November 21, 2006

Where to start?

UPDATE 28/11: Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! Right now I am really busy with two very big design projects for school and I haven't a free minute to spare. I haven't touched any knitting at all in over a week! As soon as I have these projects turned in I'll get back with a proper update and make the blog rounds. Thanks for hanging in there with me :-)

Let me see....oh, yes. Why, I do believe that yesterday was my birthday. So Happy Birthday to me!

Next up, I have no knitting to show. Long story. Will get into it tomorrow, or Thursday at the latest. But let me just give you a clue as to why: My shexy Ultra Femme top has been renamed the shexy P.I.A top. Yes, P.I.A as in [whispers] pain in the ass. Again, will get into that in my next entry, when I have more time because I only have about fifteen minutes to update. So let's just forget about it until my next entry.

In the meantime, I do want to chat about what I did yesterday. It is just too cool to not talk about it. Yesterday (yes, on my that's for timing?) the school sent us second year students on a day long field trip to take detailed tours of three different companies (owned by Hermès) outside of Lyon. First, we went to the workshop where the artists create all the prints you see on Hermes products and on products of other haute couture designers. We saw how some are handpainted and how some are created on the computer. We also saw some prints that will come out in Fall Winter 2007, including an AWESOME print for Gaultier. After that, we went to the factory where these prints are placed on the fabric. I saw how all the dyes are chosen and mixed, and how feet after feet of Hermès silk scarves, shawls, squares, ties, towels get printed and cut. After that, we went to visit another factory where the silk fabric used in these products is woven. It was all so brilliant. I mean, we were given access to the very innards of this factory - of all the factories we visited - and I saw a machine at work as it wove a silk lining with a swirly motif and Chanel logo in it. This last factory was a riot - the noise of all those textile machines weaving is simply unbearable and earplugs are a necessity. And you know what this weaving factory reminded me of? The factory where Debra Winter's character in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman worked. As we walked by all those machines I imagined Joe Cocker's "Up Where We Belong" cueing in (really, really loud...I mean glass shattering loud because those machines are noisy), and then Richard Gere strolls in with that eye-popping officer's getup while everyone stares. Of course, he'd be picking me up in his arms and not Debra Winger. That would have been the icing on the birthday cake, let me tell you.

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos to show you of any of the prints or fabric designs I saw because for legal reasons (obviously) cameras and picture taking were not allowed in the factories. I do have, however, a small slideshow of some touristy pictures of the countryside surrounding these factories. Most of them were taken while I was in the bus. (It was a long ride, people.)

This is the exterior Siegl, the factory where I saw fabric getting printed.
P.S. I was in the bus for a total of three hours. (Round trip.)
(Yes, I was kicking myself in the butt for not taking my knitting. Argh.)

Okay, I really must go now because I have a lot of work - there's a tailored suit I have to turn in next Monday and a tailored suit design project (with fifteen original designs, four color renderings, inspiration images,'s endless) - to turn in next Tuesday. I'll update later in the week with news on my P.I.A. top. Have a good one!

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Thanks for the update. Must have been quite something to see all of the inner workings, especially the design part. Happy birthday and Happy Thanksgiving.
Rabbit, it was your birthday! Happy Birthday Rabbit! note: must sing that like Bart sang it to Lisa in The Simpsons Album... Cool field trip/unintentional-but-oh-so-satisfactory-b'day gift!!! Beijinhos Mag
Thanks for the birthday wishes! :-)
Happy Birthday, Rabbit!
Oh ... a belated happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday! And how cool, to see how it's all made! x
Sounds truly wonderful. I always thought I would be a fashion designer at this time in my life. Oh well. A mom who works in a knit shop isn't at all bad! Happy Belated!
Belated Happy Birthday Becky! Lucky gal! That sounds like a really cool field trip.
*happy birthday* lady!! the field trip sounds like an amazing b-day present... how fascinating. i love stories of how things are made, and the haute couture houses are such a mystery.... i did read an article once about the seamstresses that do the couture gowns and it was quite incredible. p.s. good luck on your project!
what a fantastic trip! sounds amazing. happy birthday!!
What a great birthday. The tour sounds fascinating. Happy belated birthday.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wanna come over for sone birthday tea and mineature cookies? ====================================== Note by Becky: Tee hee! I love that!
Happy Birthday Becky!
What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday!
That sounds like a FABULOUS way to spend your birthday! I'm so glad you had a good one--as one November baby to another!
Happy Birthday! And I'm on pins & needles wondering about the Ultra Femme...
Happy happy birthday! Your program does sound like a lot of work, but also a lot of fun! Once the Gaultier comes out you'll have to tell us the print you saw. :) ====================================== Note by Becky: I can describe it to you now. Then, when it comes out, I'll search for it and link it so you can see it. (Just remind me so I don't forget.) It was a large print composed of trinkets and odds and ends on a blank space. There were things like torn pages from a book in English (couldn't decipher which), paper clips, screws, etc. all strategically spaced apart and neatly placed in an aesthetic manner. It was totally brilliant!
happy birthday Becky!looks like you are happy already:)
Happy birthday for yesterday! Your field trip sounds terrific - interesting and fun. Good luck with the project.
horray for you! happy birthday! i do hope the ultra femme doesn't get the ax, i'm really looking forward to seeing it!
Is that a John Deere tractor I spy in the slideshow??? In France? Ha! I was wondering why you didn't take your knitting too. But if you had, you might have missed the scenery! Happy b'day!
Happy Belated Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Sounds like you got to have a lot of fun on your birthday, which is great. Good luck with your school work and the PIA!
Happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers! What an experience to visit those factories! Too bad they didn't give you a scarf as a thank you for visiting, huh?
Belated happy birthday, Becky!
happy birhtday!
Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday! How fun!
Hip hip hooray! Happy belated birthday! Your imaginary scene in the factory is totally awesome. I love it!
Happy happy birthday bunny! Your fieldtrip sounds amazing. Good luck with the homework. Oh, and eat some cake dammit.
Happy birthday, Becky! What an exciting birthday trip!! Next time, you must sneak in a spy cam. Good luck with all your school work!
Happy birthday, Becky! Glad to hear you got to spend it in such a great way :)
happy birthday skinny rabbit!! much love from this side of the atlantic.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!!! Happy Birthday and many many more!
My best wishes for a fabulous year. Hope you got at least one great present!
For the record: I remembered yesterday was your birthday! Um. But then I forgot to email. OOPS. Looo-ser. So happy birthday! And fun tours! And also I love that Joe Cocker song! Yay!
Happy Birthday! What a super birthday treat for you!...
Wooo! Happy birthday! :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BECKY! Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day. Too bad they weren't giving out free silk scarves to birthday girls at that factory, eh? (eh = Canada speak, we really only do it for the tourists...)
Happy belated Birthday! Time to go mix up those margaritas....
A big birthday W00T to you, Becky! What a fantastic day - I'm very envious of your factory adventures. I love the chance to see behind the scenes like that. Best of luck finishing up the suit - can't wait to see!
Richard Gere to me is Keanu to you..."where the eagle flies......" HBD!
wow. a real live mr. rogers trip for your birthday. what could be better. (and you're making me wish i could move to france and enroll in school with you. it sounds fabulous.)
Joyeux anniversaire!!
Happy Birthday! I'm happy to hear you had a good one.
Happy Birthday, Becky!! So many awesome opportunities to go behind the scenes. It is so striking how nondescript the fabric factory is. Who knew?! And Hermes? *swoon*
Happy Birthday Becky!! Sounds like you had an awesome day. A day built just for a design student.
Happy belated Birthday Becky! I hope it was the best birthday ever!
Happy belated birthday! I raise my margarita glass to you!
YAY!!! Happy bday!
Happy, Happy Late Birthday! I am so jealous you got to go into the heart of the Hermes empire. Now how hard would it have been for them to give you a "little" something from the factory for your bday. Stingy Hermes people ;-)
GET OUT! That is a beyond cool birthday present! Happy (Belated) Birthday.
Joyeux anniversaire, Becky. And hip, hip hooray! I wish you another wonderful year of life, and raise my glass in a toast to you. Sante!
Happy Birthday to you. The field trip would have been very interesting by the sounds of it.
What fun to have a field trip on your birthday. Can't wait to see pictures of your suit and sketches. Best wishes for a great year!
Happy birthday!
happy belated birthday :) the "m-i-c-...." was killing me! glad to see you back, i hope you had a wonderful bday.
Happy Birthday! And I always love behind the scenes or factory tours - Hermes must have just been awesome!!
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday!! The factories sounds incredible. It will be fascinating to see how the products were made from conception.
Happy Birthday, Becky!!
Happy Birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate:)
Happy Birthday, Becky! A bus ride with no knitting . . . my heart goes out to you! You didn't knit the hair of the person sitting in front of you, did you?
A much belated Happy Birthday!
Happy belated birthday, Becky!!! Sounds like you had lots of fun :)
Happy belated birthday! I wish I could have been a fly on your shoulder and have seen all of those machines in action. It sounds uber cool. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Tanya
I'm over a week behind on blog reading -- Happy Belated Birthday!
Many happy returns! (And that is one amazing field trip!)
Sorry I missed it! I thought I'd posted a comment, but apparently not. Hope it was happy and that life calms down a bit after your projects!
hope the projects are going well... hold on, what am i saying? i *know* they are going fabulously :) thinking of you and looking forward to the update!
Happy belated birthday, Becky - here's to another year of great knitting!
Happy belated birthday!
AH! someone else who thinks U-F is PIA! I'm so glad I found you! We're having a knitalong - and I'm using yarns that look much like yours - in black cotton/silk blend & a superfine mohair I picked up in Paris! Can't wait to see your further comments. I'd figured out my gauge but still have had to rip back this thing 5 times, having to redraft the pattern to 3 diff measurements across my body from L bottom to S/M waist & chest & arm measuremts - & I'm not that hard a fit! Still think it will be lovely, am up to the sleeves & hoping to wear it to at least one holiday party!! Bonne Anniversaire et Joyeux Fetes!

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