November 18, 2004

Go, go Speed Racer...

Why, it's a completed front piece!

(Buttonhole is right under the stitch marker.)
[Click here to view the whole enchilada.]

I'm really rolling along with my Fluffy Fringed Wonder! This project is very easy to knit. I've completed the back piece and both front pieces, and went into the yarn store yesterday to pick up the buttons I had ordered. [Footnote: I didn't buy anything else while I was there. I just browsed some pattern books, drooled over a few yarns and chatted with the shop owner. But no yarn! I felt almost guilty leaving with just four measly buttons.]

Despite how quickly this project is progressing, I'm enjoying knitting it. It's cleverly designed. There's very little neckline shaping required because the designer has used the curling nature of the yarn as a means to create part of the neckband. See where the stitch markers are placed at the right edge? That's where the piece curls itself outward, forming the lower part of the neckband. Talk about using acrylic content to its best advantage. Neat-o.

Incidentally, I worked horizontal buttonholes for this jacket. I had first tried knitting a buttonhole using the yarn over method but it left a gaping hole that didn't look like it would wear well. The horizontal buttonhole (Nancie Wiseman's version as shown in Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques) looks neater for this kind of yarn.

P.S. I know, I know. My Pull Poncho awaits. But I figured I'd better show where I am on my Fluffy Fringed Wonder because I finish an entire piece in a single evening's knitting time. (It's The Da Vinci Code, I tell you. I can't put the book down, so I'm knitting feverishly while reading. I'm almost sorry that I'm reaching the end of the book.)

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hahahaha I am zee first to comment!! I love the fluffy wonder! I can't get over how quickly you knit. It is going to be a wear me all the time piece I can just tell!!
My oh my, does that look yummy. I've loved this jacket since getting my magazine. I'm very tempted to do it now. How does the yarn feel? And the Steppe?
I would have been more stunned than I am, had I not just received a stunning sock book in the mail. ;-) OK, I want that jacket. I may have to order that catalogue after all. But to get the yarn ain't that easy. I'll go look at my socks, that'll make me forget.
That's going to be a gorgeous,snuggly cardigan.Lovely !
I've had that jacket on my to do list since I got the Phildar magazine. Now I think I might have to give it a go. Yours is looking great.
I could never get the hang of reading and knitting at the same time. Which is why I get precious little reading done lately. I'm in awe of this multitasking.
St st sure goes fast! The DaVinci Code is really exciting, isn't it? I also read Demons & Angels....a little different but still very exciting. At this rate, you're going to have an FO in a matter of days!
I want the mag too! Is there any way you could be convinced to do a translation of the magazine into English for a small price? I'm sure there'd be tons of takers (and this of all the yarn you could buy with that cash!!) I love that design - it's going to look fabu on you. Is there any progress on the manly jacket? I forgot about it until I got relinked there by the pull poncho link.... keep up the good work - you rock!
There is a pre-quel to DaVinci Code, you know. I think its named Angels & Demons. Just in case you can't get enough.
I love that book...they are making it into a movie! (with Tom Hanks - maybe) Fluffy looks like she is zooomin ! ;0)
If they make The Da Vinci Code into a movie, I am SO going to see it. (I've already got Angels and Demons on my next-to-read list!)
ooh! I haven't read the Da Vinci Code yet, but I've heard marvelous things. I love reading books that make you sad to get to the end....especially while knitting. FUN. The fluffiness looks great, Madame Fluffa -- it's really going fast! I can't wait to see the finished product!
Everyone I know has read that book now, I need to just bite the bullet and read it too. I love how that neckline has the yarn curl worked into it. It's the little things.
You are making me SOO want to make that jacket! And I already have enough winter projects to last me until spring! I love it. It's going to look great on you.
Oh fluffy and snuggly - can't wait to see the FO!
It's beautiful! I love it when designers come up with simple ways to do complicated things. And I love it when you find all these clever patterns and point them out to us! ;)
I liked Angels and Demons better than The Da Vinci Code . . . they are coming out with illustrated versions of both which I think is particularly fascinating. I'm just mastering the knitting without looking thing (I'm much better at knit than purl) . . . but how do you hold your book? Do you have a neat stand of some sort?
That's a great looking sweater! Not to worry about the speed though... you're almost done the book, and Sleeve Island can't be all that deserted when the rest of the sweater knit up so fast. Methinks you'll be rescued from Sleeve Island along with the end of the book. Fingers crossed!
Ooooh... she is coming along! I gotta make this...
Fast fast fast! The jacket front looks very beautiful. Is it reverse stocking stitch? I love the look of it and it looks like it'll be really cozy in addition to being ultra chic. Will have to purchase the Da Vinci code now (and it's your fault!)
i'm just lovin' the fluffy texture of that yarn. it looks incredibly soft. can't wait to see it. and i really have to get with the read and knit program.
How in the world to you knit AND read at the same time?? Not in the how do you multi-task sense but in the physical sense. once more you amaze me.
That jacket will look fabulous on you! Though I've seen the pic of the yarn, the color just doesn't show very well when knitted up. Just the light? Think you'll do the pockets? Boy, the way you knit your moniker fits you (the skinny rabbit). I wish at times it got cold enough here to give ME an excuse to knit that jacket! Hmmmm, The Da Vinci Code. A real page turner huh?
Let me join in the the yarn colour and the pattern! Still have not yet read the Da Vinci Code.....
With this speed I think we are up for a FO soon, aren't we? I'm really looking forwrd to see the finished jacket, it is going to look very chic! The close up of the fabric is lovely.
I really enjoyed both books, but I did like Angels and Demons a little bit better. Total page turners. Love the fluffy stuff...and most everything you knit! Keep up the good work!
hey, youve probably posted this before, but where did you order your buttons from? im looking for a good button resource!
That fabric looks so comfortable. I will certainly envy your jacket when it is finished.
I can't wait to see your running along the beach in your fringed poncho :o)
I love the texture of your sweater! I want to reach out and touch it. The button is beautiful too. Perfectly perfect!
My mom made me a cardi from similar yarn to this and I must say it's the warmest I have. A collegue just read The Da Vinci Code, she told me I can have it if I want to read it. Her version though is in hebrew, but I suppose that shouldn't matter.
Scrummy - and the button is perfect! SO important to get the right button. Totally agree re De Vinci Code. Have you read any Arturo Perez-Reverte, one of his earlier books has a similar feel - (and I'm not sure, but I have a sneaking idea you might be able to read in in it's original Spansih?)
Hello from Tokyo :) The jacket is going to look so good, I can already tell! Your knit blog has inspired me to start knitting *and* blogging. I added your site to my list, but somehow the url (which I think is correct) leads to a 404 page. I've tried it a couple of times to no avail. Strange.. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and let you know I really love checking out your projects!
wow, I admire your knitting so much. You're very talented (I'm only now trying my hand at a cardigan and I've been at knitting for 2 years!). I've bookmarked you and love reading your posts, they're so fun! It's great how you take so many pictures, the visuals make it that better. Keep up the great knitting, that cardigan looks like it will be so snuggly! If only I had more dicipline for a knitting blog, lol.
That is going to be one very cool cardi. I love the fluffa...I mean fluffy edgings. I hate that I can't make it. I need to learn French!!!
That seals it! I need to make a fluffy sweater! Enough with the constant fondling of boucle yarn and putting them back on the shelf! It looks so cozy. And those buttons are a match made in knit-heaven.

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