November 09, 2006

I see cables, I see glazed donut twists.

Hey! Remember the sleeve of the Cabled Jacket that I started almost two months ago? You know, the one that I was leisurely, and I mean BIG TIME leisurely (read: being pokey about) knitting? Well, I finally got a sleeve cap to show you. Yeah!

I see cables, I see glazed donut twists.
[Tummy rumbles.]

Here, check out the sleeve cap from this angle. It might be because it's snacktime for me but when I look at those cables, I don't really see cables. I see the glazed donut twists that the highschool I attended would sell during our 10:00 a.m. rest period. At least once a week, from when I was a freshman up until I graduated, I'd buy myself one of those glazed donut twists and scarf it down. Yum, yum. It's been a really long time since I had one of those twists and no thanks to my sleeve cap I now have an intense craving for one. Those cables really look like them, only smaller. Man, oh man. I'd knit a sock on teeny tiny double pointed needles in exchange for a dozen of those particular glazed donut twists right about now.

Okay, I'm kidding. About knitting the sock, that is. But not about wanting to eat a dozen glazed twists. Yum, yum.

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Mmmmm! Krispy Kreme, baby.
I luuuurve Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme is in the U.K. so I'm hoping it'll make it to France soon. I'll be their best customer.
Great. Now I'm hungry!
I was psyched b/c when I moved to West Lafayette, IN to attend Purdue University, I found out there was a (OMG!) Krispy Kreme STORE just across the rive in Lafayette. A whole freakin' store where you can watch them make the hot warm gooey drippy donuts. Fresh donuts almost all day. yummy.
Heh-- you see donut twists, I see soft pretzel braids. Those are what we used to get after school-- shows you where I'm from!
Yay! You posted on my birthday!! *does happy dance* I've never been much of a donut, or is it doughnut, person.. especially for anything glazed. I think that if a sleeve is going to be done leisurely, you might as well do dos a la vez. That sleeve is looking yummay, though. I can't wait to see the wack dancing shots in it. Will you be doing your hair like the model's in the picture.
Krispy Kreme is the best. No question about it. All day, every day. Definitely worth driving one and a half hours to get them hot!!
You finished that sleeve just before a meal,didn't you? You were already hungry and added to you misery by knitting the donut twist sleeve. Of course, you realize that you are now and forever going to call this sweater "the dounut twist sweater", don't you?
I'm with Yoko! Must be from Philly! Most excellent cables!
I want a doughnut!
Yum ... both the donuts and the sleeve. :)
Oh yum! Doughnuts. I'm a fritter gal myself.
I am a Dunkin' Donuts person, myself. No Krispy Kreme here. Do you have any American Donut shops in France?
I was about to fed-ex you some twists so that I can get a pair of socks;)
Congrats on the completed sleeve, it's looking good. But you have a lot of doughnuts left girl!! And do I spot something resembling a neverending frill around that whole thing?? I love the way they look, but I hate making them ;-) ===================================== Note by Becky: Actually, those the curling edges saying "block us!" It would be kind of hard to sew this sleeve together if I added a frill around it ;-)
All this talk of twisty donuts and pretzels has made me hungry! (oh wait, I already was hungry...) Also, I love cables, even when they don't remind me of food.
Donuts are yummy, but at least your waistline wont increase from eating too many of them. The cables look great too, cant wait to see more.
I love the cables on that jacket. They do kind of look like the twisty doughnuts! But they are very different from anything i've seen in cables before.
Chinese long donuts with sesame buns and fresh sweet soy milk! Must get over to chinatown NOW!
mmmm - doooohnuuuuhts! NYC has these little carts that sell donuts & coffee on the corner. You can buy twists that are bigger than your face! That is just the BEST! ====================================== Note by Becky: Ah, I know those. (Yes, I did live in NYC once...)
I always thought the twists tasted better than the round donuts. Why is that?
That's a cute jacket! And now im starving, they really do look like twisty donut thingies now you mention it!
(tummy rumbling) there is a krispy kreme far too close for comfort to my house! delicious. as it's the morning and i'm hungry, i'm also seeing lovely fat challah bread, ready for the slicing and making into french toast!
Glazed donut twists... totally.
We called those cruellers when I was growing up. They were sprinkled with sugar and sooo soft. Brings back lovely memories of my grandfather in Connecticut and walking to the corner bakery.
Oh, Krispy Kreme…  I could buy an airplane ticket to the US just for them !
Oooh, yum. They do look like doughnut twists.
I was just drooling over some cinnimon twists the other morning. Now I will for sure have to have one tomorrow. ================================ Note by Becky: Mmmmmmmmmm....cinnamon twists. I love those. Have an extra one for me.
hmmmm....glazed donuts...catch a trip to London they have Krispy Kreme there. I love how gorgeous your sleeve cap always look. Okay, I need to know the deal about are such a SUPERB, UBER knitter...a sock should be really easy for you. ================================= Note by Becky: The question is not whether I find socks difficult or easy to knit, it's just that I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to knit them...
Mmmmm - I love those too! Not Krispy Kreme though - instead from a German bakery where I live! Thanks for giving the preggo a craving...

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