November 14, 2003


It's the bee's knees!
[That's the Saône river in the background.]

Bucket-o-Chic número uno is finished! I plan on making several (this one, as it turns out, isn't for me), so I decided to start out tentatively by making a plain version using Plassard 100% merinos wool in a dark color. The color wasn't photographing well inside, so I hobbled* outside where my husband could take a better picture. He said the hat made me look a bit like something out of the Jazz Age. It may not be the truth, but THAT made my day. I'm such a Louise Brooks wannabe.

Up next: A semi-fur version using more Plassard Merinos and Plassard Louinie (50% wool, 50% acrylic) as fur trim. These hats knit up very quickly - I did this one in an evening and took a few hours to block it. (I still want to do some more blocking around the brim, though.) And it was a fun hat to knit! Thanks to Bonne Marie for the clever construction and easy knitting. Wanna bucket, too? Join the Bucket-o-Chic knitalong!

*Yep. I'm HOBBLING around. Wondering why I'm managing to get so much knitting done lately? Well, breaking a toe might do that to you. I broke the little toe on my left foot last Monday, and haven't been able to go out as much as usual. Thankfully, my husband has taken a few afternoons off while I recover, and has been driving me around so I can get out of the house on occasion. As a matter of fact, right after we took the Bucket-o-Chic photo, he took me to the y-a-r-n s-t-o-r-e so I could fondle the yarns. You know, therapy and all. What a guy!

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OUCH, how did you break your little toe? That sounds dreadful! Glad your husband is so nice and thoughtful, though, and hey, it looks like gorgeous weather over there, so knit on and have a nice cup of tea and a pain au chocolat!
The hat looks great, and you look lovely. Of course. As always. Lovely knitting. Lovely knitter. I've broken toes a number of times. It hurts WAY more than it seems it should, doesn't it? What always frustrated me was the fact that nothing can really be done for it. At least toes tend to heal quickly. Feel better soon! In the meantime, enjoy the mandatory downtime.
Love your bucket! You are tempting me with this knit-along! I keep seeing mention of it throughout the knitblogs. A reporter on our local news last night was sporting a bucket hat too (not handknit though)! They are turning up everywhere. Hope your toe heals quickly! I broke my little toe years ago - hang in there!
You look like a real "Barn Burner" in your Bucket Hat. You make Bonne Marie's pattern shine, can't wait to see the fur trim next. Sorry about the toe, wishing you a speedy recovery. Love the view of the River! Give me a bench, a cafe au lait, a croissant... and some knitting ~ true bliss! (throwing in some Jazz lingo - *A really classy and stylish woman ; Something very exciting.)
Yes, you definitely look like the It girl! Especially with your hair looking all bobbed. 23 skidoo!
What a great guy! I was also at my LYS fondling the yarns yesterday. The lovely ladies talked me into some self stripping Invictis Colouris sock yarn. I hope your toe starts feeling better soon. I loved the Bucket-o-Chic! That's next on my list.
Ohmigosh, poor Becky with the broken toe. OUCH. Hope it heals soon. Hat is *smashing* though, you look very fetching. OK, I bought the pattern. At some point I will bucket along with the rest of you. I need to figure out what color mine shall be and if I have anything appropriate in my stash. I'm astonished at how fast you turn things out though. I swear that hat would take me a week if not more. I'm still working on my darn scarf!
What a lovely hat!! oo oo! I can't wait for my yarn to get here so I can knit one for myself. Hope the toe heals quickly!
Cute hat! Sorry to hear about the toe. Hope the yarn therapy helped!
Did you adjust the pattern at all? It is very 20's looking. Still haven't started mine, but am very inspired....very inspired. Hope your toe heals quick, and don't let CD take advantage. Threaten him with a Nutella imbargo if you must.(-:
Aha! Kind of hard to model a bucket with a headless shot, right? But seriously, the had looks great and the river shot just makes it all too glam for words. I'm sorely tempted to jump on the bucket bandwagon but keep reminding myself that everytime I put on a hat, MY menfolk laugh at me and remind me of (and I'm quoting now), my "porpoise shaped head." Ah, love is a beautiful thing. I think I'll stick to admiring yours...
Thanks, everyone! I wish I could say that I broke my toe doing something exciting, like dancing a feverish flamenco. But, I simply slammed it into a doorframe. (It's not the first time I've broken a toe in such a clumsy way, either!) Chelee, I didn't change the pattern at all. I think the 20s look comes from the fact that the hat is about 1.5" too large for me. This hat isn't for me, it's for someone who has bigger hair than I do :-) So if you want a flapper look, just go up a hat size. Shaping the brim so it doesn't stick up also helps. I'm glad to see more bucket hats in the knitalong! (Come on, Evelyn. You know you wanna...)
That's what comes from prancing around the house barefoot,says she with 3 black toe nails from 3 seperate incidents ! You should hear the language that comes from my mouth ! Well,as you well know,it blooming well hurts. Your Bucket looks totaly fab .Really suits you.Looking forward to seeing the furry one.
Your Bucket-o-Chic is lovely! As are you. It's the picture you should put on your album cover! (yes, I think in those terms). And your first single will obviously be "I Broke My Toe But I'll Keep On Knittin'" (your music shall be the ever-so hip alternative country). I've never broken a toe, but I've fractured my heel when I was 10. That also hurt and I can still feel it sometimes when I walk. Heal quickly!
Hey Broken Becky, I've done THE EXACT SAME THING, clumsy blind girl that I am. I discovered, though, that one *can* downhill ski with a broken little toe. In case you need to know this. ;-) Very flapper-esque hat. I'm still mulling fur trim myself.
aloooha- hope you and your toe(s?) are feeling better...sounds as if you're receiving the correct therapy though...a trip to the LYS always makes me feel better. ha, you have once again inspired me to push the limits of my newbie knitting skills with your "charming chapeau" and mad skills... feel better- kat
While I've liked the Bucket O Chic hat since Bonnie Marie first came out with it, I never bought one because I didn't think it was something I would wear. HOWEVER...the picture of you in your Bucket, looking Thoroughly Modern, has made me think that maybe I need to knit myself a little Christmas present! You look ducky, Darling!
Oooh - gorgeous bucket hat. You managed to get your brim so much flatter than I did! I was afraid to steam too vigourously as it is wool / cotton / mohair / acrilyc blends so I didn't want to melt it! I love the way it came out and plan to make a few more in the weeks before Christmas!
Ouch! Sorry to hear about the toe. Hope it does indeed heal quickly like the cognoscenti say (sorry, I'm all about the big words these days. ahem. just too brain dead to come up with something smaller and still English). And what a lovely hat! Yours is the first one I see where I actually noticed the decrease pattern on the crown. Pretty.
Yes, what Em said: definitely an album cover. Ow on the toe, but I'm happy to see you've raised your average knitting speed from simply "fast" to "breackneck"!
Sorry to hear you're on the wounded list Becky. Glad to see it hasn't cramped your knitting prowess in the least! LOVE the bucket-o-chic on you, tres cute :) Get better soon !!!
I have done that and ouch!! it hurts all right!! The hat looks tres chic! And your husband should get a gold star! How sweet!! Glad to hear that you are getting so much done - but sorry about the toe! Heal soon! He, He!
Sorry to hear about your toe. Glad your hubby is taking care of you and getting you to proper yarn-fondling therapy. Your hat turned out great!
Seems like everyone has broken their little piggies at some point, I'm sorry you joined that toe-a-long. Hope the digit in question is healing rapidly. I'd guess you'd have to have lots of cheese and lattes (for the calcium). Also if you read the fine print in your blog too quickly, you "might" read that you went to the yarnstore and fondled your husband...wuh...oh just the yarn...
If you hadn't explained about the sad state of your pinky toe, your public would have been clamoring for Wack Dance Wabbit shot of the bucket hat doing the Charleston!!! Whenever somebody says something about my daughter's haircut (which hasn't changed in the 6 years she's had hair--she was a Jazz Age baby and she's a Jazz Age girl, and if you are lucky enough to discover your hairstyle early, you must stick with it), I say something about Louise Brooks, and nobody remembers who Louise Brooks was! (Of course this doesn't deter me from saying the same thing next time.) I always have to explain, 'Louise Brooks was a communist with a chic bob hairdo who was Warren Beatty's lover--didnt'cha see the movie 'REDS'??? Anyway, where was I? Oh--great hat!! On your version I can see the construction, which is hidden in the fuzzy versions. It's tres cool. You should keep it. Wear dark glasses and cause a stir. Love, Kay
Your bucket is very chic! I started mine in Wool-Ease Worsted and Fun Fur. I know, I know. I would have loved to spend $$$ on my hat, but my LYS had nothing in the color I wanted! This one is going to be very, very furry.
Okay, I give...add me to the bucket knitalong. :) Thanks for your inspiration!
Looks so great. I envy your scenery - lucky girl! Get better soon.
You are *so* stylin' in your bucket hat that's not for you, lol. OUCH about your toe! I've not broken a toe, but a bone in my hand a couple times - it hurts! Feel better soon! xoxox
A quick post from the new job! Your hat looks totally great. I cast on and knitted on the first part for a little while...It looks like it's going to be be great fun! You look adorable. P.S. I'm using Dreamweaver to update a site right now...for my job! Fun fun!! I'm pretending I'm a web designer! :)
I am late to comment as i was a bust bee all weekend... Sorry about your toe, my husband busted both big toes. Once stubbing it on the side of our bed and once when the toilet cover dropped right on it. He was definitely doing the whack bunny dance without even knowing it! Love the chapeau dahlink! I have already made the Diva one and will be making another in furry red and mine will be charcoal grey, but not sure about the "fur" yet.... I want wispy furry not long and eyelash-y.
Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes and for the kind words! My little toe is doing much better has shrunk enough for me to wear normal-sized shoes now. But best of all, I'm excited about all these winter Bucket-o-Chic hats we're going to get to "ooh" and "ahh" over :-)
my wittle toes have been broken so many times they're permanently disfigured. and now i've started on some of the other toes as well. soon i won't be walking at all! :) p.s. very louise brooks! i love hats but i look like a 'tard in them so really no need to make any more!
Late to comment as I've been away but FAB hat & you look great in it! I can't wait to see the furry one! I'm glad your toe is starting to feel better. I broke my big toe once dropping my end of a kitchen worktop on it (long story) - amazing how much they hurt!
Ooooh nice hat, and nice view as well! It looks really good a bit oversized. I hope stroking the yarn made your toe better!
oh no. Big blow-up toe. Get better . You look very stylish in that hat!

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