweet boy, you have!
As a male highschool student, I fear my reaction to those pictures isn't quite as squeal-y-pinching-cheeks-y as it could be. *droops shoulders* He really is growing up fast though. It feels like just yesterday he was strutting his stuff in the preppy sweater. He is a tall. six year old. Tall. Needless to say, thanks to all the ladies above me, your kid's extra kyoot. Great job on the knitting as well. I do wonder, though, what language(s) he speaks.
WOW he looks sooo old!!!!!!! What happened to little Captain Destructo????? I love that first shot, he's a proper little model. Gorgeous!
OMG... Beautiful kiddo and he looks great in the jacket. Another BRAVO!!! my dear
What a handsome little boy, and a gorgeous sweater. WOW! :) Well done.
He is one cute kid. you are going to have fun in 10 years when all the girls come knockin' at the door for him!!!!!
The Captain is such a handsome little guy. He looks so dashing in his new jacket!
What a fabulous sweater for a boy. And what an adorable kid :)
I'm just going to repeat what everyone else has said, Becky! Excellent job on the sweater, and I can't believe how big the captain is getting. He's got a personality and a half :)
He is soooo tall for a 6-year old, and so cute too. I love the back of the jacket shot with him and his little hand gestures. What fun.
Oh my gosh...I just found your blog and had to comment on your little captain. I've looked at a lot of blogs and this is the first time I've sent a comment. What a great looking kid! Such a cutie!! And a great sweater too. Nice job on both!
What a fabulous jacket ! Captain Destructo is growing into a handsome young man.
Great jacket and how handsome is your son. He has grown up so much. I too have to knit 2 different sizes for length and width as my daughter is very tall too.
I think this is my favorite Captain Destructo knit yet. It really looks so nice. My favorite picture is the one of the back....what a pose! Do you see a runway in his future?
Wow! The sweater is amazing, and I can NOT believe how old the Captain looks! He's such a doll, Becky!
Wow, what a nice choice in patterns. Your Captain shows it off brilliantly. I love it!
Captain D is SO BIG! Wow is he growing up fast! The jacket is so professional. Beautiful finishing!
argh! it looks terrific! he is right to love those stripes - absolutely fantastic! xoxo
What an awesome job and what a cute kid!
WOW!! Your captain has grown so much. He looks like a little man now and no more baby face! My son is going to be six in a couple weeks and he looks so big to me missing teeth and all-I kinda miss the baby face. O.K. enough of that....the sweater is awesome! I have that pattern and would love to make it, but first I need to translate it. You continue to amaze me with your perfect knitting-I'm workin' on it:)
I can't believe how big he looks! With that longer hair, he's all grown up! The jacket looks splendid! I've been thinking about knitting it for my niece.
The captain looks so grown up he may need a promotion soon. Gorgeous sweater for the big kid.
Wonderful knit! Adorable Captain!!
Captain Destructo is so handsome Becky. He is so stylin in that fabulous linen jacket. You did a really beautiful job on it.
good golly - he's growing up so fast! Looks so handsome in his kicky new duffs.
WOW, is Capt. growing!!!! He looks so much older than when I visited. What a cutie! Hugs to him. His jacket looks great. He is lucky to have a mom who knits so beautifully, among the many and sundry other great qualities of his mom.
Becky, this turned out great. I mean, the jacket looked great just lying on the table,, but once your son put it on, WOW. Suits perfectly. AND, i have to add that he really IS growing up fast. (My daughter is turning 6 TODAY!)
What a great smile he has! He favors you, Becky, I can tell (and not just from the whack dancing shots!) I'm impressed that he's wearing cropped pants too - my boss didn't believe me when I told him all the men in Paris were wearing them last Nov. He's definitely stylin'! :o)
Ohh, he is such a cutie. I love the jacket and I love that he loves the jacket. It is so cute and the stripes really make it. Great job!!!
He looks loads more grown up every time! He looks smashing in his new jacket, I have to say the stripes are my favourite part too :)
awwww! The Captain is soooo adorable! It's so cool to see how much he has grown over the two years I've been reading your blog :) My family has the same kind of morphology, on my Maternal Grandfather's side. My brothers took after that side, but I took after my maternal grandmother who was, well, not so lanky. And finally, the Jacket is super cute! Loving it! as usual.
He has grown up so much since last spring--I'm such a mom I got all kind of choked up when I saw him! And of course, the jacket is great--just we expect from you ;-) My never-stop 7yo has started knitting while I read to him before bed--all the fiber hanging around seems to have gotten to him (tee hee--I'm enabling my own children!)
that's a great jacket! i can't believe how old he is now. :-)
That is one sharp dressed little man. Cool sweater Captain D!!
And the handknits are loved! By a person of the male gender! And he's begging to wear them over and over! Now THOSE are some bragging rights... ; )
The Captain is adorable! My has he grown and not only in lenght, also in the look. The sweater is great, and the stripes really makes it. And neat finish, as always. You can be proud of it all.
Don't you just melt when you make your child something and they love it? That is just the best feeling!
Becky, What a darling son you have there! Looks like he got 'the moves' from Mom :o) Perfect jacket for your little darlin'!
I can't believe how much your son has changed over the summer. He is so big and grown up looking! The jacket came out great Becky! Very stylin!
Oh, your jacket turned out so very well! Congrats! Your son looks wonderful in it. :)
Aaaw, what a sweet & thoughtful kid to pose for such a great photoshoot for his Mom's blog! That's a very handsome boy & sweater. He's got great taste in knits for sure. Also - Yay for tall people! (I was always the tallest, myself - hello, tall & skinny kids! Yay for y'all!)
The jacket looks awesome, and Captain Destructo sure is getting tall. What a hunk!
What a handsome guy! His last pose reminds me of Keanu Reeves in Matrix. As always, what a fav job on the sweater. I love the color combo and looks like he loves it too.
He looks awesome! That is a great jacket. I would also like to add that you are a freaking genius for the zipper facing. Just today I was wondering how to put a facing on the zipper of the sweater I'm about to finish. Sew the facing on the zipper and then sew it on the sweater! Pure Genius! How did you figure out how many stitches you needed to cast on?
My gosh, he's getting so big! I must say, my favorite part of the sweater is the stipes too. Good job mom, gold * on the forehead for you!
Check that kid out! I can't believe how old he looks! Six! I'm about to fall off my chair! Oh, they grow up soooo fast *wiping nostalgic tears from face* I remember when he was just a little tyke, saying 'Giraffe!' whilst wearing his tweeeeedy jacket. He's a supercutie in that jacket. Well done Rabbit!
IL est vraiment trop mignon ton capitaine dans sa veste: fais-lui de gros bisous de ma part! Laetitia
Oh how many times I have been inspired by your chronicles of design and knitting. But it takes that fine son of yours to get me to finally comment. This is a great sweater, and yes he does have fine, fine taste. So good to Finish-I celebrate you!
woo hoo! it looks fantastic. and the captain is quite a model. i am more impressed with him than i am with any of those catalogue kids. :) and isn't it wonderful when they love it?! lovely work, as usual, just a pleasure to look at.
The Captain is looking so grown up! And the jacket is absolutely fabulous.
That wee jacket really suits the Captain.
I cannot believe how he's grown! And what a smile...this young man will definitely be a heartbreaker! Love the sweater too, and still don't know where you find all the time to do what you do!
What a ham! I love his Elvis impression! The jacket looks great - perfect for Fall. I bet it feels great to have your kid WANT to wear something you made. How very cool!
The sweater looks awesome! He is going to be such a heartbreaker when he grows up. You will be beating the girls back with sticks!
Captain D can be a kid model!!! He's grown so much and he's such a sweetheart :) The jacket looks great on him and your knitting is impeccable as always!
I live for the Captain Destructo Show. The boy makes anything look good, but it's an exceptionally handsome little jacket, too!
Great jacket and cute pictures of your son! Little boys are so much fun!
I love the jacket too! The Captain is a darn handsome one, I have to say! Love all his "acting silly" shots ... anyone ever asked you to let him be a model?
The Duck Dance..he looks like you modeling! I also like the one of him doing Elvis. His sweater is so beautiful and I can tell loves it.
The jacket is great! What a terrific model--it runs in your family:)
Unbearable cuteness. Maybe you should submit to cuteoverload.com. The jacket came out lovely, too!
Awwww, look how big your little man is getting! He looks so grown up in that fabulous jacket... nice work, as usual!
Thanks to everyone for such kind compliments about my Captain and the Linen Jacket! Now that he's older he understands that I put his photos up where others can see them, and I read aloud some of the comments to him. He loves hearing the nice things written! Thank you again, from the both of us :-)
Oh-My-Gawwwwd...look how tall he's gotten and so handsom in everything you make him.
your little guy is turning into a GQ model already! he's really all growed up and what a cutie. The jacket is fabulous too!
Holy smokes, lady, you're givin' me a heart attack. Do children really grow up that fast? I think that you need to knit more for Destructo so I don't *know* that he is getting so big. That sweater is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

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