October 03, 2005

The crack known as "Calmer".

Before I even blab about any of my other projects (which are moving along nicely, thanks), I want to show the completed [!] back piece of Whisper, posing on a table and bathing in its own ray of sunlight.

[Psst...Click here for a view of the WHOLE PIECE.]

When I look at the back piece, I think "Oh! How I wish my Whisper were finished already so I could wear it during this crisp weather we're already having. Why did Lyon decide to go straight from summer weather to early winter weather? I do not know. But it is definitely "Whisper cardi paired with trousers and kickin' new boots" weather so I should give Whisper priority. Without rushing through it, of course. Because even though I am eager to wear Whisper, I must savor the knitting of the Calmer. I just love me some Calmer*.

[Quick insertion of pop culture footnote: As I type this I'm listening to Haircut 100's Love Plus One. Remember that song? If so, high five me, bay-bee! We can feel old together.]

In other news, check out this tattoo tee that the fabulous Ei surprised me with. It's got a bejewelled tattoo design on the front, and another one on the right lower back area. It is SO COOL! I already wore it to school with the sleek long-sleeved black shrug that La Chic B-M sent me in August and the next time I wear it I'll pair it with my Fiery Bolero. Olé! (And I love how I get to go to fashion school wearing things sent to me by my stylin' friends.)

*This is the third project I've knit using Calmer, and I don't usually knit several projects in the same yarn unless it's a yarn I really like. And I really, really like Calmer. Like crack, the Calmer is.

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The back looks great. Can't wait to see that on you! Nice colour, too.
Thanks, Ashlee! I'm having a hard time picking up this particular color with the camera so I hoped the sunlight shot would help. The color's a light khaki (with a hint of gray) but the gray seems to be less camera shy than the khaki :-)
Hey! Look who's back. I figured you were so busy at school that we wouldn't hear from you until vacation. I love the Whisper cardie. So pretty. Okay, the color's a little...well, not so much me. Or maybe too much me. I'm sort of a khaki color myself, so I think it would just sort of blend. And then, with the wrinkles at the bottom...I'd just look like my skin was slipping. But if you'd like to whip one up for me in...oh, a nice blue or red... How's that lacy little cami coming?
Very chic! Whisper....I can't wait to see the whole thing! ooh la la...you were correct! le Bolero gets a lot of wear! Punk is tres fabu by the way...I'm having hard time restraining myself! x/o!!
Oooooh, the back of Whisper is looking lovely. Can't wait to see it all knit up. I share your affinity for Calmer - I've used it for four projects so far and have some more waiting in the wings. It's the perfect yarn - versatile cotton blend, super soft, super stretchy, great yardage, lovely to knit with and to wear. Have fun. :)
I love it - those ruffles are soooo cute. And the color sounds lovely - a basic, but not tooo basic. I guess I'm going to have to try Calmer and see if it's really like crack (not that I have a clue about crack, but you know what I mean).
Calmer is definitively one of my favourite yarns too! But I have found from other knitters that it is like Marmite, your either love it or you hate it...
Oh, Whisper is looking so pretty. You're one speedy rabbit. I love Calmer, too. I've got quite an impressive stash of it built up here, just begging for the needles! Have you taken your dress form home on the bus yet??
Oh, I forgot to mention, now that I've read your post, all that keeps playing in my head is "love plus one"!! I'm a relic from the 80s too!
Oh! . . . I am knitting with Calmer for the first time right now. I wasn't sure it would really live up to all the hype- how wrong I was! . . . it is so wonderful! I am actually making a pink and purple stegosaurus (from X-treme knitting). I can't wait to make something for me!
You DID IT you Did It!! I have had this on the back burner for so long I forgot how FABilicious those little rolls/tucks are. You & Kim Hargreaves are BRILLIANT! Dirty Secret: I've never finished ANYTHING from Calmer. YET. I stopped and started Audrey. I have something I worked on in Paris then when I got it home, I realized it was SO SMALL I couldn't wear it. It is now hiding in a drawer until the Little Bad Muse hits me upside the head and re-launches it's beatitude...
Yup, this is the same Lily at www.livejournal.com/~theknitpicker- I recently moved to Blogspot :-D Anyway, Whisper looks like it's coming along marvelously! I can't wait to see the finished item. Are we going to hear more about school in the next post? Or your other projects? *grin*
what a gorgeous piece!
Whisper is one very cool cardi. I can't wait to see more of her. You...are the Queen of Calmer! I'm so glad you like the tatoo tee. This is the first one I have seen with a design on the back, so I had to get us both one. :-)
Thanks, everyone! And it's true: Calmer is definitely a love or hate yarn. I find that the only way I love it is if I knit it on needles with pointy tips.
Looking great! I'm working on this one myself, only with Rowan wool cotton (almost as crack-like as Calmer) in a red-ish-orange colour. If I ever get around to blogging, I'll post a picture...
Love that shirt, and the cool structure of that Calmer project. Feel free to show us the kickin' new boots. I've got me boots on the brain lately. And, I'm lovin' the image of you heading off to fashion school every morning. YEAH!
Whisper is looking great! I just LOVE those ripples at the bottom. Hope classes are going well!
I'm in total agreement and am of course thankful that Calmer is legal and won't lead to my early demise.
looking good! the tatoo T is definitely the cutest T i have seen! very edgy. anyway, audrey was my first calmer project, i love the yarn, but it splits sometimes and it seems to peel a bit? i have four balls left, not sure what to make with them yet... can't wait to see whisper, though, it is a really lovely cardi!
Whisper is looking beautiful, and you're right - will be perfect for crisp weather. I love how the tucks look and can't wait to see this one finished! Maybe in time to whack dance on the dress form?? Has she gotten to come home with you yet? That tee is too great!
Whisper looks delicious! All those ripples, i bet you had fun :) Hope you're enjoying all your classes, i bet you're topping the class xo
Wow - Whisper is looking great!! I can't wait to see it finished up...it's been really warm here in Canada - almost 30 degrees celsius today - very weird.
I bought me some calmer in a sale last year, to knit Audrey...still havn't gotten round to it, but I will and possibly by November =)
How is school?? Hoping to see some exciting sewing on your blog soon... In the mean time Wisper is looking great!!
Hooray for Calmer - I'm wearing some right now! Whisper is going to be terrific. So glad to see a post from you, too...now to figure out why bloglines didn't tell me it was up.
hi-five! ;-P
Just learning to knit and your site is inspirational! If I could just graduate from scarves...
Wow, Whisper looks amazing, Becky! The Calmer, I haven't tried. But I hear wonderful things. One day!
Don't talk to me about that crack we call Calmer. I love it...and am trying to find another fix...
Haircut 100 reference caused me to de-lurk after lo these many months. I saw them in concert and danced on the tables. Yes. I feel old, though you most certainly are not. BTW, you rock as a designer and knitter. Keep up the fab work! Returning to the lurking posture...
I keep hearing about the wonders of Calmer. I scored a couple balls of it in a trade and will have to hurry up and start using it to see what all the buzz is about!
The pattern looks great. Is it very difficult?
I heart Calmer. I have a calmer cardi waiting for me, myself! I love Whisper. I can't wait to see it!
Oh yes, I agree Calmer is THAT good! That Whisper back looks sooo cool. I love the little tucks. I've been wanting to make one of those designs, but wasn't sure I wouldn't feel funny wearing it. Yours looks so awesome though. It's going to look fabulous on you!!
I adore Calmer myself. I made a pair of socks with it that are to die for. So soft! I was actually just listening to that song myself this weekend on some 80's hits cd. I had forgotten all about it.
Wow, can't wait to see the finished Whisper. It is looking great thus far. One of these days I will get to try the crack Calmer, one of these days!!
so glad to see this coming along. I finished mine & there's lots of sewing to do on this baby so get ready! It's very attractive & can't wait to see it on my niece. Now thinking I should have done it for myself!

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