November 10, 2003

It's just a whirlwind of activity chez fluffa!

I deserve a gold star for knitting
all that ribbing without falling asleep.

This bubblegum-pink tank I'm knitting for my niece is SO pink, I get a sugar rush just from looking at it. But it's so fun! The back piece is complete, finally. I bound off center stitches at the top using a decrease bind-off to keep the ribbing from flaring out, and I left a few stitches at the sides on holders so I could knit on the straps. The pattern instructs the straps to be knit separately and then sewn on, and while I have nothing against sewing I think that the edges of the tank - which have no finishing - will look cleaner if I knit the straps on instead of sewing them on. With that done, blocking has taken place and I will now proceed to seam, which we all know is something over which I do not procrastinate. Me? Procrastinate at seaming? Never!

While waiting for the pieces of the pink tank to block, I went off and started one of the Bucket-o-Chic hats I plan on doing this winter. The first one is going to be a dark charcoal gray, knit using Plassard Merinos yarn which has to be the among the nicest yarns I have ever knit. 100% wool and a beautiful, even fabric. I also bought some Plassard Louinie, which is a novelty yarn with a bit of fur on it. I don't think I can use it as a carry-along, because it's too thick. I'll probably use it on its own as trim. However, I do want to do a bucket hat all in fur and for that, I'll be using more Plassard Merinos coupled with Phildar's Cygne in black. Phildar Cygne is FURRY. I love it! When I fondled the skeins of Cygne at the shop I expected them to meow at me. Then, when I swatched it with the Plassard Merinos I was immediately reminded of the horrific black wig that Jan Brady wore to a party because she wanted to change her look. (And that episode is, without a doubt, among the best Brady Bunch episodes, ever.)

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The tank looks so great! And I can't wait to see your finished bucket hats. You've made me want to knit another!
Oh, very chic. Charcoal grey fluffy bucket hat. What a great contrast with the bubblegum pink top which is also looking good. I started my bucket hat this evening, I'm using cream fluffy yarn, not furry. There is a little distinction, I'm not brave enough to go furry although maybe that's because I haven't found the right furry yarn yet. Its knitting up quick though..
Furry hats sound all snuggly and wintery, but FUN as well! Looking forward to seeing your niece's tank - will she be around to model it?
Me 2,me 2 ! I just got the pattern. I look rubbish in hats BUT need one,so I have great hopes for this one ! I'm going plain first,because I'm a coward.
Purty pink! Tank girl finds it very unfair that you are knitting a tank in late autumn! ;)
WOW your decreasing cast off on your cute pink tank is amazing! How do you get it so neat? What sort of cast off have you used? I still love popping in here daily to read your postings. They are always so exciting, full of really useful info and jut down right inspirational! Thanks Becky.
i ordered yarn for my furry bucket today - cascade 220 and gedifra technohair, both in black. guess we'll see what they look like! if i don't like the fur i can always just use the cascade and then felt the hat...but i think i'll like the fur. :)
The tank top looks wonderful. If she loves pink, she is just going to love this tank! I love that grey.. I wish they had that color in felted tweed, I would love to see Elfin in that.
I love that Brady Bunch episode!! A classic, indeed. Ok, you all are making me want to try the hat. Is it very hard? I'm kind of a knitting wuss.
I'm torn as to whether to felt or not to felt, fur or not to fur, bold color or not. I love the look of that furry stuff you found. Reminds me of the Jaeger Fur. I suspect the first one will be felted and not to furry. I'm also tempted by one in Beverly Galeskas' Felted Knits book... there's a really cute bowler style that looks like it would be fun to have.
I love the tank! It's definitely bubblegum-chewable. You could use the leftover furry yarn for matching legwarmers...
wow, the tank looks like really great! The edges are so pretty and even. I am jealous of your edges! I think I'm going to try a felted Bucket-o-Chic first and then work up to the furry...oh, the possibilities!
Yay! Glad to see there are more people who want to do a winter Bucket-o-Chic. The pattern is very straightforward and well-written, and it's cleverly constructed. I think everyone who wants a swanky hat that's fun to knit should give it a try. [You too, Kate!] Theresa, that bowler hat sounds cute. Why not try a plain version first? Then if you're feeling brave, do the fur! Jen, my niece - who is an even bigger dancing machine than me - won't be around to model the tank right away. But! I will be seeing her for Christmas and will be sure to get one or two dancing shots of her then :-) P.S. to Em: I will make legwarmers only if I can wear them while dancing feverishly to "She's a Maniac" :-)
Thanks for the birthday wishes! As if I don't have enough projects lined've inspired me to add the bucket-o-chic to my growing list of WIPs.
BECKY, BECKY, BECKY!!! It's not fair, she's such a great knitter....(mild attempt at a Brady reference) I would really like to bucket, add me to your list and I'll order the pattern today. Who did the cloche type? That would be cool!
Good heavens you've caused a bucket cascade! How wonderful! Furry, fuzzy, felted FABULOUS! Needless to say I love the pink tank for Ms. Jen. As usual, your knitting in meticulous. I'm intrigued by a previous mention of ribbing in the back of the tank. I'll have to let that idea marinate in the brain, as it's an interesting solution to tanks that have gappy arm and neckholes... Maniac, legwarmers? Are you referring to my varsity competition pompom routine?
Tank looks great! I hope mine looks just as polished :D
Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!! Poor Jan - she tries and tries - I am having visions of a black curly afro right now! Man was that a funny one!! Love the pink tank -it''s sweeet!!! My sister Renee would be soooo envious - she is a pink lady!! Pink is her signature color!! I am tempted to start that chic hat!! I am traveling to Minnesota and it get's rather cold here!! But I look dreadful in the hats I have knitted in the past...what's a knitter to do???
Thanks for the nice comments about my niece's tank! Can't wait to start the cardi now. It's going to be neat to see all these winter bucket hats. But I have Silvia to thank for pointing out the fur version to me. You've done gone and started a furry rampage, Sil! (And I want pictures of the pompom routine.) P.S. That adorable cloche Bucket-o-Chic hat was knit by Lydia from You can see a photo of it on her entry of October 31st.
hi! that little tank is lovely! i am curious about your decreasing bind off -- i have been struggling with a ribbed poncho (i am determined not to let it beat me!). the ends keep flaring out. i tried looking up the bind off method but didn't find anything - do you know where i might find instructions? thanks!! kj
Do not for a moment think that Silvia is kidding about the pompom routine..... The best Brady Bunch episode is the football and Marcia's nose. "MY NOSE!" C'mon...that is *clearly* the winner. Hurry up and finish hat number 1 so that you can go for the fur!
Hi Becky! Just started Diva's Bucket hat in Kool-aid dyed wool... Sorry, wanted to add some furry Fun Fur I had stewing in my basket of 'no home' yarns and she didn't like it. So rip, rip, this baby will be plain. Making mine with Brown Sheep in dark charcoal and hopefullyGedifra Techno hair to match (dark grey or med grey, haven't found the color yet). BTW, I have already made three pairs of legwarmers for the Diva and I can definitely say, I have "She a Maniac" in my head all the time (that and the Waitresses' "I Know What Boys Like"). ;-)
Yay! Bucket-o-Chic! I'm adding that to my long list of to-dos.... after Christmas, that is. ;) The pink tank looks sooooo cute, and I will add my praise of your decreases. So very neat. Look fabu!
furry hats - y'all are nutso! decrease bind-off -- are you talking about the one where you keep knitting 2 together, then put back on left needle, then knit 2 together, on and on? the pink looks lovely and just my size, altho i know it's not, pictures are so deceiving that way!! maybe i'll work on a summer tank next -- it'd be nice to actually FINISH something these days!!! :)

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