November 20, 2005

Why, I do believe it's my birthday today.

Happy Birthday to me!*

And look who got a Bratz cake (pre-candles) for her birthday.
(Isn't it fab? I lurve it.)

Now, on to knitting! Even though my work table currently looks like a fabric store exploded on it thanks to another school project due next week, I found the time to complete the front piece of my Butterfly camisole:

Send a kir royal, stat.

Both back and front pieces are ready for seaming! Unfortunately, I've been too busy to sit down and dedicate the time required to seam the floatiness of Kid Silk Haze. And, well, I'm just plain lazy about seaming. Soon, soon. All I need is a few free hours, a couple of kirs and a really good DVD, like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Unless, of course, someone wants to send over a little elf to come over and do the seaming for me. Anyone? Bueller?

There's something else I want to show you. Even though I haven't seamed my Butterfly, I figured that having two completed pieces is equal to an almost finished project so I get to start something new. Here is my most recently begun project:

I know, I know. I'm all about the brown yarn lately.

What is it? It's a fuzzy something for me, otherwise known as The Mystery Project for Winter, which means that you'll know for sure what it is when I've finished with it. And aren't I just awful with all this suspense?

In other non-knitting news:

1) Remember my first skirt project? At the risk of sounding like I'm bragging (oh, what the heck...I am bragging), I received the highest grade in the year for it. Woooooooot! (The skirts are kept on display at school for a while. As soon as I get mine back I'll share a photo of it.)

2) Speaking of school, I started a knitting club over there because I'm such a whack knitter, yo. Almost thirty members to start with. Can I get another "Wooooooot!"?

3) Switching reels back to my "berfday", I'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU to my thoughtful friend Miss HEJ for sending me a birthday present (which I just picked up at the post office yesterday): Seven lovely skeins of Jo Sharp Kid Mohair in a pearly gray. Gorgeous! And I also received a beautiful pair of hand-knit socks from dear sweet Emma, who spoils me with the lovely socks she knits for me. (I'm the proud owner of four pair, and now that the weather is so cool I am able to wear all the socks Emma has knit for me. Just the other day, as I was sitting in class, the cuffs of my hand-knit socks were peeking out of my ankle boots and someone complimented me on them. I felt very spoiled when I said that a friend in England knit them for me!)

*P.S. Thirty-*cougheightcough* years old and I've yet to get a gray hair. Hair's still natural, bay-bee! Think it's all the stash enhancing I like to do on a regular basis? I think so.

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Happy Birthday! Have a great day! (or should I say hope you had a great day...) Way to go on the knitting club and the killer skirt you made for class! Woot Woot! Butterfly looks loverly!!!
Happy Birthday! I loved turning 30! I felt like I was finally a REAL adult. ;-) Hope you have (had) a fantastic day.
Happy birthday, Becky! And thanks for the virtual cake -- it's super cute. Hope you enjoy yourself a whole heck of a lot. Cher
Hippo birdie two ewe!
Happy birthday! Oh my, another year passed, I only seem to notice that when other people celebrate their bdays. And woo! woot! woot!
BON ANNIVERSAIRE MA BELLE! Alors quand viens-tu m'apprendre à faire une jupe? Félicitations! Et ce projet-mystère: beaugency? Kid Mohair?
Happy birthday, B! (38? no way!) That is so cool about your knitting group at school--what a great attendance! Are they all handknitters? is there a room big enough for you all? ;) Hope you have a good week!
Happy birthday!
Woot indeed! Happy birthday and hearty congratulations, Miss Star Pupil! The prize skirt, the mystery brown thing...the suspense may kill us!
Happy Birthday, Becky! Hope you have a good one. Congrats on getting top in class for your dress too! Can't wait to see your new winter project, love the yarn.
Happy birthday! My boyfriend turned thirty*cougheightcough* this week too. I'll add the coughs to protect your age but because I'm over 7 years younger than him, I yelled his out to anyone who would listen. :) I can't wait to see the mystery knit. I always love your projects.
Happy birthday!! Hmmmm, I am also thirty-cough-eight etc...and I am jealous of your lack of any grey's.....unfortunately I have to spend hard-earned yarn money on, ahem, hair dye. Such is life!! Have a great b-day!
Happy, happy birthday! I'm jealous, though--I'm only a year older than you and I've been getting grays for years.... Oh well!
Happy Birthday Becky! Enjoy this beautiful cake...
Oh, happy happy birthday!! I hope you have a great day and even more wonderful year ahead of you!
Happy Birthday, Bratz Girl!! I wish stash enhancement kept the grays away - I'm only 37 and I have a ton of gray hairs - but even more skeins of yarn!
Happy Birthday! :)
Happy birthday, Becky! What a cake! I'm thinking Beaugency for the mystery project, like Laetitia. Looking forward to see the skirt! Annette
Happy Birthday Becky! Looks like 38 may be the Year of Mohair, not a bad thing at all! (As for me, at the rate I've been stockpiling KSH and Kid Seta into my stash, it looks like I may be spending the rest of my 40's knitting it!)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a thirty (aaaaafourtyfivechoo!)year old. And many bratz more!
Happy Birthday! Great cake! And I can't wait to see that skirt! Wooooooooooot!
Happy Birthday, you Whack-Dancing-Bratz-Skinny Rabbit! Congratulations on the fabby grade on your skirt too. May this be your most wonderful decade yet!
Happy birthday!!! Butterfly looks gorgeous. I want to see pics of your high scoring skirt! Oh, and your method of keeping the hair from graying, yeah, not working for me. *Sigh*
Happy Birthday, beautiful! Amazing how many of us knitters have November birthdays. I hope yours was fun fun fun!
Happiest birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day. I am so loving Butterfly and I can't wait to see her sewn up. Will you use the Kid Silk to do that? Ferris Bueller is on my all-time favorite movie list. I can recite the words when I watch it for the up-teenth time.
Happy birthday! Congrats about the skirt. Of course we knew you'd brilliant!
happy birthday Becky.... still looking 25 so who cares what the biological age is?
Happy Birthday Beckyyyyyyy!! Butterfly is going to be just lovely! I hope you find that good DVD soon so we can see the finished project. Enjoy your special day!
*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* ! Great looking cake. You've been very busy and productive. Glad school is going so well. Also glad you like your new socks.
Hapy Birthday, Becky! And wow re hair, mine has been gray since I was 25 (that would last year according to me, several years ago according to my daughter who says that since she is nine it does not look good that I am 25), so now my hair is whatever color I choose at the drugstore - eh eh!
Woot! Woot! Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it was wonderful :)
Happy Birthday, Skinny Rabbit! Looks like all your sewing success is slightly modifying your knitting time so the rest of us can catch up with you. I'd better get moving. :) I too cannot wait for a photo of your skirt (or jupe). And Lu's comment is too funny. Too bad kids learn to do math so early, eh Lu?
happy birthday, becky! hope your day was wonderful - and listen, i'm a firm believer that it's not just your birthday *day* it's your birthday *month*. that's right, celebrate it all month long! :)
Happy birthday ... ::toast with kir:: I love kir!
You've been a very busy rabbit! I hope your day is wonderful and that you are spoiled senseless by your husband and Capt. Destructo. Enjoy the day!
Happiest of happy birthdays! My dad likes to pass on a little phrase his friends from Texas say: It ain't braggin' if ya done it. Congrats on the good grade, and keep bragging :)
Happy birthday! P.S. What's a kir royal?
Happy Birthday to you, Becky! Congratulations on all your successes too, (like getting the two pieces of Butterfly knitted, your skirt getting top grades, and inspiring a group of sewers to start knitting!) And the cake - it's (almost) too cute to eat.
Happy Birthday! What great gifts. You certainly are a lucky girl.
Happy Birthday!! I'm only slightly disturbed that they exported the horrible Bratz all over the world...yikes! Cute cake though. No grey hair!!!! Crikey! Mine started turning in HIGH SCHOOL! Thank god for peroxide... Hope you blew out those candles and please let's see that skirt missy.
a huge happy birthday to you. i hope you have a fab day! as far as the highest mark goes...tell us something we didn't know was going to happen. congrats!
Happy Birthday! I wish you many more ears of non grey hair! :)
Heureux anniversaire! Le nouveau project a une belle couleur, j'adore! Et félicitations pour la jupe!
here's sending many Happy Birthday wishes to you!! Whoohoot! I Love your cake! Butterfly looks awesome! Congrats on your high grade too! Whoooot!
Happy Birthday! Liberal stash enhancement can't hurt in the grey hair department... Unless it is seeing the bill ;)
Happy Birthday, Becky! Em is insanely jealous of your cake ;)
Happy birthday - here's to another year full of great knitting and yarn (why do I suspect theere wil be a lot more KSH in your future? Cheers!
Happiest of birthdays to you, Becky. And many happy returns! You must be a fellow Scorpio. (November 4th here.) Oooh, I love the look of the Mystery Project yarn. So fluffy, so soft. Can't wait to see what it is. And congrats on the great grades. What a scholar!
Happy Birthday Becky!! And many many more.
More birthday wishes! I'm half as young as you, and I've already had a couple gray hairs. =P Now I really can't wait to see the skirt! (Seeing what the secret project is wouldn't hurt either.)
A VERY Happy birthday, Becky. Love the cake!!
It's your birthday, go crazy... it's your birthday, go crazy! (Somehow that doesn't translate well into text.) I definitely think stash enhancing can help ward off gray hair... that and doing what you most enjoy, which you seem to do (your blog always has such a fun, upbeat tone). Can't wait to see that skirt. Next thing you know, you'll be telling us to check you out in Vogue (the September issue bien sur)!
OH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend! I hope you had a really wonderful day, and got PLENTY OF YARN!
Hey, I'm 38, too! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Becky! Is that fondant on that cake?! Awesome!
Happy Birthday!! I'm a November baby too, and I made a mohair scarf for mine. Is it in the air? I'm waiting anxiously to see what the mystery project turns out to be. You should have a contest, lol. Enjoy your day!
Happy birthday from another Nov knitter :)
Happy Birthday! I've read your blog for a while now and never commented. Sorry to lurk! Glad to come out now. Butterfly is lovely -- congrats on the skirt grade -- and lovely Bratz cake! Though I do wish those girls had noses. At least if they can't smell, they won't know how good that cake is...and will leave it for ya!
Happy, happy, birthday!! Top marks, a fantastic cake, a virtually-finished Butterfly, and no grey hair!!! Sounds like a dream! Enjoy your day!
*all breathy like Marilyn Monroe* Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday Miss Rabbit... Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful birthday Becky and congrats on your grades - I can't wait to see the skirt!
Happy birthday and great to catch up with what's happening at your school and home.
Happy Birthday!!!!
Happy birthday! You bring happiness into so many lives. Here's to a happy, fulfilling, joyful 38!
Happy birthday! That cake is just too cute. Congratulations on the grade on your skirt and the starting of a knitting club at school! Can't wait to see the finished Butterfly on you. Can't wait to see the mystery knit, too. Oh, the suspense!
You got it! HEJ does a happy and whacked dance of joy! Glad you like it. Hope you had a happy one! I want to eat that cake in like one sitting. ;-)
ohhhh, happy birthday you knitterly lovely lady girl!!!! butterfly camisole looks like it will be awesome -- the things you make always look like they came from banana republic or some uberly expensive store. you are that good :)
Bon anniversaire!!!
Happy Birthday! Love your blog. You have amazing knitting skills.
Happy 38!!
Happy Birthday Becky!! Thirty-*cougheightcough*?? You are just a baby! Try fifty- *coughthreecough*. I am a redhead and they actually call my shade strawberry blonde. Anyway, I have a few white hairs (the shade of gray I've been blessed with) and they actually blend beautifully with the blonde highlights I had put into my hair in the summer. I guess I'm saying, that I like my shade of gray and having naturally light hair anyway, you really don't notice it. I don't have much, but what I do have is so white, I love it! Boy, I sure went on and on about that eh Becky?? Anyway, what a beautiful cake you had! The butterfly camisole is looking heavenly. That is going to be yummy to wear because of the Kidsilk Haze.
Happy birthday! Congratulations on the skirt, and the popular knitting club! Love your blog, as always, and can't wait to see the finished Butterfly.
Happy, happy birthday Becky! Hope you had a marvelous day. And congrats on your high marks! Can't wait to see the skirt!
Happy Birthday! Ahhh....thirty...lucky you ; )
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRF-DAY! (I'm 30-something on Sunday!) twins!
Happy birthday!! Hope you had a great day. :)
Happy Birthday Becky!
Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you, the Captain and the Husband (and the Bratz girls, of course) had a wonderful time and celebrated much. And congratulations on your skirt! (But did we really expect any less than the best from you?? No Way! We know our rabbit is the best!! BIG WOOT!!!)
Happy Birthday Becky!!! Cake looks to perty to eat. Can't wait to see your awesome skirt! Everytime you make references to stuff that show your age, I keep saying I know what she's talking about. No wonder, we're the same age.
If I had to guess by your pictures, I'd think you were more like late 20's, early 30s! You GO with your natural no grey hair! And, if you turn the eight sideways, it means infinity; therefore, you get to be 30 "forever". :-P Happy Birthday!!! :-)))
happy birthday, becky!! those pale grey mohair from jo sharp is sooo lovely. can't wait to see more of butterfly.
Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your Bratz cake! Yay for knitting clubs, and I'm looking forward to seeing your skirt too!
At the risk of being redundant, happy birthday.
Well happy birthday!! I hope that it was perfect! My birthday was the 18th and I had a fab time! Go November birthdays!
Happy bwirthday, wabbit!
Call on me, me, me (visualize hand waving wildly in the air). I can guess what the mystery project is. Happy Birthday, Becky! Hang onto those 30's for as long as possible!
a day late, but full of love...happy, happy joy, joy many happy returns of the year!
happy birthday! that cake rocks. i've been out of the loop lately. glad to hear you are doing the school thing and earning high marks for your work. looking forward to seeing the skirt. sewing a skirt on my list of things to learn next year...
Happy belated birthday!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Any chocolate on that Bratz Cake??? lol Hope you have a lot of fun on the whole 12-month-long-lasting 38th year of your life :) Keep on the excellent work. Mag
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wow! You're only 30!?!?! I've got 3 years on you and I wouldn't know if I have any grays since I'm always coloring it one shade or red or another! Have a great day!
Happy Birthday to you, Becky! May your wildestly happy dreams all come true!
Thank you all so much for the warm birthday wishes. WOW :-) Bratz cake: Was actually pretty good. It's a "genoise"...a vanilla flavor with fruit filling. Very yummy. But the biggest surprise of all was that the icing was edible. Hee! (P.S. I think it's obvious that I secretly like the Bratz. I bet it would be fun to design all those clothes they wear!)
A very happy birthday to one of my favorite bloggers. I really enjoy reading about your knitting, and France, and (most recently) your return to school.
Happy, happy birthday to you! Congrats on your skirt & big, shiny new knitting group!
Happy Birthday French girlfriend!!! And no grey hairs...aren't you the lucky one!! Hope you had a fabulous one!! Can't wait to see Butterfly. ;-)
It's ya birthday! Happy happy and can't wait to see you style and model that Butterfly! xox Kay
Happy Birthday to Yooooooooooooooooou. :D
Oh my goodness, you are exactly the thirty-coughcough I aspire to be, full of new adventures and excitement and a hunger for living I love in your writing. And that cake is lovely and you are lovely too!
Happy Birthday you young thing, you! The royal we are ignoring the remark about the no-gray-hair. Woot! for the killer grades and the spreading of the knitting word. You're a star, babe.
Alright MS.-I-HAVE-NO-GRAY-HAIR. ;) Happy Birthday. xoxoxo
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a marvelous day, and I love the idea the stash enhancing keeps you youthful....better than Adam's idea that going to the gym does!! The new project looks very strokeable :)
Happy birthday! A little late I know. The cake is sooo fun! Love the projects too.
Happy Birthday! Don't ever go away, you are the coolest. You love sweets, can knit your butt off, have a cute husband and kid, and you dance in your photos. Happy belated birthday. :)
Happy Belated Birthday! :) Hoped you had a great bash!
First...Happy Birthday!!! 2ndly, woot, woot, woot and another one for the bday. AWESOME! I love Ferris Buller's day off...Broderick is so cute. and I'm envious...i have anywhere between 15-20 white hers...they started in my late 20's. I'm 33 and I blame my husband since he is salt 'n pepper since he was 18 or so. I told him he infected me :-) i'm urging him to use "just for men" but he keeps saying as long as I have my hair I don't care what color it is. I disagree with that. But WOOT to you :-) Why don't you put butterfly together with the sewing machine.
Happy belated birthday! Did ya get a yarn cake too? Congrats on your sewing project for school. Definitely show us your skirt when you get it back! Oh...butterfly makes my heart go aflutter!
yom huledet sameach lach! (that's happy birthday to you in hebrew!) your socks are snazzy, your knitting is better-have a great year
happy happy birthday!!!!! hope you got everything you dreamed of and congratulations on your skirt (are we suprised? we are not!) xoxoxoxoxo
ooh...happy beelated birthday!
Oops, I'm embarassingly late, but **happy birthday**!

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