November 09, 2004

On a scale of one to ten, I give this boo-boo a NINE.

I'm knitting the Pull Poncho neckband. Again.

She likes me so nice, she knit me twice!
(Refer to Bonehead Moment #3 below)

I hereby present to you:

The Biggest Bonehead Moments in Skinny Rabbit Knitting History!

1) When I trimmed off a yarn end near the seam of one of the first sweaters I ever knit for my son and accidentally CUT the selvedge stitch instead. I screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as I watched the lower half of the back piece of the sweater become undone. Did I mention that I had snipped a selvedge that was near the cast-on edge? Argh! Had to reknit the whole back piece.

2) When I failed to measure before binding off the armholes of a raglan sweater and ended up with a garment short enough to play the peek-a-boo belly button game. NOTE: Blocking a sweater knit in cotton in an attempt to get more length out of it does not always work. And I know this, because I blocked the dickens out of that sweater in an attempt to get it to "grow", and it "grew" for about an hour, and then shrunk back to its original length.

3) When I completed both the back and front pieces of my Pull Poncho, joined the right shoulder seam, meticulously picked up stitches for the neckband, worked 26 [!] freaking centimeters of the neckband, bound off such neckband, joined the left shoulder seam, and then managed to incorrectly weave in a yarn end at the shoulder seam so that the knitting became undone. In other words, I unwittingly wove the yarn end OUT of the open loop through which it had been pulled when I cast off, and then watched helplessly as my entire 3 needle bind-off unravelled at what seemed to be the speed of light taking with it, for good measure, about 4 rows at the neckline area. Pulling out a crochet hook to try to repair the mess would have been laughable. We're talking gigantic crater-like hole at the left shoulder, and there's no way to fix that other than rip out the entire neckband and reknit the lost rows. And all because I wasn't paying attention when I was weaving in the ends! Send a dunce cap, pronto. [Moral of the story: Don't be in a frenzied rush to weave in ends, even if you're all excited because you finished a neckband.]

Bonehead Moment #3 occurred yesterday, so some distraction is in order while I try to recover from my finishing fiasco. Like, some stash enrichment!


12 skeins of Flamme purchased at Anny Blatt/Bouton d'Or a few days ago. I don't know what I'll knit using it but the price was so nice and the yarn is so soft I just couldn't resist. Maybe a turtleneck sweater with some shaping (to avoid that Michelin Man look)?

And in the "me so spoiled" category, I got some goodies in the mail that are too cool to not share here:

From my pal Maud: A copy of the latest Novita magazine and some Finnish candy! I really have fun looking at what other people are knitting and my Finnish neighbors are knitting some great things, like Chanel-inspired jackets and felted holiday decorations.

From my pal Wendy: A hank of Noro Transitions [limited edition!] in shade 1, two hanks of Alchemy Reservoir in "A Breath of Fire", and a gorgeous silk needle case by Lantern Moon! WOW. The Noro Transitions and Alchemy are even more beautiful than what I've seen in photos online, and the needle case is very swanky and has lots of room inside for my knitting tools and needles. Neat!

(Nothing like some spiffy stash additions to recover from the knitting boo-boos, eh?)

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You are displaying an excellent attitude towards destructive knitting. Happens to all of us. /hands Becky a Kir Royale/ Bottoms up!
sorry to hear about the knitting neckband's going to be fabu when you sort it all out. Someday I will tell you about the first sweater I ever knit...I made my daughter try it on...and we almost had to cut it off of her to get it about wonky sleeves! aack! Look at those presents! I can't think of another person who deserves it more than you :)
Stash enrichment cures so many ills. I've just realized, eight inches into the body of a false cabled sweater (with very splitty yarn - grr), that this apple green color is really not for me. Birthday present for Sister! And now I need sock yarn. Or cardigan yarn. Your Flamme is so pretty.
I, Evely, hereby admit to crying when my knitting turns diasterous. I'm hurting for you right now, Becky. At least you enjoy the yarn! I'm having the opposite problem with my wool raglan right now. It grew after I blocked it so that the sleeves have turned into gorilla sleeves. The body is ok; I was going for a short belly look but I guess I'm not now....
I always think it's nice when experienced knitters share their trials and tribulations - you're giving hope to those newer people who struggle through every knit. Can't wait to see the FO! xox
You make me feel so much better about my own bonehead moments. Hey, maybe we need a place on Sleeve Island where us boneheads can congregate. The Bonehead Bar, where they serve mind-numbingly strong drinks. And the waiters all look like our favorite hunks. That'll make us forget about our bonehead moments . . .
Didn't Annie Modesitt write an article somewhere (Interweave Knits?) about the merits of making a mistake and unravelling your knitting? Gives you an opportunity to appreciate how the stitch is made, apparently. Guess the benefits of that are not always immediately apparent when we have to knit the same piece again and again...
Wow I don't really understand what happened. Sorry to hear about the troubles. At least you're able to figure out what went wrong to help make it right. And if anyone can pull off a navel-baring top, it's a skinny rabbit.
becky, your projects are always so amazing...foibles and all. you always inspire me to try a bit harder.
Eek! Yes, what Claudia said. You're a brave fiber soldier.
yeah Im knitting scarves like crazy because I'm angry about having to re-knit the top of the front AND back of a toddlers sweater I have yet to finish, and because I'm stuck on sleeve island with Noro's Fitzgerald.. and im tired of it all lol
Oh Becky, I feel your pain!!! Kudos to you for realizing the booboo and doing it all over again...nothing like perserverance to get you through!! And I hate to say it but errors make you a better knitter...what better way to learn than to fix the screw-ups??!!! LOL I almost quit knitting because the errors really frustrated me when I started but the love of the yarn kept me going...gotta love the yarn and any stash enhancement! Can't wait to see your will mean that much more when you're done having survived the bonehead moment... :)
nothing like stash to make you feel better. we've all been there.
I can't wait to see the finished Pull Poncho! thanks for sharing the 'rough spots'
glad to know I'm in good company when it comes to knitting booboos. how do I mess up knitting? let me count the ways! I've recently discovered Anny Blatt & bouton d'or yarns -- oh my gosh, soft!
heehee, I have done that!!! Truly. You sit there thinking, I am a competent knitter and I can fix this, really. Except, there is no fixing. It's a rare accident that has no cure but to rework. I'll bet neither one of us will repeat that one, eh? It is alpaca though, at least it feels wonderful while knitting.
I just go nuts when I make a mistake like that....I tend to freak out because I can't stop myself from thinking of the HOURS of knitting down the then I try to get "zen with my knitting" and imagine that the fates are trying to teach me some (morbid) lesson in patience!!! Well, kudos to your excellent attitude. And the stash enhancement is just what the doctor ordered!
Let's see...sweater for DH, ambitious top-down seamless, set-in sleeve...after 4 bonehead mistakes, the 5th time's a charm (fingers crossed!). 1) forgot to add in ease. 2) not increasing fast enough on the v-neck - would have been down at his belly button; 3) added too much ease. and 4) now my gauge has changed by 1/2 a stitch! Good thing I love this yarn (Diadomina is sooooo soft, and for a mohair-y yarn, it rips out pretty easily) Love your stash enhancement! And like the Bonehead Bar concept!
Ponchos are evil - they look so innocent, and then come back to bite you. I would know, because I am on the third attempt at my poncho, and finally out of the "it looks like a loin cloth" stage. I am sure your fix will completely hide all the disaster - if anyone can do it, it's you, Ms Queen of Finishing! Very impressive, and I can't wait to see it on you!
UGH - hate it when that happens! I do admire your positive attitude! :) LOVE the yummy yarn gifts. I'm dying to try that Noro Transitions!!
I just came upon your site recently, and I'm addicted! You crack me up with your wit, and your knitting is absolutely stunning! Sorry to hear about your recent knitting a beginner it sounds painful. I'm hoping to start my first sweater soon, so I have the feeling I'll be able to commiserate. By the way, I'm loving the Peppermint Twist sweater!!
Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement! I've discovered that my bonehead moments in knitting are easy to overcome because i) I have somewhere to share them and I know that everyone is going to understand, and ii) I have stash enrichment to make things all better (like ice cream, it is). And Teresa's comment made me laugh because it really hit home. For a while there I thought I'd be able to fix it. I must have looked hilarious as I wove the yarn ends here and there like a maniac, trying to recover stitches. (And that's why the hole had gotten so crater-like!)
my sympathies! If it wasn't quite so funny to read I would feel sorrier for you. chin up skinny rabbit!
You are so right about stash enrichment making you feel better. The things we say to ourselves to justify yarn purchases....(-:
Oh no, poor Bunny! Did it kind of look like you had two head holes? That would be freakishly funny. If anyone asked what the second hole was for, you could tell folks it's for your siamese twin who's currently out on personal business. Okay, reknitting is a better idea.
I'm laughing out loud at Silvia's comment! I think I could have picked up stitches around the crater I made and knit another neckband. (If I had a siamese twin, I'd like for her to have her own two arms so she could do my finishing for me.)
Oh boo hoo! I know just how you feel after undoing most of my cabled back. The worst thing is where there is no one to blame! Looks like there is a conspiracy going on to get some brighter colours on those rabbit needles!
Stash enhancements can make everything feel better. But they have a nasty habit of distracting you from the work at hand.... You can hear them whispering "Go on just swatch me and see..." I am looking forward to running along the beach shots!!!
What are the freakin' odds of that happening? I shall forevermore be more careful sewing in ends. I thought that was when we could STOP being careful! Ah, sigh.
Oh, LOL! you writeing makes me smile. Sorry about that what happend, but I know you'll have it looking smart before you know it. Hay, do you like all candy? if you want to try Israeli stuff, just say the word. Loved that comment about the Michelin man =)

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