October 03, 2002

Go, go Speed Racer.

I've been working on my "Stars and Stripes Teddy Bear" in the evenings, and it's coming along nicely. I've finished one leg and have begun knitting the other. When I started the bear, I had planned on having it be my "carry around" project - the project I take with me when I go out everyday because it's small and I can knit it while waiting around or on short breaks, but I've nixed that idea quickly. The parts require lots of shaping and the needles I'm using to knit are so small that I find myself frogging if I don't pay a bit of attention to what I'm doing. It's a good "watching television" project, though. So I think I'll start calling it the "Crappy T.V. in the Evening Bear" because I've been knitting it while zoning out for an hour in front of the television set every night and, well, television programming is very much wanting over here. Remind me to ask Santa for a DVD player this year.

In other knitting news, I've been working very leisurely on my sweater, and am about 1/4 the front. Even though I'm not currently giving the sweater priority, the size 5mm needles and thick, bumpy yarn still make me work pretty quickly on this project. Maybe I should start hoping for cold weather.

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Will there be a picture of the teddy bear pattern coming? I looked for it on every Debbie Bliss site I could find, but I didn't see it. (Oh, and I love that sweater. I might have to do that one myself.)
Oh, definitely. I'll post some snapshots for you :-)
Oooh...bumpy yarn. In the first shot, it reminds me of 'TV Static'. All the black and white fuzzing together. =)
I like your description, Brianna. In the Phildar magazine, the sweater is called "The Pixel Sweater", because the little bumps give it a "pixelized effect". But "TV Static" is more appropriate, I think.

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