November 30, 2004

Another seaming party on the horizon.

Why, it's a fluffy jacket in a pile!

Look at all the pieces I have to block and seam.
Don't you feel just awful for me?

My fluffy jacket has been in this pile for a week, and I finally decided to get off of my procrastinating bee-hind and start blocking it all, already. This yarn is a big time curler so I'm steam-blocking the dickens out of the pieces - especially the sleeve cuffs which curl insanely upwards - and then placing them [get ready for this] between the mattress and box spring of my bed in order to kill the last of the curl. Yeah. That'll show it.

I'd like to get seaming sometime this weekend but in the meantime, I'll show you one of the sleeve cuffs (pre-blocking) because they are so simple yet clever that failing to show a progress photo of one would be mean of me:

I love how the cuffs are split in the style of jacket cuffs.
P.S. See the edge rolling up? I told you this yarn was a curler.

Next up: Knit the pockets and then hunt down thread or yarn for seaming. (There is no way I'm going to seam using this yarn. It's too bumpy and tugging it through edge stitches for seaming would be torturous.) And after seaming we still have all that mad, mad fringe to attach. Send a crochet hook and a kir, stat.

On another note, I cannot believe that we are already at the end of November! The yearly Fête des Lumières in Lyon starts in a week and I want to make some armwarmers or fingerless gloves to wear for extra warmth when I visit the outdoor light shows at night. I've never knit anything like that for myself before, but last week while eating at a restaurant near the Presqu'île I saw a young woman at another table wearing fingerless ribbed mitts/armwarmers that went past her elbow in the style of opera gloves. She was wearing them over a long-sleeved blouse in a matching color. Of course, I immediately wanted to knit a pair for myself. To the needles, Plassard Merinos!

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Those arm mittens sound like fun! I could do with a pair here for the Christmas markets.
I cannot wait to see that pile of fluff all seamed up and fluffa'ed! I know it will be magnifique!
Yes, Becky, I feel with you because of the seaming party.... I have one on my own horizon, too, since I have finished Butterfly... I adore fingerless mittens and armwarmers! They are much more practical then gloves and mittens, they keep one warm without covering the whole fingers. I am planning to knit some more for myself. Have a wonderful week!
I feel it necessary to come to the defense of your poor, maligned behind. With a readership as large as yours, one could make a case for slander! I am a devoted reader of Fluffa! and would never classify your derriere as the procrastinating type.
Fingerless mitts -- sweeping the web! Combo arm warmers/fingerless mitts sound divine.
ooh! A seaming party soon! Well have a kir (or two, aw okay 2 1/2) for me...What a great idea about the mattress, although they are bit unwieldy if I remember the last time I flipped mine (poor bashed ceiling fan)... Can't wait to see the rabbit's new mitts!
The nice thing about those fingerless glove things is that you can knit with them! :) Can't wait to see this sweater... I have the yarn for it on my Christmas wishlist!
Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it! (insert gentle sarcasm here) Actually I have been waiting to see this sweater finished - it is going to be beautiful! !
I've made several pairs of mid-bicep length (opera) fingerless gloves for the winter and a pair for a buddy's teenage daughter from last year's Winter Vogue International with a cargo pocket and brightly coloured patches. She loves hers, I love mine, and they a re a heack of a lot faster and more satisfying than knitting finger after finger on gloves!
I think I'm being slowpokey at starting a seaming party 'cause I have ALL THAT MAD FRINGE to add on afterwards. Sigh. I'm looking forward to knitting these fingerless opera mitts! I agree re knitting finger after finger on gloves. I never knit gloves for myself because i) I hate using dpns for such tiny things and ii) I never wear gloves even if my fingers are freezing because I end up removing them when I want to use my hands. But fingerless mitts...ah, that's something else.
ooh! Jacob's little sister requested armwarmers that end right above her knuckles with - get this - matching leg warmer-style thingies that come down over her shoes, all matching, so she can wear them with a skirt. I think I might try it! Your fluffy jacket looks fluffa-licious! I can't wait to see you modeling it!
Oh god, putting the pieces between your mattress is brilliant and hysterical.
Longer fingerless gloves. I live in Florida, but they might be used at the office where it is tre's froid! I saw an interesting knit item too: sweater with long sleeves, but the sleeves then became flat and kept going past the back of the hands. Interesting look, but I couldn't think of a purpose other than fashion statement. Any ideas??
best of luck with all of that seaming! i don't envy as i loathe seaming but on the bright side, you have an excuse to breakout the kir!
Here is some very classy ribbed fingerless gloves that I adore: I have the pattern and I can't WAIT to make it! I just have a zillion projects in front of it. I had never seen a pattern for fingerless gloves as nice as thouse.
Hi Becky, And here I thought you'd post about the finished manly sweater next...tee hee...but the fluffy pile of yarn looks lovely too! Can't wait to see the final product!
Have to admit, I'm a slacker when it comes to finishing. I can't wait to see your fingerless opera gloves! I used Plassard Merinos for a simple raglan sweater but the yarn bloomed after washing. I still have to remove a couple inches from the sleeves. But I'll have about 2-3 balls of yarn left over with no idea what to I'm anxiously awaiting those gloves!
Good to know even the Skinny Rabbit has a pile-o-knitting.:-) As for the fingerless gloves...yet another thing I've been meaning to knit for myself. Excited to see pictures of the light show again this year.(hint, hint)
I can't wait to see the fluffy jacket! It is also on my Christmas wishlist! And I want to make some lacy fingerless gloves. I will have a drink for you this weekend to help with the seaming! Sarah
ok now why does that pile of fluffy pieces make me want to jump in like some type of sealy posturepedic mattress commercial. it looks just that soft, hehe. that is going to be one cozy jacket. and i'm sooooooo feeling the armwarmers right now and can't wait to knit some up 'cause it is coooooold over here. (apologies for the over use of the letter "o" or maybe i should say that today is brought to you by the letter "o" and the number 2. too many o's and i need two armwarmers fast! ok i know, way too much sesame street going on over here)
Wow Becky, if you practiced law like you knit, watch out! There'd be contracts flying everywhere, faster than you could say "consideration." I think the jacke looks supurb and I am a big fan of arm warmers! I have 2 pairs that I bought (oh the shame) in Germany. I wear them all the time under jackets or with tees - they are great. Everyone makes fun of them, but they are not as daring/adventurous/zany/fashion fearless as I am! Can't wait to see the opera style armwarmers and I can't wait until I have more time to knit!!
froggy's post is cracking me up...and i totally agree. that jacket is going to be coh-ZEE! the opera-length mitts sound very glamorous. i was just admiring siow chin's tweedy short ones...
Hehe...that pile of jacket pieces does look pretty cushy, doesn't it? I've noticed that blooming effect (love the word "bloom"!) in Merinos, so I'm going to work at a tighter gauge. I want to knit them in ribbing, but I'm still not sure. Ribbing in opera-length mitts seems a bit monotonous... I like Sarah's idea. I think that we should all have a drink at a scheduled time this weekend so that it truly is a seaming party. (Yeah, yeah. Bummer about time differences. But it's always cocktail hour somewhere.) P.S. to Kyla: I wish I had known how to knit when I was lawyering 16 hours a day. It would have been a good way to de-stress. Don't stop knitting :-)
Ohhh! I love the idea of opers length mitts. I have been thinking about that myself. There is a pattern in one of the Sally Melville books. I think she uses koigu...but any yarn in that gauge would work of course. Can't wait to see your fluffy jacket!!!
You are a "Bad-ass Blocker" - you kill that curl! *grin*
I'm making long fingerless gloves for my niece in red merino, to wear under her black wool/cashmere pea coat. They're wonderful and practical, you can just pull your fingers inside to be even warmer, like fingered gloves. My advice - make a real thumb section - not just a gusset - knit around to the bottom of your thumbnail, and your thumb and hand will be warmer.
Hurry and seam! I wanna see the finished product...Hurry!
hi Fluffa, i love visiting your blog. your knitting is beautiful and astoundingly prolific--there are always goodies to admire. i can't wait to see the jacket-seaming & resulting warm loveliness. also, thanks for all the detailed in-progress photos. they are very helpful to someone w/o the benefit of experience like me. armwarmers/wristlets/fingerless gloves seem to be on everyone's list, myself included. i guess knitters appreciate the agility of their fingers. i hadn't yet thought about opera length, hmm... looking forward to seeing yours for inspiration.
I also recently came to the conclusion that fingerless mittens are a really good compromise between functionality and warmth. I'm thinking about knitting that knitty design one, but using dpn makes me nervous and I'm waiting till I have enough time to perhaps knit one mitten per one sitting.. Looking foward to seeing yours for inspiration:)
Can't wait to see it =)
Your poncho is gorgeous! I must have one too! As for "Brumes", I had an awful time sewing with that yarn: I shouldn't have used it. Anyway, it's over now and I love the way it looks. Maybe I'll even knit something else in Brumes because it grows so fast! I don't have much time for knitting presently and I'm only interested in rapid projects.
Hi Becky, Check this out: she might have a pattern to suggest for you of fingerless mittens
How do you find the motivation to seam? I'm still seaming my Kyoto for what has been an embarrassingly long time. I'm with you on the opera length fingerless gloves. So cozy. :)
Can I invite myself to the seaming party? I have 2.5 sweaters to finish before Christmas. Bof. On one of them though, I am taking your previously posted good advice on using finer gauge stuff on bulkier yarn. It's turning out MUCH better this way. It's a great tip!
Love that pile of softness! You've inspired me to knit a poncho..a very simple beginner type! Thank you for the fab piccys I love seeing your son tearing around the place on his scooter and love the knitting jewelery on Manly Husband! A new trend!!
Hi Becky! I loved your vintage knits button!! Wow, the knitted wedding dress is amazing, no? Thanks for the history.....

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