November 27, 2005

I don't know about you...

...but I just love doing raglan sleeve decreases. And that's not all; I also love seaming garments with raglan sleeves. There's something about putting the pieces together that make me feel like I'm playing around with an incredibly easy jigsaw puzzle. I know, I know. I'm easily amused. Anyway...behold the second front piece of my son's Letterman Jacket with it's amazingly fun raglan sleeve decreases:

[Hey! Wanna see both completed front pieces? Sure you do.]

I've already completed both front pieces and am now working on the sleeves. Woot! And you're probably wondering where I am with the Mystery Project for Winter. Well, wonder no more. I worked on it while riding in the car to Vienne this afternoon:

Send hot chocolate and some decent lighting, stat.

Yes, yes. I know what you're thinking: The Thing looks like a dull-colored animal pelt sitting on my lap. I assure you; it's much more beautific in person but light conditions were far from favorable. (We had lots of sun during the week but today was a cold gray day, complete with snow. Send hot chocolate.)

And in order to distract you from the fact that I've yet to get off my procrastinating bee-hind and seam Butterfly ALREADY I'll share a gratuitous slideshow of snapshots taken during hat night on Friday (Sainte Catherine Day), when all of us crazy fashion design students danced about while wearing outrageous hats we made in class last Tuesday. Rawk out.

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Looks like your fashion design class is loads of fun, I really like your hat! It also looks like the Letterman Jacket will be finished soon... can't wait.
[girl girl girl Girl GIRL!] HAPPY BIRTHDAY (just a WEE belated mon ami!) You look SO ADORABLE! in your St. Catherine's Hat! (Of course, I spent the day praying for a new husband...) CAN'T wait to see the Mystery Project - another glamorous color choice - I am entranced by the cool neutrals myself this fall...
Funny slideshow. Especially like the hat that looks like it was formally a colander!
what a fun hat day! you look great. hmm... that furry project of yours looks really exciting! i love love the color!
Fantastic work as always, but I've got to wonder what happened to the Whisper cardigan . . . I was so looking forward to seeing that on you! :)
I can't wait to see what the mystery project is. It looks so cuddy and warm! The letterman jacket will be adorable. I'm a big fan of raglan sleeves too.
You know, there isn't any chocolate in this house...except for some powdered cocoa. Hmmmm....maybe its time for a break! You know, I've never done a raglan in pieces and seamed -- always knitted on. Maybe if you love it so much, I might not hate it after all.
I just posted about decorative raglan decreases and how cool they are, too... Oh, the things that get knitters excited! The hats look like an absolute blast.
Wow, I LOVE that mystery project! I was thinking to myself that I would like to knit myself a wrap sweater, in light gray angora. I love the fuzzy softness, and I think I am developing an allergy to mohair. And angora is just so sexy! I love your hat- school looks like fun!!
I love the hat! Good to see you still have time to knit with all of the school stuff. I always wanted a letterman jacket, even wore my Dad's old letter sweater, even though it was ginormous on me. Ah, those were the days. You remember them, oh wait, the lates 70's you were probably still in pre-school.
And belated birthday wishes to a wonderful blogger! That's pretty cool, all those hats. Maybe Camilla (Princ Chas' new wifey) will like a design or two.
Woohoo!! I love the crazy, boogie down hat action.
This winter mystery project looks so soft and comfy (very wintery indeed). Don't keep us too long in suspense...
OMG, your hat is tres cute! (Ha, lame attempt at injecting some french.....). In any case, you look quite fetchng in hat, I must say. Fun times!
GREAT hat--love those colors. Is school supposed to be THIS much fun! I want to see the skirt you made.
You look like you're have fun in school! Do you have a winter break or do you go straight through?
The jacket is cute, but the hat steals the show! Fabu fabu!
Ooh la la! I "heart" your hat! Such fun colors and textures!
Love the pics -- what a fun and happy time ;) I love raglans too, but not so much on the seaming. Maybe I can send that part to you? hehe Take care~
I'm with you on the raglan sleeves--I'm working on some right now too! The hats are wonderful, especially yours (of course)!
Wait a minute...did Becky just say she loves doing raglan sleeve decreases? I do hope you will drop by my blog when you get a minute. I put up a question about raglan shaping today and I bet you are just the lady to answer it. Your son is going to love the Letterman Jacket. You are doing such a fabulous job on it! You must seam Butterfly Becky. That is just the thing for the holiday season don't you think? I love the outrageous hats!! Is that you and yours in the last shot of the slideshow?
fun fun! et quel chapeau!
what is this I hear of a birthday? (mine was on the 27th) Happy b-day my dearest wabbit. x/o to you! Love the hats! Very cool...tres chic!
Love the crazy hats! I do know what you mean about raglan shaping. I like it, too. When you start the shaping you know the end is near, and everything goes super fast.
What fun!
Love the hats! Love! Them! That class looks like so much fun!
Gorgeous hat, lady. :) I am in love with those sleeve cuffs. Is that weird?
I love raglan sleeves/decreases too! There is just something that is so satifying about it, right?! Lovely work as always!
what a fun hat! happy birthday! from another fan of raglans, lol.
Love the gorgeous hat, Becky! Phillip Treacy, eat your heart out...
i love how crisp the letterman jacket looks. your stitches really pop. that hat! is gorgeous! i'm glad you're having fun. mystery project looks so soft and cuddly, i want to adopt it.
Ooh, la, la, ala English wedding hat! AWESOME! Want some Swissmiss?
Oh - I hate getting behind in my blog reading! Happy (now belated) Birthday!! I can't wait to see what the mystery knit is...hmmm.
Snazzy hat! Looks like you're ready for a day at Ascot. I'm not wild about neutrals, usually, but that new project just looks so teddy bear soft and cuddly. Can't wait to see it finished up. And the David Letterman sweater is coming along nicely. ;^)
Happy Happy Birthday!! i can't wait for you to reveal the mystery project...
Could you be any cuter? Seriously. The hat is adorable!
That hat is so hilarious. I love it! What fun you guys had! I love Phildar decreases. They are SO well written. ;-) They are masters of their decreasing universe.
what a big hat for such a little rabbit! i love seaming raglan sleeves too, but sadly raglans make me look like a gorilla. maybe i should produce a child to knit for...
I love your crazy hat slideshow! You have the cutest smile! I'm dying to see Butterfly completed, it looks so gossamer and feathery and pretty.
Wild and crazy hats, I love it! Sainte Catherine day looks like crazy fun!

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