November 14, 2002

Go, go Speed Racer.

Status on hubby's cabled sweater: The back was finished last weekend. Surprisingly, I knit through it rather quickly despite its many cables, ribbing and my insistence to use short rows to create slanted shoulders. Must be because I find cables and ribbing just fun, fun, fun! My only gripe is that I have to lie my work flat and stretch it out a bit with the aid of pins to measure while knitting (and this, my friends, is another reason why I love my circular needles). The center cables are large, so I am using a cable needle for those, but all the small cables are made simply by crossing stitches. Looks the same, and it's easier and quicker to work. The slanted shoulders took a bit of effort (two attempts, to be exact), because I had to short row between purl and knit stitches at some points while making yarn overs to avoid holes, and yarn overs between purl and knit stitches vary depending on the location of the stitches. The shoulder stitches have been placed on stitch holders and I'm going to block soon, which should be easy as the piece was already at the required measurements when I pulled it off the needles because I've learned (unfortunately, the hard way) that constantly measuring one's work is a good thing, particularly before starting any shaping. My reward was when my husband saw the completed piece set out on the table and asked me when the sweater would be ready, so he could wear it. Awwwwwww.

Status on Rowan raglan project: I'm about halfway through the sweater. Priority is now being given to this piece because I must meet a deadline to finish it. I feel like Speed Racer on the needles right now.

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14 comments to this entry:

I know who speed racer is!! but i'm 16 in a month.
Do you watch Speed Racer on MTV? My brother, who is just a tad older than you are, watches Speed Racer reruns on MTV and can't get over the fact that I used to watch Speed Racer when it wasn't a rerun. Moreover, he doesn't know whether to be in awe or to make fun of the fact that I actually watched "Video Killed the Radio Star" when MTV made its debut.
So you know who Martha Quinn is, too. In other news, you are probably so tired of the constant gushing and adoration from your fans, but your husband's sweater is spectacular. You already are Speed Racer. (oK, back to my big-needled stockinette project. whaaah)
since when is "malling" an action? my sweater is stressing me out. eek!
Thanks, Janet. And of course I know who Martha Quinn is! Aren't I so retro? ;-)
Beautiful hubby sweater, becky - tres crisp, neat cables!
Just want to say I qualify for the Speed Racer-Martha Quinn-Video Killed the Radio Star Club. Also the Gushing Fan Club -- back of sweater looks fantastic!
Love the footnotes.....;-)
Actually, I watched Speed Racer on Cartoon Network a few times. And I don't like MTV that much, it kinda bothers me that it's no longer music television video but a hodgepodge of very very random shows. full of smut.
Thanks! I still have to block, though. The ribbing is pulling the sweater in and I doubt the hubby would want to walk around wearing a sweater that is practically skin tight. Oh la la.
Your hubbie's cable sweater is looking fab!
Remind your husband that he is a very lucky man! The back of the sweater is beautiful. The cables are outstanding... simple and elegant. The sweater looks like a "I could curl up all cozy on a cold winters day with my wife and bring her a cafe au laite because she knit me such a grand sweater" ;o)
OMG, Tiffany, I had to post and say what a beautiful scenario you describe!
I agree, Patricia. And that is why I'm going to make sure that my husband reads Tiffany's excellent comment. But! I must point out that he does bring me coffee and juice early every morning while I poke through my e-mails here at the computer. (Awwwwwww.)

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