November 22, 2004

I think I shall call it the Birthday Poncho.

Why, it's a finished Pull Poncho!

Happy berzday!*
This is the stand-still-like-a-mannequin shot.
[Click here for the "I love my Pull Poncho" shots.]
[P.S. Don't miss the "Look, Ma! No hands!" shot.]

Project details: Pull Poncho, otherwise known as "Thunder" from Rowan's Plaid Collection. I made it in XS size, using Rowan Plaid in Lavender Mist. Things I had initially considered changing but ended up NOT changing, and was very glad that I didn't when I wore the Pull Poncho outdoors: Make the turtleneck smaller and the sleeves shorter. Keeping the turtleneck big and the sleeves long (for maximum neck and hand coverage) is recommended if you'd like this poncho to wear like a mini coat, which is what I wanted. This is something that you can't wear in heated indoors for too long, though, because it's so warm. I had to open the windows in the apartment for the shots taken indoors! But as a cover-up for weekend promenades in the cold outdoors...ah, that's something else. As it turns out, I got to wear my Pull Poncho for the first time on Sunday for a visit to Vaulx en Velin and Miribel. [BONUS: Action shots of the Pull Poncho at the open market in Vaulx en Velin and with the swans at Miribel!]

The shot above was taken at les plages - the beaches - at Miribel. And as there is sand and water there, you just knew that I'd have a running on the sand shot for you, didn't you?

Run, Rabbit, run.
[Don't forget to look at the rest of the bonus snapshots!]

One can't tell from the shots, but it was cold outdoors. I, however, was nice and warm in the big ole blanket that is my Pull Poncho. I love it.

*I debuted my Pull Poncho on the day after I turned 37. Thirty-seven years old! Send botox. (Okay, I'm kidding about the botox.)

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97 comments to this entry:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You don't look a second over 30.
I am not sending botox but arms full of love and happiness for the next year of knitting :)
Hi Becky! Happy Birthday! I turn 35 Jan 1 so I know how you feel about the botox, but you look great. And I love the Pull Poncho. I've been eyeing that for a while now. I might have to make if for myself. Your stuff always looks so fabulous. Thanks for sharing! PS - LOVE the pictures as always. Best, Cara
37!! A baby!! You look MAVelous darling, as does the Pull Poncho. Enjoy!!
Parabéns a Você, nesta data querida, Muitas felicidades, Muitos anos de vida! Thought would be nice to congrat you in portuguese...eheheh Happy Birthday, you sure DON'T look like a 37 gal, and the Pull Poncho is really cool and seems very warm and comfy... It's my first comment to your life, though I take a peek almost... ok, EVERYDAY to see what marvellous treat you are up to at the moment. So, keep up the fun and I'll keep contemplating. Soon, I'll try to send photos from a cardigan I'm knitting with jacquard stuff. I call it "turquoise feast". lol Mag
Happy Birthday! That pull poncho looks cozy-- great for this time of year.
Oh my god, you know I'm swooning over that poncho. It's simply GORGEOUS! And I love the slide show of such a happy weekend. (Ty says Woof! Woof! to Lucy)
The poncho is gorgeous! I love the picture of the swans too!
You sure know how to pick beautiful patterns. That's one great sweater! Looks like you had lots of fun during your photo shoot.
PS: Happy Belated Birthday!
You are brilliant! Really, everything about this blog is brilliant. Your knitting, delightful sense of humor, photos and excellent way of popping them up for little slide shows...I tell you ...I am so impressed with your creativity! Loved the running photo :o) and of course the tap dance! Stay warm, Donna
Happy birthday! The poncho is of course skinnyrabbit perfect, and looks terrifically warm. Your pictures are great; I like your running shots (giggles). Happy 37th, you don't need botox, baby!
It's late, but...Bonne Anniversaire, Happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the day! Absolutely gorgeous Pull Poncho -- and you are quite the supermodel. Great, great photos... P.S.-stinky cheese sure is the BEST
Your pull poncho looks "incroyable"! I read your blog religiously for the knitting as well as the vicarious French living. My husband and I went to Europe this summer (not my first time) and spent our favorite two weeks in France. Now back in Canada, I cannot find goat cheese that's as good as what we had in Brittany (where the family is). Il me manque la France! Thanks and Bonne Anniversaire!
Fabulous pull-poncho, dahling. Happy, happy birthday!
Happy Birthday! And I like the Pull Poncho. I take back (most of) my rants against ponchos.
Feliz cumpleanos, Becky!!! You look great in your poncho! Thanks for sharing.
You look stunning in your completely fabulous poncho ! Belated *H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !
Happy Birthday, Becky!! Hope you had a great day! The Pull Poncho is beautiful, enjoy it!
Your poncho looks great (I love the idea of a poncho that you really can wear as a coat). And what a beautiful 37 you are! Happy happy. :)
happy birthday! you and the poncho look absolutely fabulous! fantastic pics!
Happy birthday chica! You look gorgeous in the poncho-- looks like a great birthday weekend! Here's to another delightful year full of traveling and knitting and fun times goodness!!
Happy birthday! You look so much younger than 37. Your pull poncho is gorgeous -- such a beautiful color on you. Love the photos. :) -Lisa
Oh we SO knew you would take a shot running on the beach! I love the poncho, it looks so warm, just what I need in my neck of the woods (Maine)!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you little Rabbit, you!! Wishing you a *wonderful* day and another year of awesome knittingness. Your Pull-Poncho is beautiful. I think it's even more better than in the mag photo. You should be their model. Have a great day!
Happy Birthday! What a lovely gift to yourself. It was fun watching this one "grow" and I especially appreciate the comments on the things you considered changing about the pattern but didn't. That's what makes your blog so interesting -- reading about the process of creating. You don't just follow a pattern, you make it yours. The photos of Market Day are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing these slices of your life with us
Happy birthday, lil' bunny! The poncho looks fabulous, of course, and the photo of you sprinting down the beach cracked me up!
I love pullponcho and sausages and STINKY Cheese! Darling you look mahvelous!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You SO do not look 37. Forget the botox....and you are right, smelly cheese is the best!
Happy Birthday!! I love the Poncho and the running along the beach shots! It looks so warm and snuggly!
I think that you're site is wonderful. I'm teaching myself to crochet at the moment, because it does'nt scare me as much as knitting, however your learn to knit section is inspirational so I think I'll have to give it a go very soon. I can hardly believe that you taught yourself to knit - everything I've seen on your site looks totally professional. it seems that there is hope for one that does not come from a long line of knitters! Best wishes for your birthday (I can only dream of looking as good as you do when I'm 37!).
Becky, I love the pull poncho and I am really considering knitting it. It looks great. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know how you feel.... I am two years and a half older than you...
I think this is the first time I've posted on your blog..(Long time reader). I wanted to say Happy Birthday, and you sooo don't need botox :) . I've been waiting in anticipation to see your finished pull poncho..It looks beautiful! I may have to put that on my (long) list of things to knit someday.
Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! The Pull Poncho is beautiful, I am so jealous! You really are an inspiration to all of us knitters.
Happy Birthday and great job on the poncho! It looks very cozy and warm...swans were beautiful too!
Wow, I hope I look that awesome at 37! I thought for sure that you were 33 or so.... Poncho looks awesome! Good job.
That poncho sure looks warm and comfy! You look great in it! The fringe must be fun to play with, eh? Happy belated! You look too young to be 37 - are you kidding?!! Don't talk about cheese...I love cheese. My hubby brings back stinky French cheese triple wrapped in ziplocks for me.
Happy birthday! Both you and your poncho pull are utterly fabulous!
Congrats on 'Le Pull'; it looks great on you. Happy Birthday too. You are 1 year behind me!! We will never need Botox if we think young!!
Happy Birthday! I thought this was the perfect excuse to finally write ;) I love reading your blog- I just taught myself to knit this summer, and I'm already tackling projects I may otherwise not yet dared, but you make it look so easy! And so far I've been VERY happy with the results. Thanks for the inspiration and the tips. I give you credit for making me a better knitter.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I wouldn't guess you were over 27, I swear. The pull poncho is sooooo lovey as well as the wonderful slide show. It's like a gift to us all. The swans looked great on the misty water. France must be so cool!
Beautiful as always!!! I think I may be over my poncho craze, but if anyone can pull that look off (pun intended ;) ) it's you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy birthday! Such beautiful photos, again. Thank you so much for sharing.
Yo, lapin... Happy birthday. Poncho's tight, aight.
Happy birthday, Rabbit!
So the 20th was your day? (I want to note it for next year!) Belated bonne anniversaire!
Oh, Becky, happy happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day with your fabby family. The pictures from the open market are absolutely gorgeous -- and so is your Pull Poncho! I LOVE it on you...of course, you make everything look pretty stylin'! Sending lots of happy birthday thoughts and love your way...
Like some others commenting today, I have been reading your blog for some time. I am adding my wishes for a wonderful belated birthday, because you are such an inspiration to me. One of the things which has truly been a help, is your practice of one-project-at-a time. I was a several-projects-in-progress knitter. Most of the projects were rejected and frogged. Now, I am more organized, thanks to you. Have a happy year.
Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great one.I swear there are more b-day's in November. Scorpio's RULE!!!! Your poncho is amazing. Those colors will go with sooo much. I love it with jeans though!
Happy Birthday, the pull poncho looks great! It looks like the perfect thing to wear to the Fete des Lumieres downtown in Lyon--it should be coming up soon, right? I wish I could go!
Happy Birthday Becky! I remember being 37 once or twice ;) Your pull poncho is beautiful!
Felicitations! (Wow, I actually remembered something from my high school french!) The poncho looks soooo warm and cozy and comfortable. Makes me crave for that cold, crisp winter weather :)
I love your pull-poncho!! Looks fantastic on you & soo cozy!
Happy Belated Birthday, Becky! The photos are great, and it looks like you and your family had a wonderful time. You and your Pull Poncho look perfect together! I love the running shot, and btw - you do NOT look 37... can I see some ID please young lady?
Hi Becky, Happy Birthday ! Your new poncho looks great on you ! Great work ! I love your photos especially your dog and the swans. Thanks for sharing them with us ! Eva
Happy Birthday! The pull poncho looks v. fabulous. I love how it's a sweater with sleeves but looks like an enigma when yours arms are down. Comment est-ce qu'on dit... Joyeux Anniversaire?
Totally thought you were just 'bout zackly my age (32), so you go, girl. Happiest! And poncho pull is fab-you. xo
Happy B'day! You look fabby, the pull poncho looks great and I love the swan pictures. Nothing beats great photography.
Oooo laaaa!!!! You're gorgeous, the poncho is fantastic, love the Captain on his bike, the swans are beautiful - I got scared at first glance of the photo of you holding Lucy because I thought it was a swan! Oh, and Happy Birthday! :)
Life begins at 40. But definitely get in as much running as possible in the next three years... before it all just dro... oh, nevermind! Happy Birthday! Drooling over finished rabbit project, as always.(Yeah, that starts at 40, too..)
Happy Birthday! Love your pull poncho-a poncho, but not! But yes! I think puppy needs a matching coat...
Happy Belated, Becky!! I love that poncho- that cable is gorgeous!
Belated Happy Birthday Becky! I had to look up what botox is, have never heard about it here, but yeah, I understand the feeling, I'm two years older than you. The pull poncho is lovely. It is again a project I looked at in the pattern book with a a small surprise when you announced you are going to knit it, it didn't hit, but you made it a lovely sweater. It's really looking so warm, cosy and, well, wonderful.I could need something like that up here in the north, winter has hit us in a serious way.
you are too friggin cool! I love it when you finish your projects and I am loving that pull poncho. It looks so nice and comfy. thanks for being you and giving us funky poses and big grins to look at. you have a beautiful family and those swans are GORGEOUS. I don't think I've ever seen a swan close up and now I feel like I have. Onward to the next project!
oh yes! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. man, I am a nerd. :)
Hi Becky, The Pull Poncho is WONDERFUL. I wasn't convinced from the start, but it looks GREAT on you. And I thought you were *much* younger than me (I'll be 39 next time). So, forget about the botox. I look forward to being 40. My 20s were studies and work. My 30s are more work and bringing up children. My 40s, I've decided, will be the ME-decade. Join me! Annette
Happy Belated Birthday Becky, hope you had a wonderful day and you photos are stunning as always, cool poncho.
Hi Becky, Happy Birthday! Everyone is right, you certainly don't look 37 - I hope you had a lovely day. Le Pull looks great & I love the photos, especially the running on the beach ones. I can just hear the theme tune to Chariots of Fire in the background!!
Alles gute zum Geburtstag!! Albeit a bit late... That PullPoncho looks like just the thing to protect you from the crappy weather of late :/ It looks all warm and snuggly in the pictures - like a woolly hot chocolate! LOL
Happy Birthday! I had no idea! I brag about mine :) And I love the pull poncho, it's gorgeous. I love jumpers you can wear as coat substitutes. Fantastic photos too!
Happy Belated Birthday!!! You're 37! you must be don't look a day over 20 =) I LOVE your pull poncho and thanks so much for the running photo, I was waiting for it. WOW, XS size and it still looks big on you I could have used something like that yesterday when I was walking in the wind to pick up my kid after was 16C but because of the wind felt freezing. Lovely photos. Say, is your birthday the 20th? that's when my son celebrated 1 year and 10 month =) and I did take a photo of him.
Very happy, happy rest of the year! May it be as happy and special as your birthday certainly was!
Happy Birthday Bunny! love the poncho!
I'm breaking my usual rule about not "piling on" (SEVENTY-THREE COMMENTS?!?!) but can't help myself, because this was such a gratifying photo expose. I swear Becky, the knitting designers should just hire you to sell their stuff. 37? Hang in there until 40. Trust me, that's when the real fun begins! (Although I reserve the right to bump that threshold up once I pass 50...)
What a great project. And Happy Birthday!
Wow, LUV the poncho! It's gorgeous as are your photos! Happy Birthday...hope the knitting fairy brought you lots of wonderful presents:)
Happy birthday! That pull-poncho is brilliant! And I love the swans.
Perhaps knitting has made you younger? Happy b'day! Emy
I hope you had a Happy Birthday. I agree with Anna. You select the best sweaters to knit. The pull poncho is wonderful.
Happy birthday! The poncho is great, love the "hidden" arms. :D
Thank you all so much for the kind words and birthday wishes, and a big welcome to first time commenters! Please, feel free to comment as much as you'd like. [And you too, Evelyn! :-)] It truly was a great birthday. My b-day (the 20th) usually falls on a Wednesday or Thursday so this year's was extra special. How fun it was to be able to spend an entire birthday weekend with the fam, and I'm glad that I get share part of it through photos here. (P.S. I thought it was really cool how the swans seemed to be posing for the photos! It was a good camera day.) Re the Pull Poncho: If you're tempted to knit this and can get your hands on the yarn, go for it. I'm sooooooo glad that I decided to just follow my whim and knit it when I was given the opportunity to get my hands on the yarn and pattern book [big thanks to Tiff!]. This may very well end up being my favorite knit of the season.
happy birthday lady. i should have known in advance but i have become absolute shite at keeping my bday list updated (due to the tendency of my friends to reproduce like rabbits). hope you had a great day. damn we are getting old aren't we (i'm just 3 mos. younger). re: the poncho. looks great. you are definitely having fun wearing it. but the fringe on those sleeves would drive me batty. you know i like to be carrying a hot beverage around at all times. me no like fringe in my beverage.
What a beautiful poncho! I was confused by the references to sleeves, but it *is* a poncho, and it's terrific. Happy Belated Birthday, you could pass for twentysomething any day!
I'm doing a fake pull poncho and, like Carolyn, I'm wondering about the fringe. I'm thinking I'm too klutzy for it. Would I hate it with applied I-cord instead? And I do so love your blog! And your captain! And your town!
Happy Birthday! Love the Pull Poncho and hope you had lots of birthday cake.
Happy Birthday and fab poncho! I hope you had a terrific birthday!
Bonne fete! Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day. A trip to an open market and a run on the beach are a great way to celebrate if you ask me, even if it is a day late. The Pull Poncho looks fantastic. It is a surprise when you lift your arms to see sleeves! Must make it even that much warmer. Best wishes for another year of health and happiness, and of course- great knitting!
Happy Birthday, Becky! What a beautiful piece!! I have to admit to lurking around your blog for about a month with no posts. I've just recently begun knitting as an adult - my mother taught me when I was a child - and your site has inspired me! I started with scarves for Christmas presents and now I'm working on a baby sweater! I'm determined to increase my skills so I can make sweaters as gorgeous as yours!! I love knitting!! I never woulda thunk it!! :-) Thank you for sharing with us!
Drat that Bloglines. I almost missed the fun. The not-quite-a poncho looks marvelous! Swans are a favorite of mine and that pic is beautiful. Live long and well!!
Happy Birthday! :) The poncho looks great!
What a poncho ! It's divine *swoons* Oh and happy birthday *smile*
Happy Birthday! And, lovely poncho...
It's sooo beautiful - you really do inspire. I love the idea of a poncho with sleeves, and I see you can wear a purse across your body. Bonne fete, Becky!
Oops, I'm a little late, but *~Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Becky!!~* Love the Pull Poncho, and all the lovely photos. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. (Nice work on those Manly sleeves, too.)
happy belated birthday! hope you had some yummy cake with those kir royales to celebrate. :) love the beach shots of the poncho - but no galoshes?! ;)
Christie from saw my recent post about my Rowan addiction and sent me to your page. I have just purchased Plaid in Bramble to make the Pull Poncho. I'm currently working on Zephyr in the same lavender that you made you pull poncho in. I love it. Both your poncho and the yarn. And your blog! I'm so glad she turned me onto it. Tho I must say, your seaming party for Pull is making me a little nervous. I have bookmarked this page for future reference...something tells me I'm going to need it. Thanks for the amusing and totally informative blog!

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