November 16, 2004

Is this a new project I see before me?

Aaaah! I bought new yarn!

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Fluffy yarn. Oh la laaa!
And wouldn't you know?
I started knitting it in the car!

So I can make this amazing fluffy, fringed wonder. And in an adrenalized rush brought on by my recent project finishing, I already started it! In the car. On Sunday. En route to Vienne (the one outside Lyon, not in Austria) for a day with Aunt Josephine and some chicken and dumplings in a deeeeeeelicious tomato sauce. I cast on for the back piece as soon as I settled myself in the car, and by the time we got there I had reached the waist shaping. (And NO, I wasn't driving.) But I did take the time to snap a few snapshots for ya! [BONUS: Everybody was wearing something I knit. Can you identify the projects?]

Oh, but that's not all. I spent yesterday evening's knitting time finishing up the back piece while reading The Da Vinci Code, and immediately cast on for the right front piece. Oh fluffy Brumes on 6mm needles, how I love thee!

P.S. I know, I know. I need to fringe my Pull Poncho and show finished pictures of it, already. But knitting straight stockinette stitch means I get to read at the same time, and The Da Vinci Code is a real page-turner.

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I just ordered Steppe and Brumes for the same project! It looks lovely! Looking forward to hear your comments on the pattern, since you are a bit ahead of me. And The Da Vinci Code is a book I had serious problems putting aside. Fortunatly I finished it in two days (yes, I slept a couple of hours in the nights too), and was able to get back to normal life again.
what a cool post. i recognize sierra tweed and i think that is elfin. and your hubby, hmmm the ribby was blue. maybe the cabled sweater for zee hubby, ugh (i'm feeling a bit charlie brownish). must go check gallery, lol. this was fun. and your new project is fabulous! that yarn looks so fun.
Ooh that will be pretty! And look how much is done already :) Those yarns look exciting, one day I will go to France and see all the phildar yarns in person! But I want to see the poncho too!
Steppe looks similar to Eponge (which I was thinking of ordering), both are rather sponge-like. Those are some lovely yarns. I always enjoy pictures of your purchases, they are all so enabling! BTW, can't wait until your finish your Rowan pull poncho :-)
OOOH!! That new sweater/coat you are making is SO cool. Oh, I'm jealous. It's fluffy and furry. I love it. I love starting a new project right after buying the yarn. In the car, on the way home. While driving (just kidding!)
OK, I'll give the quiz a try. Captain Destructo: "Ich liebe tweedegarn" - Recent project in yarn from GGH. Husband: Could that be the cabled sweater "Je suis trop sexy pour mon pull"? (Note for husband: Un homme ne peut *jamais* Ítre trop sexy!) Becky: Could that be Elfin peeking out from your sleeve? Your new project is great! Annette
The new project looks great - lots of lovely texture! I've just bought The Da Vinci Code - I'm saving starting it till later. New books! Almost as exciting as new yarn!
What a funny post, Becky! I envy you because of your knitting in the car, I cannot even take something out of my purse while sitting in the car, because I get immediately sick. Love your new project!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of it. Were your wearing Elfin? And your captain was maybe wearing "Ich liebe tweed"?? Happy to hear that the Da Vinci Code is worth reading, since I have just ordered it for myself.
The Da Vinci Code was fascinating! I spent an entire weekend knitting and reading, in the armchair next to my husband, who was busy working on a project from home. Multi-tasking or what! The only problem was the crick in my neck Monday morning. What a wondeful weekend.
Hi Becky, I didn't tell you how much I like Captain's Destructo variagated sweater.And it actually reminds me that my son wants a sweater too. I spotted a simple pattern in the last "Phildar Enfants", knit with...guess what? BRUMES. So I'm very eager to know what you'll make of that yarn ! Usually I hate knitting that kind of yarn,but it seems so soft for a kid! Now where is Mister Poncho?
cute slideshow! your car is a mobile knitting basket!
How is it that you always manage to find THE. BEST. THING. I love that fluffy jacket. I am practically green with envy!
oh, i fell in LOVE with that jacket as soon as i got the catalogue! can't wait to see yours, sounds like brumes is fun to knit with. thanks for the slideshow! i think i recognize elfin and the sierra tweedy sweater and i also think that's the too sexy sweater...
This new project looks gorgeous! Lovely texture and beautiful colours : I like it very much! Psst... : the Da Vinci Code is GREAT :)
I detect a distinctly fluffy yarn mode over here at fluffa. My thought is that you must be cold.
I must be honest & say that I usually don't care for furry/fringy garments, but that new sweater is FABULOUS!!! I love the shape and the fiber looks very yummy! I can't wait to see it's progress!
It's a pleasure to see someone making nicely 'fitted' sweaters! and the kid's cute too.
LOVE THAT PHILDAR. Awesome. It will be beeeeyoooteeful. I'm going to have to track down the pattern - my good friend in Paris will have to send. Sonny boy models den schoen tweedegarn pullover.
Lovely lovely lovely. Knitting in the car I can do...knitting while reading I have yet to master. Any tips (where to hold the book vs. where to hold the yarn, etc.)?
Oooh, you will look lovely in that jacket. Fluff for fluffa! How long did it take you to be able to read and knit at the same time? I really must work on acquiring that skill.
Such speed! Love that fab fuzziness you're working on now, and can't wait to see what it looks like finished! Since I recently began reading your site and knitting both....*gasp* this is the first time I've heard of Phildar, and it looks completely mahhhvelous! Only thing is, I live in the States and don't know French! So I can't read their Web site or anything. Is all Phildar hope lost for me?
Ah ha! I'm not the only one getting into new fibery trouble these days. Is that Brumes in the chenille-like category for softness or more like a big version of Eponge? Either way, it looks like fun stuff. And as much as I like complicated projects, when it comes right down to it, I find that I like having a large collection of stockinette projects, too. Good for trips in the car, browsing the internet, watching TV... always gotta multitask
I love love love the new project. Soft! Mmm!
Wow, you read while knitting! I wish I could do that!
A quick project with soft fluffy yarn...of course you can't resist! It's so cute that you're all wearing Fluffa-wear!
Gee, Becky, we're going to have identical closets! I'm making the same Phildar jacket! But I'm looking forward to seeing yours first!
oh my gosh that sweater is FABULOUS. You really do always find the CUTEST patterns. And how cute is whole Rabbit family in their knitted goodness? Thanks for sharing them with us!!
Look at your cute family all wearing hand knits! Since they have already been named...I won't rename them again. Captain and HBomb both pack for armegeddon. Because, you never know what toys you will need for the occasion.
In the pictures we are wearing: "Je suis trop sexy pour mon pull" : "Ich Liebe Tweedgarn" : And "Bring on the Elf!" : Thanks for playing! :-) Re reading and knitting: Funnily enough, I find that I work more quickly while knitting and reading than while knitting and watching t.v. There's more on knitting and reading here: Re Brumes and Phil'Eponge: Phil'Eponge reminds me of the (now discontinued) Falaise than any other yarn. It has lycra content and is stretchier, while Brumes has no stretch to it. Brumes is a fluffy wool/acrylic blend that has a thread spun randomly around it, and in spite of its gauge creates a lightweight fabric. In person, the two don't look very much alike at all. Steppe looks similar to Phil'Eponge, but it's a lot softer and has a bigger gauge.
That jacket is wonderful and the yarn looks scruptious. I am sure it will suit you to a "T".
Okay, I cannot check out your website anymore. I just keep finding more sweaters that I HAVE to knit! It is just too expensive. I love the latest Phildar. By the way I am almost done with the leaf cardigan and I have everything for the Apricot jacket waiting in the wings. Thanks again for an inspiring website! Sarah
Great photos! I don't know the names of all of the sweaters, but you all look fabulous. :) Your refinery is so much more artsy than ours here, funny!
I see the Elfin, the brand new tweedy pul for CD, and le husband ... don't know off the top of my head. No cheating with the gallery! I want that jacket/cardigan you're making now!
Oh Becky- You find the most beautiful projects... That fluffy fringed wonder is so gorgeous I couldn't breathe for a minute!! Seriously. Can you order Phildar patterns in with an English translation? My French is a bit rusty and I screw up English patterns. hehe
haha Casey just started singing the, "I am the best boy ever" song because he gave me the Phildar winter 04-05 issue for my birthday. woohoo! Okay. I am done commenting now. :)
Gorgeous fluffy yarn - it always seems so funny to me to see you Northern Hemisphere people knitting warm things when it's so hot here! The problem is that I get inspired by you all, so I'm constantly craving projects for the wrong type of weather! Couldn't get into Da Vinci code, though. Never finished it, I'm ashamed to say.
I love your new project - tres chic! Ad how fabulous to be knitting in the car surrounded by your family wearing your work!
MMmmm, tweedy - I saw a PBS show with intro by Susan Sarandon last night, she was wearing grey/black tweed jacket with black trim and silvery Chanel buttons, now I want one. (Along with big silver hoops and her tres beaux cheveux rouge). Can't wait to see le poncho. "And NO, I wasn't driving." Bet you COULD do both at the same time if you wanted, right?
You take the prettiest pics and knit the coolest stuff. Sigh.
Awesome, Rabbit! Your whole family wrapped in beautiful hand-knit coziness! You inspired me (as usual!), and I tried the reading-and-knitting technique while flying (thank the knitting goddess airlines have recognized knitters aren't all terroristes manques!). I completed a Christmas scarf and Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. On the way back, I got half-way through a cable-y scarf and Dan Brown's earlier book, Angels & Demons. I can't say that I knit faster while I read, but it's double the pleasure!
are you saying you can knit and read? you are my hero. i am speechless (which is rare).
I LOVE your new cardi! You always pick the best projects. I love the shaping!
How exactly do you read and knit? That new cardi you are working on looks awesom! Did you know that thier is a Santiago in Spain also, not just Chile...

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