November 20, 2003

Happy berzzzday!


Why, I do believe it's my birthday today. Happy birthday to me! In celebration, I offer you a finished project: My niece's tank. I must say, I am happy with the way it came out and am pleased with the straps. Stitches on the back piece were left open, and the straps were knitted on, and then grafted to the front piece. No seams or unsightly joins! I can't wait to see the tank on my niece. Thankfully, that will happen next month when I make it home for the holidays. Of course, dancing pictures will be taken. In the meantime, I've got a matching cardi to make. Send extra knitting hands as a birthday present.

I've also been rolling on my Elfin cardi. I am past the armhole shaping on the left front piece and would like to finish it so I can begin the right front piece this week. Despite the small gauge, it really does knit quickly. I made it halfway through the left front piece while watching Docs de Choc, a horrific crime documentary that I find oddly compelling*. I'd love to finish this cardi before December rolls around, which will be a busy month for me and provide less time for knitting.

Personal fact [Claudia's going to love this]: When I was in middle school I read ALL of the Perry Mason detective novels by Erle Stanley Gardner. Knowing I was a fan, my mother bought me the entire series at a secondhand bookstore. Of course, I wanted to be a lawyer just like Perry Mason. And maybe I would have been, if I had been able to stomach the high-profile cases I observed when interning in the courts in N.Y.C. during the summer of 1991. I couldn't, so I became a corporate type instead. But I would have loved to have been like Perry Mason! He was my hero in my pre-teen years. And that, my friends, proves that I am one of the biggest legal geeks on the face of this planet.

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happy bday perry mason.
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear fluffa, Happy Birthday to you, I hope you had a great yarn filled birthday. Love that pink tank BTW, the straps look gorgeous. What a great way to attach them, she is going to look so cute in it. Good luck with the cardigan, I'll loan you one of my legendary knitting elves if you want.
happy b-day! hope it is filled with lots of fun stuff! i was just wondering about that blue "provisional cast-on". can you explain that (oh yes, im a newbie)? thanks!
Happy happy happy birthday Becky! Here's another virtual Elmo cake from Kroger for you. x0x0x
yes...happy, happy birthday! i would like to know what a provisional cast-on is used for also. don't forget to eat cake.... kat
Lovely, and of course, yes, now that you are hooked on tiny needles you simply must do the matching cardigan. Happy Birthday!! Very important question...are you buying yourself a present? I started that tradition when I turned 30 or so (ahem. awhile ago, now) and it is really quite fine. And no, you're not the biggest legal geek on the planet. I actually found myself on the elevator this morning debating between reading the '40 Act or the SEC's new hedge fund release in my "spare" time...maybe just take 10 pages home at a time and read them on the bus.... (I got through 1-1/2 balls on my Adrienne Vittadini sweater at a seminar yesterday. Thank god I had my knitting. I'm quite sure I was the only person awake during the discussion on married puts.) But there's hope even for geeks like me. I will snap back to reality when my children get ahold of me tonight. Nothing like a good rousing session playing "Lord of the Rings" with Lego "Rock Raider" and ninja characters to put it all in perspective...
Bon Anniversair!!? Ok, high school french does dim after 12 years. Happiest of birthdays to you! I would loan you my knitting hands for your birthday but I'm sure the shipping would kill me. (tee hee) The tank is bootiful. Great job DAAHHHLING, as usual.
Happy Birthday Becky! May this day bring you lots of fiber happiness.... a sweet gateau can't hurt either!! ;-) I love the tank and can't wait to knit it this spring (yep, holiday crunch is getting to me too). Looking forward to the cardi!
SCORPIOS ROCK! Happy Birthday Becky! Mine was on the 18th. Hope you indulge yourself today!
They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good time I'm glad it's your birthday Happy birthday to you. Yes we're going to a party party Yes we're going to a party party Yes we're going to a party party. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!
Scorpios indeed rock! Wishing you blessings and adventures in the coming year.
Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope you had a lovely day (as I think it's evening there now) and I hope you have an even lovelier (is that a word?) night! ;-)
happy birthday, becky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Fluffa Birthday!!
Hey, fluffa! It's yah burthday! We're gonna party like it's yah burthday! I love the tradition of buying oneself a b-day present. After getting disappointed a few times (i.e. Shawn [husband] went out with his grad class for drinks instead of coming home on my b-day!), I decided that I would make sure I had a great birthday, and anything else would be gravy. Now I take the day off from work and treat myself. And Shawn has learned--this year he took me on a surprise trip to New York City for my 30th!
Happy happy b-day! Gorgeous tank! I am loving that color! Your neice will love it!
Treats!!! Happy Happy Day! Celebrate! Have fun!! Happy Birthday! The tank so ooohhh my gosh soooo adorable!! A job well done - as with all your pieces! Eat some cake!! Yippee!
Happy Birthday Miss Becky! You are much loved by many many people, especially your loyal readers! Thanks for always being such a happy, joyful inspiration to us knitters... The tank looks perfect! Your finishing skills, again, blow me away... can't wait to see the matching sweater and dancing pics... Hope your day is filled with happy dancing, knitting and family time!
Sto Lat Madame Fluffa! (Which, translated from the Polish, means "100 years" and which is taken to mean "May you live 100 years" (it's used a lot at weddings and a lot of celebratory occasions)... I am not sure what Happy Birthday is... and even if I did know, there there would probably be letters in it that I couldn't pronounce, let alone spell! I am not Polish, I just play a Polish woman on TV and at weddings...) Happiest of Birthdays to a nifty knitter and legal geek! I hope you get some fibery goodness for your birthday (or some other fiber/sewing oriented toys that you want!)
Feliz cumpleanos, amiga!
Happy, happy, birthday!!! Now go out and get yourself a fabby present!
*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* ! Hope you had a marvellous onemwith lots of goodies,knitting and otherwise. x
Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpio!
Marilyn Monroe style: Haaaappy Birthday to Youuuuuu. Haaaappy Birthday Ms. Becky. Stevie Wonder Style: Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birthday to ya, Happy Birrthhhhhhday Fifty Cent Style: Go Shorty it's ya Birthday. We gonna party like it's ya birthday. We gonna sip Bacardi like it's ya birthday AND MANY MORE (:-)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY!! Hope all your wishes come true and you have a special year!! PS - the bubblegum tank is LOVELY!!
Happy Birthday, your site is beautiful and I love visiting - very chic, I'm a knitter/portrait artist and paint more than I knit so I have to pick my sites to visit carefully - so many! Thank you for a beatiful uplifting site to visit and keep in touch with kindred spirits - knitters are very special people!
Hope your birthday was very happy!
Hope you have a wonderful and splendid BIRTHDAY! It's my round...a kir, of course birthday girl...
Happy Birthday for yesterday Becky! I hope you had a fantastico day (with lots of cake). The pink top & Elfin are looking gooooood, inspirational as usual!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a lovely day! I have a nice idea for a knitting style birthday present - Cashmerino Aran! Come on now, you know you want to....... Your niece is super lucky, her tank looks gorgeous - good luck getting the cardi done in time too. And happy birthday again!
Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the many kind words! My husband took the day off from work and we went out most of the day. I got to talk to my family late in the afternoon (although I'm sorry I missed my sister's call in the morning!) and received a few surprises in the mail. All in all, it was a great birthday that was made even more enjoyable thanks to my online buds. Thanks, again! I do plan on buying myself a knitting-related birthday present, of course. I'll be heading over to the yarn store and singing "Happy Birthday" quietly to myself as I put some skeins of yarn in a bag. Another round of kirs royales for everyone!
OK, so I'm a little late on this one, but since it fell near a weekend I think you should celebrate for the entire weekend. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BECKY! Maybe the yarn store will give you a b-day present? Like some bars will give out free drinks on people's birthdays? Wouldn't hurt to ask!
Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpio! Definitely go out and buy yourself a nice treat (well deserved after knitting so much on such tiny needles)!! Oh, and the tank is BEAUTIFUL. Your niece is one lucky little girl.
Happy Birthday and many more!
Missed the birthday post yesterday. :( Hope you had a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing so much of your amazing self and amazing knitting with us. Good luck cranking out that little cardigan. The set is going to be toooo cute. And Elfin will make a beautiful belated birthday present!
Happy Belated Birthday!!! The tank is perfect! Can't wait to see the matching Cardi!'re telling me that *in addition* to all the weird twin-like stuff going on here, our birthdays are 11 days apart. /insert Twilight Zone music/ And, she's a Scorpio which explains alot...;-) Happy Birthday you young thing, you! Keep on milking the celebration for as long as you can...I know I will. OK, I know Scorpios don't like to lose out, but for biggest legal geek the girl reading the '40 Act for fun beats you. You are also beaten out by a female partner at my stuffy old law firm who told me that the IRS Code was the best book she ever read...and she wasn't kidding. Party on dude!
Okay, so I'm a bit late as well, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The little cardigan that goes with that tank is precious! I can't wait to see it in pink!
Happy Belated Birthday, Becky!! Thanks for all the knitting inspiration and for this awesome blog. Your neice is going to look so cute in that pretty tank!
Eek! I didn't check blogs yesterday and I missed your birthday!!!! Oh no! Well, I hope it was a great one. Happy, happy happy birthday! (Y espero que comiste torta y pasteles todo el dia...)
Happy belated birthday, Becky! I'm a knitting "knewbie" and have gotten so much inspiration from you! Thanks! Mason-Dixon Ann recently gave me a plate of virtual brownies, so today I would like to virtually share them with you! : ) Celebrate ALL weekend!
Wow! 11-20 is my mom's birthday, too! But the bigger coincidence is that I, too, am a HUGE Perry Mason geek! I have almost all of his books (in the cheesy 60s-era paperback editions) and have now signed up to get the DVDs from Colubia House Records. I love Perry! Have you read the other books Erle Stanley Gardner wrote under the name A. A. Fair? They're pretty wonderful as well. For the life of me, I can't remember the really good femal character's name right now, but the main man's name is Donald Lamb. It's a kind of Remington Steele plot--male detective employed by female at a time when women aren't supposed to be running detective agencies. Donald is a cad and gets into all kinds of fixes that make his boss crazy. Anyway--just wanted to chime in with an "I love Perry!"/It's-a-small-world message. Hope your birthday was happy! --Judy
Happy belated Birthday! I wish you joy, and happiness.
Bonne anniversaire (a bit late)! Hope you had a lovely day - and continue to longtemps.
Oops! Happy belated Birthday, dear Becky, with many more to come!
Happy Belated Birthday Becky. I hope you had a wonderful day with many more to come!
Yee! Happy late birthday! Hope you celebrated with many kirs and lots of knitting. The tank looks adorable, and the straps are your usual fab meticulousness. (? take that, spellcheck!)
happy belated birthday miss becky! i hope that you have a wonderful year!
Thanks for such warm birthday wishes!!And "hurray!" that I'm not alone in my legal geekness and fondness for Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason among my online knitting pals :-) P.S. to Judy: The set of books my mother got for me are the vintage ones from the 50s or 60s, I think. Looking at the covers was part of the fun!
ooh, i'm so late - but happy happy birthday! (see, with us laggy bloggers you get to celebrate for days. :)
Oh! I was away and haven't checked the net for days so I missed this! Happy belated birthday!!!

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