October 01, 2004

Ribbit! And how about those ends?

Manly Jacket sleeve progress, er...kinda:

This is after I stripped it of FORTY rows.

Sigh. I blame it on Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon in that weepy Stepmom, which showed on French television a couple of days ago. I didn't see it when it came out in the theaters, and it's a good thing I didn't because I would have bothered everyone else with my sobbing. Major tearjerker for a movie sap like me. And it's also the cause of my sorry error! I flubbed the number of rows over which my increases were supposed to be worked, and didn't even notice. Just kept on knitting in ignorant bliss while wiping tears out of the corners of my eyes [thanks a lot, Julia and Susan!]. Finally, right as I was about to start the armhole cap shaping, it occurred to me to count the stitches before decreasing. And it was all downhill from there. Suffice it to say: I had to rip out 40 rows. There was no way around it and YES there would have been a noticeable difference between the sleeves if I hadn't. [Grumble, grumble.]

[Knitting footnote: The other day Felicia noticed that I usually have long ends hanging from my knitted pieces, and she asked if I always join in new yarn at the beginning of rows. Yes! I always do. And if I run out mid-row (although I usually manage to avoid this), I'll frog back to the beginning of a row and join in a new yarn. I try to leave the ends about 12 inches long in case I need to use them for seaming, so I don't weave in any ends until seaming is complete. Even though I leave the ends long, I rarely run out of yarn because I always try to buy an extra skein than what is required. (Before I started doing this I'd run out of yarn sometimes. In that case, I'd "hide" the oddball by using it to knit all the finishing touches, like a neckband. My 2003 pretty cotton jacket and my 2002 "baa baa sheep" sweater both have neckbands that were knit using a skein in another dye lot, and one can't even tell.) End of incredibly long footnote.]

So now please let me distract you from my pitiful knitting karma with a photo of my latest stash addition, fresh from the mailbox:


I feel like grabbing a bullhorn and shouting out the window to passersby, "I got some chunky and furry yarns and I'm going to make a fabulous jacket so THERE!"

Just kidding. I won't use the bullhorn. But Ribbon Twist and Wool Tuft are so spiffy in person! As soon as I get those honkin' 12mm [!] needles I'll be a-swatching.

The yarn was sent to me in trade by Tiffany, with whom I've carried out my biggest yarn trade to date. (The yarn and book shown above is half the trade; there's more to come.) It started innocently enough: Miss Tiffany casually mentioned to me a few "swapable" items from her stash and I retaliated with a few of my own. Which, of course, resulted in a fun and frenzied shooting of stash show-and-tell messages. We even threw in some cookies to seal the deal. I love me a good swap!

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This book is fab, but you should see vintage book by Rowan. UNBELIEVABLE FAB!! Already choose 3 future projects :)
oooh... love the ribbon twist. I can't wait to see your jacket!
Susan and Julia are awesome in that movie! That was such a tearjerker...especially on planes! I'm so upset about the frogged sleeve, especially knowing how your hubby has very long arms! Good tip about the extra ball of yarn. I find myself buying yarn now without any idea of what to do with it. This is a bad habit I need to break!
That upcoming jacket looks fuzzy and comfy-- I'll bet that will be fun to knit. Oh, and I am a major fan of Bloglines-- it saves me surfing time (and my boss would thank me, I'm sure!), and I like being notified when new items are posted. You're definitely on my list!
ooooh, the jacket-in-the-works looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it.
I was wondering if I was the only one using the threads ends for the seams : why hiding them when they can be so usefull ? BTW, wonderfull job ! I still don't know if I'll be able to knit something for my oh-so-tall-husband...
Yummy Rowan jacket. Just the thing when the weather turns. Those fluffy bits will be perfect rabbit fodder...nibble nibble...
Good advice regarding always starting new yarn at the beginning of a row. I do the same thing myself after learning the hard way that it's not always best to start in the middle. Love the yarn! I have something similar in orangey colours somewhere in my stash....hmmm...
Becky - to avoid running out of yarn mid row...what I do is at the end of the row when I know I have enough yarn left for one row but maybe not more, I fold the yarn in half and put a slipknot at the halfway point. If I reach that slipknot, I know I don't have enough to do another row. If I don't and I may still have more than 1 row's worth, I repeat this process. It works for me. :)
Becky - I can't wait to see the fabby jacket! Oh happy day...
Tiffany! What a gret tip! I've always sorta eyeballed how much yarn I have left, and am often optimistic in my estimates. Becky, my sympathy. I once got so engrossed in Pride & Prejudice (and Colin Firth's profile) that I overshot my mark and knit right past the sleeve divide on an in-the-round sweater (12-row cable repeat, linen yarn, #3 needles) and had to rip out an extra 4 1/2 inches. I won't give up knitting with movies, though.
I think that Eva is telepathic! A part of the trade is Vintage Knits; it's coming in a subsequent package. I can't wait to see it. Re joining new yarn in the middle: I did this a couple of times and didn't like how it looked after I tried to hide the ends. It seemed to create extra bulk and sometimes wonked out how my stitches looked, so I started joining in the beginning of rows. And that's why I love seams :-) Thanks for the excellent tip, Tiffany! I'm going to start doing that. What I usually do is wrap the yarn 4 times around the knitting if it's stockinette stitch and five times around if it's a cabled pattern, and that leaves me enough for finishing one row with a long enough end for weaving. I like the idea of a slipknot because I like to knit while looking at the t.v., and don't always pay attention to what I'm doing. Hee! And while we're on the subject of knitting + movies: I am a big time Jane Austen fan. Love all the books, and most of the movies. [And Colin Firth...huzzah!]
Ribbon twist très très agréable à tricoter et rapide! J'ai acheté hier cinq pelotes pour faire le poncho "ava" et j'ai tricoté toute la soirée. Le dos est déjà fini!
Hey Becky! I'm making the same Rowan jacket! Everything in that new Ribbon Twist book looks so nice...it was hard to pick. But that Willow jacket, with it's full spread of photos, was hard to turn down! Looking forward to seeing your finished jacket!
uh, YEAH I am with you on the Jane Austen Knitting Factor of 10...I watched Pride/Prejudice like 3 times that week I rented it...There is no such thing as too much Mr. Darcy. oh. He's good in Bridget Jones too. Cool! I do that add the yarn at the beginning of a row too. That rowan wool tuft looks so interesting...
Becky, you're so lucky! I've ordered some ribbon twist but it hasn't arrived yet... Mind you, I'm trying very hard to finish and seam my two other projects in the meantime because I know what I'll be like once it arrives - I won't be able to resist diving in! Oh, and I always do the "folding the yarn in two" trick to know if I have enough for another row. And there was me thinking I'd had an original idea... Of course, I agree with the Colin Firth remarks... though I don't know if I could knit anything right while watching him, even on 12 mm needles.
Glad to see it arrived!!! The other box should be there shortly :)
Your ribbon twist and wool tuft look great! Like you, I join in my yarn at the end of the rows. I think it makes life a WHOLE lot easier!
Yum, that is some yummy yarn. Can not wait to see the jacket in the works.
I'm always knitting while watching TV, I can check my work during commercials. I won't knit while watching DVDs, because... no commercial!!
Mr. Darcy. Mmmmmmm.
Use the bullhorn, use the bullhorn!!! Hahahahahaha! You are so silly. To see if I have enough yarn to finish the row, I see if I have loosely three times the width of the piece (I just lay it loosely along the width, then back, then back again) - it's always enough for me anyway.
That's annoying about the ripping, but Oh! What a fabulous stash addition! I love that jacket and those two yarns, it's going to be fabulous :)
i should totally stop joining in the middle. i thought i just wasn't splitting the yarn enough before i weave ends in, but you are so smart. just avoid it altogether and use ends for seams. very clever use of those ends. and that jacket is fab. can't wait to see it.
Hi Becky, It has my experience that knitting while watching great movies should be super simple knitting!!! I was a scarf knitting queen during the Aussie winter, all simple patterns mostly with great textured and interesting wool...perfect tv knitting : ) Not sure I could knit if Colin was on tv or anything Jane Austen for that matter.
It doesn't matter how many times I've seen Stepmom and similar sappy chickflick movies...without fail I bawl enough to need to borrow Noah's Ark! Sniffle sniffle! But definitely, what a "grrrrr!" on the subsequent 40-row-ripout! That in itself is a tear-jerker, but no doubt you'll have it re-knit perfectly in no time at all. Have a wonderful weekend!
What is it about Colin Firth that makes grown women drool? "Mr. Darcy : Yes, but that was only when I first knew her, for it is many months since I have considered her as one of the handsomest women of my acquaintance." Oh yeah...now I remember :o) You have given me a fun blog topic... Movies that make you blubber! Terms of Endearment and the end of Field of Dreams break my heart! Again...a very enjoyable post, dear!
I love that jacket,I just ordered some Ribbon Twist and Wool Tuft to knit a couple of things ( I was sulking at the lack of birthday presents). There is a new shop here that stocks Rowan and pattern books in english but not Ribbon Twist yet. I too always fold the yarn in half and slipknot it and always start at the end.
Oooo I love the new jacket. I can't wait until I am good enough to make something so nice; I'll be following your progress. And I can't wait to see the photos! All that lovely lovely yarn.
Hi Becky, I'm off for 10 days, so I'm seem out of touch...because I can't always post comments from home but I can still surf =) I just wanted to say, I think you have an eklectic taste...as I got used to certain typs of designs from you and now I notice you have done in the past and are working on now disigns of a completely different sytle. All of course are knit to perfection. That's one Julia Roberts movie I chose not to watch, and now I no longer think I can...it's too close to my heart...having lost my own mother 19 months ago.
I watched Stepmom on a flight some years back and was sobbing buckets. I'm looking forward to seeing your Ribbon Twist jacket.
It is funny !! I watched this movie too ... I am rather emotional so I did not knit at this time !! ;-))). You have a very keen eye : this jacket is quite simply marvellous... It is a Rowan pattern ?
That is a fabulous jacket and will look great in those colours. I hope your husband appreciates all this effort - I hate knitting for blokes as they're just too darn big !
aww, shux! that yarn you bought looks soo verry yummy... mmm, i can feel it melting between my fingers...
40 rows is criminal, and I feel for you! What better way to cheer you up than really cool yarn! Tufty + textured = great jacket. Can't wait to see it!
Hi Becky, That is such a fab jacket. I love it!! Very cool. Can't wait to see you knitting up that one.
another devoted jane austen & colin firth fan here...must admit that mr. darcy's profile can be quite distracting. (and can i add that i can't wait for bridget jones 2 to come out? more colin! squee!) as for stepmom, i saw that movie at the theater long ago with one of my good guy friends - we were the only two people in the theater, yet we were still trying to muffle sobs. :)
I love knitting to movies -- Colin Firth being so distracting, I need to work on something simpler while drooling over him. Except Girl with a Pearl Earring -- that terrible wig!
I love the yarn you got in trade. How fuzzilicious. Do you often consider trading? I have a silky tweed in a soft green, delicious... enough for a skinny rabbit sweater, which alas I am not. It's Elisabeth Lavold and I can't return it as the yarn store closed down (boo hoo). I also have her newest pattern book, with lovely cabled goodies and sweet sweet pullovers. It's just sitting in my stash waiting for a trade. Manly sweater frogging breaks my heart. rippit rippit. Caroline

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