November 25, 2004

Why, we're almost on our way to a finished Manly Jacket!

Calling Dr. Needles*, calling Dr. Needles...
Incidentally, that's my husband's neck, not mine.
(Before you go thinking that I grew an Adam's apple overnight.)
P.S. Why yes, there is a slideshow!

It looks like a finished Manly Jacket is in sight! The whole thing has been blocked, seamed, given a neckband, and is now ready for a zipper. And boy oh boy am I thankful it's almost over. Seaming this jacket was something else, let me tell you. Remember the amazingly funky-shaped sleeves with their key-like shoulder straps? The shoulder straps must be sewn to the shoulders of the front pieces and the back piece so that they match up perfectly, and then the sleeve caps need to be attached to the armholes in an identical manner so that the ribbing of both sleeves looks symmetrical. Just fudging it as you sew results in a strange lopsided shoulders look, and I know this because that's what I managed to achieve the first time 'round. As I don't want my husband wearing a jacket that gives him seemingly crooked shoulders, I ripped out and tried again. I hate pinning sleeves for sewing, so on my second try I used a contrast color yarn to mark groups of stitches on the sleeves, front pieces and back pieces, and then matched up these groups of stitches when sewing (which I did from the armholes up). Bingo! The seams came out smooth and even, and the ribbing on both sleeves matches up perfectly. Second time was the charm thanks to marking groups of stitches. And you know that I show all of this in a snapshot slideshow, right? It's a seaming party in pictures! (Please note the kir royal that has become a favored seaming tradition for yours truly. Salud!)

In other news, I've got some stash enhancements to share: Jackie sent me some fabulous Morehouse Merino, Janet sent me Stitch'n Bitch Nation, Carolyn sent me the latest Interweave Knits and Lisa sent me some Hello Kitty stitch markers. [Thank you, ladies!] Then I went off and bought myself some more yarn as a reward for successfully wrestling with the Manly Jacket seams. Check out what I got here!

*Dr. Needles is actually my own nickname. If I have to change needle sizes in a project soon, I'll "wear" my circular needles around my neck until the time comes to use them. Sometimes I forget I have the needles there, and will walk around the house wearing them like funky knitter's jewelry. Hee hee!

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Eat some pumpkin pie and turkey for me. Gobble, gobble.

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Wow! That jacket looks *cool*! Do we get the whack dancing shots from your husband, too, or is that limited to Captain Destructo? Way to go, it looks great!
ok, i've got to try that kir royal if it contributes to amazing seam sessions like that. looks fantastic. i really like those two yarns together. and you are too funny with the knitters jewelry.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hee hee!! Becky grew an Adam's apple? That was too funny! That'd take some reconstructive surgery and some major hormones to accomplish such a feat...LOL The manly jacket looks very manly...nice job!! Did you drink both glasses of wine? TEE HEE! Can't wait to see the finished project sans circular knitting needle necklace...which wasn't very manly on the manly man...hee hee!
Awesome job on the seaming! I'll definitely be hosting a seaming party next week, so thanks for getting things started. That manly jacket is going to be perfect. Once again, you've sold me on a pattern book. I hope you're getting a commission! Now I'm gonna eat too much turkey, take a nice long nap and then start seaming. Happy thanksgiving!
good lord! it seems that i need to try the kir royal chez moi and then do a dance for the seaming goddess when seaming. and yes, we want your hubby to dance in his new manly jacket!
Looks wonderful! Part of me is happy my husband doesn't wear knitted sweaters (he claims all to be too hot), since he is 193 cm long, so figure those arms and the amount of yarn a sweater for him asks for, but part of me is green with envy, since I would like him to have something I have knitted, and you make so lovely things for yours. Looking forward to see a zipper slide-show!
Lookin' good :)
That is one super looking sweater. He's a lucky guy. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
Are both of those kirs for you? ;-) No pumpkin pie this year...I had to eat an extra apple slice for you instead. Happy Thanksgiving!
You're so adorable I just wanna SQUOOZE ya. And then steal that sweater. I know it's Manly, but it's gonna look GOOD on me.
When I first saw the photo I thought M le Hubby was being strangled! He is a real good sport. My man thinks all knitting is rubbish. Seriously Becky, that's a really good job you've made of the sewing!
The manly sweater looks fabulous (as always) and i love the fact that Mr. Rabbit will pose for photos wearing a semi-finished sweater with attached knitters jewellery! Cool! On another note - is your morehouse merino the laceweight one? and how many skeins do you need to make the clapper? ... and what colour is the one you have - it's beautiful! So many questions! Sorry! But I'm planning to make a clapper for myself and have not been sure about which yarn to use.
Bitchin'! As usual a win win situation. Hubby scored as well since he picked the pattern. Yup, me too. Me wanna see pic of manly man wearing finished product! Perhaps a mannequin pose out of a Sears catalog? On the seamy side, great job with shoulder and armhole seams. Cheers! I know how that feels when you get it right and the second one goes in like a dream?
Oh how I love the slide show. I could use some Kir Royale myself. (I've only ever had that when in France, why is that?) I've got some re-seaming to do on the Peace Cardigan. Most likely my seaming party will involve Sunday afternoon football and knitting water (aka beer). Must make some concessions for the man.
I love your slideshows! The more pictures the better I think. The jacket is going to look super cool, I only wish my man wanted more knitted things :( Hooray for Kir Royales!
Ummm...neddles around the neck. That could be the new fashion statment of the year! I may have to try that. Your manly sweater is looking mighty fine. I love the two tone color.
I do the needles around the neck thing. I also stick stray straight needles in my hair like when I'm doing a circular project on dpn. I have yet to walk out in public decked out like that but it's only a matter of time. The manly jacket is awesome! I won't let my husband see it though or he'll get crazy ideas. That green yarn is yummy! Can't wait to see what becomes of it.
Great stuff you're making lately! Belated Happy Birthday!
Such success! Thanks for the ongoing knitting lessons, too -- I love that you give us details on how you achieve such lovely products! Thanksgiving was food coma city, of course. I think that piece of pumpkin pie I couldn't quite polish off was yours. And due to the frenzied eating, I didn't get enough knitting in. I'm off to my LYS for a couple of skeins of Berrocco Chinchilla Bulky for another Christmas scarf (I'm churning them out by the yard this year). I'm going to look around for something wonderful for the clapper. I've been carrying that pattern around with me for quite long enough. Happy Birthday, dear rabbit! PS -- I can't wait to hear about your zipper adventures. I finished Katie (from A Season's Tale) last spring, then got spooked by the idea of actually Sewing a Zipper in a Sweater.
Becky, you constantly inspire me with your detail to finishing!! AND, now that I know your super-secret weapon, the kir royale (get me some cassis!), I will try to perfect my finishing skills as well!! Good job!
Marking groups of stiches with contrast color yarn... Have to try that the next time. I just threw a small seaming party myself, but it wasn't half as sophiscated as yours. Look forward to seeing the complete jacket!
Becky! My hats off to you for being able to drink while driving on the seaming highway!! And, Dr. Needles!! LOL!! LOL!! STAT!
Beckybeckybecky! I am traveling cross country (and it's a BIIIIG country) with essentially NO internet, AND my computer is fried, AND you finish TWO sweaters and have a birthday. You're KILLING ME!!!!!Good thing you're a dockta... Dr. Needles that is! Great projects, and really good pics. Thanks for all the slideshows... Hope you had a super-happy birthday. You look not one day of 37. ;-)
Happy Birthday, Becky! I had a piece of cake just for you ;)
oooh. I love kir royales. I got some cassis liquor from anna in Dijon...and boy oh boy...yum!! Manly jacket looks really good. looks like Cap'n has the same taste his dad has...two manly men jackets in the charcoal. very handsome! yes, Halle did a unremarkable job for the almighty dollar in wonders...did you read the script before you signed the dotted line, Halle? Did you?
Silly, I knew it wasn't you... =) you are such a clever really could start your own buisness of knitting for people who don't knit but want hand made things or personolised cloths. Especially as you knit so fast. Lovely work as always.
A couple of the things my father always asks me to bring whenever I go back home for a visit: Creme de Cassis and Pastis. It's THAT good, which is probably why I get seaming done in reasonable amounts of time. Hehe. (Incidentally, when anybody comes over here to visit, I ask for Bacardi Rum and Tequila Sauza. Arriba, arriba!) I hope to get finished pictures of the jacket soon. I'm already contemplating my next knit for the man. I'm so glad that he likes to wear sweaters and knit jackets!

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